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53 Extra Host, Sika Osei in Bikinis for #ZAZAIIInfluencerSeries



ZAZAII has Sika Osei clad in bikinis from Rococo, Andrea Iyamah Swimwear, Dapmod, Raya Jewellery, Kamokini, Uju Estello and The Weave Hat Company. The shoot was styled by the Advisory at ZAZAII for the #ZAZAIIInfluencerSeries.

Long Hot Summer with Sika Osei for Zazai

Long Hot Summer with Sika Osei for Zazaii


Zazai chats with Sika about major life lessons, milestones, inspirations and more. See more images and excerpts from the chat below:

On her role models: Personally my mother is a huge role model. She is sacrificial, prayerful, hardworking and an amazing wife and mother. She makes it really hard for anyone else to be my role model, LOL. But career wise though I’m inspired by how accomplished, content and generous Ellen Degeneres is. It’s my dream to get to that point where despite achieving so many milestones, my main goal in life is to give back with so much kindness and change people’s lives for the better.

On her style: Extremely easy, comfort is always key and I would rather go for classic and lady-like than go for sexy which not everyone can carry off. I keep it very simple that way I can never go wrong.

Look-1-Sika-Osei-ZAZAII-2-600x900 Look-1-Sika-Osei-ZAZAII-600x763 Look-2-Sika-Osei-ZAZAII-2-600x400 On The best career advice she has gotten: First do what you truly love and makes you happy, then make your own lane and follow it. Comparison is always a bad idea unless you’re trying to be like everyone else. Find out what makes you stand out and focus on that.

On what makes her feel glamorous: My natural hair, surprisingly. I feel effortlessly beautiful in it as it showcases the features of my face.

Look-3-Sika-Osei-ZAZAII-2-600x382 Look-3-Sika-Osei-ZAZAII-600x400 Look-4-Sika-Osei-ZAZAII-600x383On Her upcoming projects: Well, I’m currently working on several personal projects for both TV and Web! Yep, total world domination. So from Vlogs to TV movies I have plans to do projects which would allow people get to know the real me. They are scary but exciting. I’ve also currently embarked on an initiative that I’m super-duper excited about called The Creative Inc which will bring young talented creatives together to implement some mind blowing projects.


Principal Photography: Adebayo Jolaoso
Assistant Photographer: Emmanuel for ZAZAIICreate
Subject: Sika Osei
Hair & Makeup: Ekene for DARI
Creative Direction & Styling: the Advisory at ZAZAII
Styling Assistant: Lola Adebisi for ZAZAII


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