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5 Proverbs And Their Profound Meanings



5 Proverbs And Their Profound Meanings |

The Idoma people, an ethnic group in Nigeria, possess a rich culture that is characterized by their language, traditions, and wisdom, especially in the use of words. One of the ways they show this wisdom is in their use of proverbs.

We will delve into the symbolism and deeper meanings of five out of the many Idoma proverbs, shedding light on their significance and the wisdom they portray.

Understanding the Essence of Idoma Proverbs

Idoma proverbs serve as vessels of traditional knowledge, transmitting wisdom and insights from one generation to another.

These proverbs are used in various contexts, including storytelling, instruction, and the communication of moral lessons. They are an intrinsic part of daily life, serving as guidelines for behaviour and affirmations of cultural identity.

5 Idoma Proverbs and Their Meanings

1. “Ótúó ékú éta pómó válo.”

The snake in the house signals the absence of the owner.

This proverb highlights the notion that a concerning presence can be indicative of the absence of the rightful owner. It conveys the idea of vigilance and the need for attentiveness to changes or anomalies in one’s surroundings. It encourages individuals to be observant and responsive to potential indications of disturbance.

2. “Amá évule enwú áve uke.”

A child cannot cradle an adult in his arms.

Each individual has limitations in what they can achieve or bear responsibility for. Therefore, recognizing one’s capabilities and limitations fosters a sense of realistic assessment and self-awareness. And to that, this proverb underscores the concept of appropriate roles and responsibilities.

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3. “Amá ene énani jídúlá embe jide.”

A child is taught how to swim in calm waters.

This proverb emphasizes that conducive environments for imparting knowledge or skills are highly important. This means that optimal conditions enable effective teaching and learning.

And providing a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to acquire new competencies or experiences is also very significant.

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4. “Épu mphe apu otalu.”

The people of the community come together to build a house.

Here, collaboration and communal effort are powerful. It is important for collective action and joint contributions towards a common goal. Also, unity, solidarity, and shared responsibility in achieving shared objectives should be valued and esteemed high.

5. “Otámá kpá límo mévì.”

The rat often knows its hole.

This proverb conveys the idea that individuals have an innate understanding of their environment or circumstances. It emphasizes the significance of self-awareness and familiarity with one’s surroundings.

It encourages individuals to trust their instincts and rely on their knowledge and experiences to navigate their lives.

Symbolism of Idoma Proverbs

Each Idoma proverb symbolizes the cultural values, experiences, and social dynamics that define the Idoma people’s worldview.

These proverbs embody the collective wisdom of the community, offering insights into ethical conduct, interpersonal relationships, and the realities of everyday life.

They serve as vehicles for preserving traditional knowledge and affirming the cultural identity of the Idoma people.

Idoma proverbs represent invaluable repositories of traditional wisdom and cultural continuity. Their symbolism and nuanced meanings contribute to the rich cultural tapestry of the Idoma people, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.

The durability and relevance of these proverbs can be attributed to their capacity to impart enduring lessons, foster unity, and preserve the heritage of the Idoma people for generations to come.

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3 Smallest Tribes In Africa And Their Cultures



3 Smallest Tribes In Africa, Their Culture And History |

Africa is a continent filled with over 3,000 unique tribes, each with its own rich traditions, languages, and histories. Every tribe deserves recognition and appreciation for their contributions to the continent’s cultural landscape.

While some tribes have grown in population over time, others have remained smaller, preserving their distinctive customs and identities. Today, we’ll go into the stories of three of Africa’s smallest tribes, their unique ways of life, and the significance of cultural preservation.

Deep in the heart of northern Uganda, roughly 370,000 individuals known as the Karamojong Tribe make their home. Their journey to this land stretches back centuries, with studies suggesting they migrated from Ethiopia around 1600 AD. Today, they proudly speak their own distinct language, Karamojong, and fiercely hold onto their cultural traditions.

3 Smallest Tribes In Africa: Their Culture And History |

The Karamojong people are deeply traditional, taking immense joy in their unique customs and practices. They tend to view any outside attempts to alter their way of life with suspicion, requiring careful understanding and sensitivity to bridge cultural gaps.

Their way of life revolves around livestock, with herding forming the core of their existence. In regions where herding proves challenging, they supplement their income by cultivating crops.

Sadly, the Karamojong population is steadily declining, highlighting the importance of recognising and preserving their valuable cultural heritage.

The Kunene region of northern Namibia and southern Angola is where the Himba tribe proudly carries on their traditions as one of Africa’s smallest communities, numbering around 50,000.

3 Smallest Tribes In Africa: Their Culture And History |

For over 500 years, they’ve called this land home, and their lives have been centred around tending livestock. Though small in size, their cultural spirit remains strong, guided by a unique system of inheritance where both maternal and paternal lineages hold importance.

Due to the arid environment, their diet primarily consists of fermented milk, porridge made from maize, and sometimes simply porridge without additional ingredients. To supplement their food sources, they incorporate cornmeal, chicken eggs, wild herbs, and honey into their meals. Occasionally, they sell cattle to acquire cash.

The Himba communicate in their own distinct language, Otjihimba, a branch of the Bantu language family. This rich tapestry of traditions, language, and resilience makes the Himba a truly remarkable community within the diverse cultural landscape of Africa.

Only 300 El Molo people, the smallest tribe in Kenya, live on the beaches of Lake Turkana. They arrived there over 3,000 years ago, leaving their Ethiopian farming life behind to become fishermen.

3 Smallest Tribes In Africa: Their Culture And History |

Their own language, El Molo, keeps their unique culture alive. While some now live in modern houses, many still choose traditional huts by the lake.

Many El Molo follow a traditional religion worshipping Waaq, a single god, like in ancient Oromo beliefs. Some have also embraced Christianity.

When someone dies, El Molo buries them under a small pile of stones and moves the whole village away, showing respect for the dead.

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Patience Ozokwo, Pete Edochie, Kanayo, Others Attend Unveiling of ‘Igbo Cinema’ In Ebonyi




Igbo Cinema: Actors Attend the Unveiling in Ebonyi |

A brand new cinema is coming to the southeastern region of Nigeria. To celebrate, some of the big Nollywood crew rolled out the red carpet for the big reveal. Movie makers from eastern Nigeria recently launched a special project to celebrate and share Igbo traditions with the world. The “Igbo Cinema and Culture Project” was officially announced last Saturday in Abakaliki, and everyone was excited about it.

Big names in Igbo entertainment, known for bringing their culture to life on screen, were super excited about this brand-new project and gave it a big thumbs up. The governor of Ebonyi State, Mr. Francis Nwifuru, also thinks it’s a great idea. He says it will help people feel even prouder to be Igbo, and many others agree. The project is dedicated to using movies, music, and dances to showcase the unique culture of the Igbo people.

In Ebonyi State Igbo Cinema First Emerged It Is Time To Narrate Our Stories Exactly As They Happened

Ebonyi erupted in excitement thanks to a dazzling event. The whole state buzzed with anticipation, and the ceremony itself was a star-studded extravaganza. Nollywood legends like Pete Edochie, Patience Ozokwo, Kanayo O. Kanayo, and Chiwetalu Agu joined a bunch of other famous people to see the big reveal of this amazing new project. Even the governor himself joined in on the party, making it a total blast for everyone’s eyes, ears, and hearts. It was a big celebration of everything that showcased the heart and soul of Igbo traditions. It was also a real treat for everyone involved.

Actress Chacha Ike was there to capture all the excitement, sharing videos of everyone having a blast. Legendary Igbo actors like Pete Edochie, Patience Ozokwo, Kanayo O Kanayo, Chiwetalu Agu, Rachael Okonkwo, and Somadina were all there, lighting up the place with their smiles.

Nollywood filmmakers unveil Igbo cinema, culture project in Ebonyi - QUICK NEWS AFRICA

The audience in attendance was brimming with elation, and in videos online, Pete Edochie even gave a big shout-out to the people who made it all happen. He emphasised that the cinema would continue to draw support from the community. Kanayo and Ozokwo echoed Pete Edochie’s words, praised the pioneers of the cinema project in the state, and urged them to persist in their efforts to keep the project thriving.

This Igbo cinema project might just be the next real hit. It’s like a big spotlight being shone on Igbo culture, and the pioneers are hoping it will bring people together and keep these traditions alive for generations to come.

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5 Best Nigerian Contemporary Novels To Read In 2024



Nigerian Contemporary Novels To Read In 2024 |

There are so many reasons why you’d want to read a book in 2024. You could be trying to improve your vocabulary. You could be trying to build a healthy reading habit. You could be trying to bond better with that cute lover of yours. Or maybe you’ve gotten some internal or external nudge to start your reading journey. Whatever the case, you’re in for something good.

If you’re not an avid reader but you started 2024 by promising yourself to read more books, you might want to start with fiction—or literature, as I would like to call it. I mean, you could pick up 48 Laws of Power, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and all those psychological and educational books scattered around the net. But if you want to stay glued to the cause, I recommend you start with fiction. And! As a proper Nigerian—with a sprinkle of Gen Z—I have to say that contemporary novels are the best thing after your favourite food. I have five Nigerian contemporary novels that I think you’d love. Have a look.

1. When The Sky Is Ready, The Stars Will Appear

Every young and ambitious person should read this book. If you’ve ever questioned the place of timing in every one of your pursuits, this book spells out the simple but most underrated truth: when it is your time, nothing! will stop you. A heartwarming story of hope, friendship, and family bonds, told with gentle wit and candour, E.C. Osundu tells the story of a young man embarking on a quest to Rome in pursuit of a brighter future, following his grandma and only guardian’s demise.

2. Stay With Me

Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo: 9781101974414 | Books

Ayobami Adebayo raised the bar so high with this book. For one, it left me utterly confused and in a flurry of mixed emotions. I felt a kind of pity that I could not describe Yejide and Akin. “Stay With Me” tells the tale of Yejide and Akin, a deeply in love couple grappling with infertility. When they eventually welcome children into their lives, tragedy strikes as the infants succumb to death.  It is a devastating story of the fragility of married love, the undoing of family, the wretchedness of grief, and the desire to have children.

3. Sankofa

Sankofa: A Novel - Kindle edition by Onuzo, Chibundu. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

A tale of the intimate journey to identity discovery! You may not find this book interesting at the beginning, especially if you don’t think an identity crisis is a real thing. But with every page, your curiosity will unexpectedly soar, and in the end, you’ll wonder how a 46-year-old woman would search for her father like some lost lover. You would also be happy that she found herself.

This book centres around Anna, a mixed-race British woman who, while going through a divorce and grappling with the recent loss of her mother, stumbles upon diaries authored by her father, Francis Aggrey. She had never met him, and the diaries reveal his life as a student in 1970s London. As Anna reads on, she learns about her father’s encounters with racism and his romantic involvement with her mother.

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Over time, she unravels the truth that her father, now known as Kofi Adjei, played a pivotal role as a revolutionary in the liberation of the fictional West African nation of Bamana. Kofi then became its inaugural president and evolved into a formidable and authoritarian dictator. Amidst a tumultuous separation from her unfaithful husband and navigating a complex relationship with her adult daughter, Anna decides to journey to Bamana to finally meet her father.

4. Exit West

Contemporary Novels To Read In 2024 |

credit: amazon

Perhaps the most painful part of this story is Saeed and Nadia’s split. They shared too many intimate moments—like sharing a spiff—so it was saddening to see them grow apart. Set in a war-torn country, two young individuals cross paths—Nadia, a sensual and fiercely independent woman, and Saeed, a gentle and restrained man. They enter into a discreet love affair amidst the turmoil engulfing their city.

As the unrest transforms familiar streets into a mosaic of checkpoints and bomb blasts, rumours circulate about mysterious doors—portals capable of transporting people to distant places, albeit at a perilous cost. With the escalating violence, Nadia and Saeed reach a decisive moment where they feel compelled to act. Abandoning their homeland and former lives, they locate a door and take a courageous step through it.

5. A Broken People’s Playlist

Contemporary Novels To Read In 2024 |

Before you pick up this book to read, prepare your mind because you will cry—or maybe not, depending on how sensitive you are. Set in Porthacourt, Chimeka Garricks tells the tale of ordinary people facing extraordinary emotions. From the sting of betrayal to the ache of loss, each character finds their verse echoed in the lyrics of familiar songs. Love weaves its way through stories of both domestic struggles and forbidden desires, while the city’s vibrant beat thrums against the backdrop of societal challenges. Police sirens, dreams of a better tomorrow, environmental woes, and yearning for family—this novel takes us through a journey of resilience and hope, where even the harshest notes find harmony in the shared spirit of community. A Broken People’s Playlist’ is a collection of 12 music-inspired stories. This captivating collection isn’t just a book; it’s a playlist for the soul.

And that’s it. Which one of them would you love to read first?

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