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6 Stress Relieving Foods to Try if You’re Feeling Anxious



As humans, we react differently to food when faced with illness. While experiencing nervous tension, you need food to fight stress and other sicknesses, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be in the mood to eat.

When you are under stress, your body requires more proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients, you can use food to fight stress and other sicknesses by eating the following;

Oranges, lemons etc

The body needs citrus fruits to restore balance of vitamin C for immunity.


For vitamin, try snacking on banana because lack of vitamin b can affect the memory negatively.


Chocolate can help you refill magnesium so as to prevent you from having constant headaches that comes with stress.


Stress raises blood pressure and you can bring it down by snacking on yogurt or tomatoes, it will help normalize blood pressure.

Bread, Oatmeal

Don’t forget to add little carbohydrates such as bread oatmeal etc. to help stabilize blood sugar level which would normally fluctuate when under stressful situations.


Eating healthy fat like avocado is good for you. It keeps you warm.

Just as we have heard, it is too much of everything that causes trouble, so eating every type of food in small quantity is good. Lacking nutrients is deadly. So eat right.


10 Reasons Why Working Out Is Good For You



Working out: 10 reasons why you should work out |

The word “workout” can be scary for some people. They might think it’s only for athletes or gym rats, but that’s not true! Working out simply means doing physical activity to stay healthy.

Exercise isn’t just about building muscle and looking good (although that’s a perk too!). It’s a fantastic way to boost your mental well-being and overall health.

The good news is, that exercise isn’t rocket science. It can be as simple as going for a jog or doing some bodyweight exercises at home. There’s no need for a fancy gym membership.

Here’s the best part: studies show that working out is amazing for your body and mind! It can boost your mood, and energy levels, and even help you sleep better.

Ready to give it a try? By now, you should be pumped up about the benefits of working out! Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start small and find activities you enjoy.

Working out: 10 reasons why you should work out |

Here are 10 ways working out can become your secret weapon for a happier, healthier you:

1. De-stress champ

Feeling overwhelmed by work deadlines or daily life? Exercise is a natural stress reliever. It helps your body handle pressure by releasing endorphins, feel-good chemicals that leave you feeling relaxed and positive.

Regular workouts can also improve your sleep quality, which is essential for managing stress in the long run.

2. Goal getter

Setting and achieving fitness goals, big or small, is a big confidence booster. Whether you’re aiming for that extra push-up or conquering your first 5K run, achieving your goals gives you a sense of accomplishment that spills over into other areas of your life.

You’ll start believing in your ability to set and crush any challenge you set your mind to.

3. Confidence booster

Exercise can make you feel better about yourself from the inside out. Increased blood flow gives your skin a healthy glow, and feeling strong and fit can help you rock that outfit you love with newfound confidence.

It’s not just about appearance though; exercise can also improve your posture and overall body image, giving you a sense of inner strength.

4. Glowing skin

Exercise is a natural detoxifier for your skin! Sweating helps unclog pores and clear up breakouts, leaving you with a toned and radiant complexion. Regular workouts can also increase collagen production, which keeps your skin looking youthful and supple.

5. Fight cancer with fitness

Studies show regular exercise can significantly reduce your risk of developing various cancers, including breast cancer. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, which is a crucial factor in cancer prevention.

It may also boost your immune system, making it better equipped to fight off illness.

6. Sharper mind

Physical activity isn’t just good for your body, it’s a brain booster too! Regular workouts increase the production of cells responsible for memory and learning. So get sweaty, get smart!

Exercise can help improve your focus, concentration, and overall cognitive function, making you sharper and more productive throughout the day.

7. Beat addiction

Struggling with bad habits? Exercise can be a powerful tool for overcoming addiction. It releases dopamine, a brain chemical involved in pleasure, in a healthy way.

Regular workouts can help manage cravings for unhealthy substances and distract you from unhealthy behaviours. Exercise can also improve your mood and energy levels, making you less likely to turn to unhealthy substances for a temporary boost.

8. Sleep like a baby

Exercise can significantly improve your sleep quality. Aim for moderate-intensity workouts 3-4 times a week to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and experience deeper sleep stages.

When you exercise regularly, you’ll feel more tired in a good way, allowing you to drift off to sleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Just avoid exercising too close to bedtime, or you might be too energized to wind down.

9. Spice up your sex life

Regular exercise can improve your sex drive, performance, and overall satisfaction. It boosts your physical endurance, muscle tone, and blood flow, all essential for a healthy sex life.

Even low-intensity workouts like brisk walking can make a difference! Exercise can also improve your confidence and body image, which can translate to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

10. Disease fighter

Exercise strengthens your immune system and helps protect your body from various diseases, including cancer. It might even reduce stress hormones that can increase your risk of illness.

Regular exercise can also help you maintain a healthy weight, which reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

So lace up your shoes, hit the gym, or find an activity you enjoy. Your mind and body will thank you for it! You’ll not only feel better physically, but you’ll also experience a boost in mental well-being, confidence, and overall health.

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Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men? See Reasons Behind The Longevity Gap



Why Women Live Longer Than Men |

It’s a well-known fact that women, on average, tend to live longer than men. But have you ever wondered why? The answer is complex and involves a fascinating interplay between biology, lifestyle choices, and social factors.

Here, we’ll delve into five key reasons why women generally live longer than men:

1. Biological advantages:

Hormonal harmony

From puberty onwards, women benefit from the protective effects of estrogen. This hormone helps regulate cholesterol levels, keeping them in a healthy range.

Estrogen also plays a role in bone health, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones and increases fracture risk, which is more common in men. After menopause, when estrogen levels decline, the risk of certain health problems in women increases.

Genetic edge

Women have two X chromosomes, while men have one X and one Y. The X chromosome carries genes that play a crucial role in DNA repair. Having two copies gives women a potential advantage in fixing cellular damage, which can contribute to ageing and disease.

Immune system strength

Women’s immune systems seem to be more efficient at fighting off infections and inflammation, which are linked to various chronic diseases. This may be due to hormonal differences and the way the immune system responds to various stimuli.

2. Lifestyle choices

Healthier habits

Studies show that women are more likely to engage in preventive healthcare behaviours. They tend to visit doctors more regularly, get recommended screenings, and follow treatment plans. This proactive approach to health can help identify and address potential health issues early on.

Substance use

Men are more likely to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol heavily, both of which are major risk factors for several chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and lung disease. These habits significantly contribute to the shorter lifespan of men.

Dietary differences

While dietary patterns vary, women often tend to consume more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains compared to men. These foods are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can help lower the risk of chronic diseases.

3. Social and environmental factors

Occupational hazards

Traditionally, men have been more likely to hold jobs that carry higher risks of injury or exposure to harmful substances. Construction, mining, and some industrial jobs can increase the risk of accidents and occupational diseases, contributing to a shorter lifespan for men in these professions.

Stress management

Women may be better at expressing and coping with stress, which can have negative consequences for physical and mental health. Men, on the other hand, might bottle up their emotions or resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking or excessive drinking.

Socioeconomic factors

Women tend to have lower average incomes than men, but they also have a lower poverty rate. Socioeconomic disparities can affect access to healthy food, quality healthcare, and safe living conditions, all of which are crucial for good health and longevity.

4. The role of reproduction

Pregnancy protection

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes significant physiological changes that may offer some long-term health benefits. For example, pregnancy can help reduce the risk of certain cancers like endometrial cancer.

Parental investment

Women typically invest more time and energy into childcare compared to men. This increased focus on health and well-being may translate to healthier behaviours and a longer lifespan for mothers.

5. Evolving trends:

Closing the gap

It’s important to note that the longevity gap between men and women has been narrowing in recent decades. This is likely due to improvements in healthcare for both genders, as well as men increasingly adopting healthier lifestyles.

Future factors

As research on ageing continues, scientists may unlock further biological and social reasons behind the longevity gap. New insights could lead to interventions and strategies to help both men and women live longer, healthier lives.


While biology plays a significant role, the reasons women live longer than men are multifaceted. By understanding these factors, we can encourage men to adopt healthier habits, prioritize preventive healthcare, and manage stress effectively.

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure everyone, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

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Goosebumps In Hot Weather: Not Just A Chill, It Could Be A Warning Sign



Goosebumps in Hot Weather: It Could Be a Warning Sign |

We all know goosebumps as those raised bumps on our skin that appear when we’re cold. But did you know you can also get goosebumps in hot weather? While it might seem counterintuitive, it’s actually possible.

However, goosebumps in hot weather can be a sign of something more serious than just a strange bodily reaction.

Understanding goosebumps

The science behind the bumps

Goosebumps, medically known as piloerection, are caused by tiny muscles beneath the skin called arrector pili muscles. When these muscles contract, they pull on the hair follicles, causing the hair to stand on the end and the skin to dimple, creating a bumpy appearance.

Evolved for warmth (usually)

This reaction is a leftover from our evolutionary past. In colder temperatures, piloerection traps a layer of air around the body, providing some insulation and helping us retain warmth.

Animals with fur experience the same phenomenon, fluffing up their fur to create a thicker layer for better insulation.

Goosebumps in hot weather: A sign of trouble?

So, why do we get goosebumps in hot weather when it doesn’t make sense to stay warm? It turns out, that goosebumps during hot weather can be a sign that your body is struggling to regulate its temperature. Here’s how:

Heat exhaustion

When the body gets too hot, it tries to cool down by sweating. However, sweating can become less effective in extreme heat or during intense exercise.

In this case, goosebumps might appear as the body attempts to trap a thin layer of air close to the skin for some minimal insulation, a leftover response that isn’t helpful in this situation.

Goosebumps along with other symptoms like heavy sweating, dizziness, fatigue, and muscle cramps could indicate heat exhaustion.

Fight-or-flight response

Sometimes, goosebumps in hot weather can be triggered by a sudden emotional response, like fear or anxiety. This is because the body’s fight-or-flight response diverts resources away from non-essential functions like sweating, which can lead to a temporary spike in body temperature and cause goosebumps.

Goosebumps in Hot Weather: It Could Be a Warning Sign |

When to be concerned

While occasional goosebumps in hot weather might not be a cause for alarm, there are situations where it’s important to seek medical attention:

Persistent goosebumps with other symptoms

If you experience persistent goosebumps along with symptoms like heavy sweating, dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, or headache in hot weather, it could be a sign of heat exhaustion.

Early intervention is crucial to prevent it from progressing to heatstroke, a more serious condition.

Chronic goosebumps

If you frequently get goosebumps even in mild temperatures, it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition like thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies, or certain neurological disorders. Consulting a doctor to determine the cause is important.

Staying safe in hot weather

Here are some tips to stay cool and avoid heat-related illnesses, including those that might cause goosebumps:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  2. Seek Shade and Air Conditioning: Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, especially during peak heat hours. Spend time in air-conditioned spaces when possible.
  3. Wear Loose, Breathable Clothing: Choose lightweight, light-coloured clothing that allows your skin to breathe.
  4. Limit Strenuous Activity: Avoid exercising or engaging in strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day.
  5. Take Cool Showers or Baths: Cooling down your body temperature can help prevent overheating.

By understanding why goosebumps can occur in hot weather and being aware of the potential dangers, you can take steps to stay safe and enjoy the warm weather comfortably.

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