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Here Are The Top 5 Cleanest Cities In Africa



Top 5 cleanest cities in Africa |

Africa is a vast continent brimming with vibrant cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. Surprisingly, a growing number of eco-conscious and cleanest cities in Africa are emerging. Sure, some might conjure up images of sprawling savannas or bustling marketplaces when they think of Africa but don’t underestimate the continent’s commitment to sustainability and sanitation.

In fact, several African cities are taking the lead in creating clean and healthy environments for their residents. Let’s delve into five such urban gems that are redefining what it means to be a clean and green city in Africa.


How To Plan Your Leave In 7 Easy Steps



How to Plan Your Leave in 7 Easy Steps |

Taking a leave from work is important for your well-being and productivity. It gives you time to relax, recharge, and return to work with renewed energy. However, planning your leave effectively can make a big difference in how smooth and enjoyable your time off will be. Here are seven easy steps to help you plan your leave:

Step 1: Check your leave balance and company policy

The first step in planning your leave is to know how much time off you have available. Check your leave balance in your company’s HR system or ask your HR department. Make sure you understand the different types of leave you have, such as vacation days, personal days, or sick days.

Also, review your company’s leave policy. Some companies have rules about when you can take leave. For example, they might not allow leave during busy seasons or require you to give a certain amount of notice. Knowing these rules will help you plan better.

Step 2: Decide on the dates

Once you know how much leave you have and what the rules are, decide when you want to take your leave. Consider factors like:

  • Your workload: Choose a time when your work is less busy if possible.
  • Holidays: You might want to take leave around holidays to extend your time off.
  • Family schedules: If you’re planning a trip with family, consider their schedules too.
  • Weather: If you’re planning outdoor activities, think about the best season for them.
  • Travel costs: Prices for flights and hotels can be higher during peak seasons.

Try to pick dates that work well for both you and your workplace.

Step 3: Inform your manager and team

After you’ve decided on your dates, the next step is to inform your manager. It’s best to do this as early as possible. This gives your manager time to plan for your absence. It also increases the chances of your leave being approved.

When you talk to your manager:

  • Explain why you want to take leave on those specific dates.
  • Show that you’ve thought about how your work will be handled while you’re away.
  • Be prepared to be flexible if needed.

Once your manager approves your leave, let your team know too. This helps everyone prepare for your absence.

Step 4: Prepare a handover plan

A handover plan is a document that explains how your work will be handled while you’re away. This is an important step that many people forget. A good handover plan makes things easier for your colleagues and ensures that important tasks aren’t missed.

Your handover plan should include:

  • A list of your ongoing projects and their status.
  • Any deadlines that will occur while you’re away.
  • Contact information for important clients or partners.
  • Instructions for handling routine tasks.
  • Where to find important documents or files.

Share this plan with your manager and the colleagues who will be covering for you.

Step 5: Set up your out-of-office message

Before you leave, set up an out-of-office message for your email and voicemail. This message should include:

  • The dates you’ll be away.
  • When you’ll return to the office.
  • Who to contact if there’s an urgent matter.
  • Whether you’ll be checking messages while you’re away.

Make sure your message is professional but friendly. You might want to wish the reader a nice day or week.

Step 6: Tidy up your workspace

This step might seem small, but it can make a big difference when you return. Before you leave:

  • Clear your desk of unnecessary papers and clutter.
  • File away important documents.
  • Throw away any old food or drinks.
  • Water your plants if you have any.

Coming back to a clean, organized workspace will help you get back into work mode more easily after your leave.

Step 7: Prepare for your return

The last step is to think ahead to your return. This might seem strange when you haven’t even left yet, but it can make coming back to work much easier.

Before you leave:

  • Make a list of tasks you’ll need to do when you return.
  • Schedule any important meetings for your first week back.
  • If possible, avoid scheduling anything important for your first day back. This gives you time to catch up.

Also, think about how you’ll ease back into work. You might want to arrive a bit early on your first day back to go through emails and messages before the workday starts.


Planning your leave well can make a big difference in how enjoyable your time off is and how smoothly you transition back to work. By following these seven steps, you can ensure that you’re well-prepared for your leave, your work is covered while you’re away, and your return to work is as stress-free as possible.

Remember, taking leave is important for your well-being. Don’t feel guilty about taking time off. When you plan well, you can enjoy your leave knowing that you’ve taken care of your responsibilities at work. This allows you to truly relax and recharge, which benefits both you and your workplace in the long run.

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Why Wearing Black Socks On A Plane May Be Dangerous



Why wearing black socks on a plane may be dangerous |

Planning what to wear on a plane goes beyond just looking good. It’s about choosing clothes that prioritise both your comfort during the flight and a smooth experience for the cabin crew who are there to serve you. Kris Major, a seasoned British Airways flight attendant with a quarter-century of experience under his belt, recently shared some that wearing black socks on a plane is not advisable.

One of the most unexpected items on Major’s “don’t wear” list: black socks, especially on night flights leaves you surprised. But here’s why this seemingly harmless clothing choice can turn into a minor inconvenience for everyone on board:

Safety hazard in dim lighting

Aeroplane cabins, particularly during night flights, have dimmed lighting for passenger comfort. This can make it difficult for flight attendants to navigate the aisles safely.

Black socks can easily blend into the dark carpeting, creating a tripping hazard for the crew as they move throughout the cabin to provide service or address passenger needs. A stumble or fall could not only disrupt the flight but also potentially lead to injuries.

Considering your fellow passengers

Let’s face it, kicking off your shoes on a long flight can feel like a breath of fresh air for your tired toes. However, the last thing you want to expose is dirty or smelly socks to your fellow passengers.

Opting for clean, colourful socks instead ensures everyone can relax and enjoy the journey without any olfactory surprises. Plus, a bright pop of colour adds a touch of personality to your aeroplane attire.

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Lagos Is Africa’s Second Cheapest City You Can Live In



Africa's cheapest cities to live in, in 2024 |

A new report says Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, and Lagos, the country’s commercial centre, are Africa’s cheapest cities for international workers in 2024. This ranking is based on Mercer’s Cost of Living survey, which considers how much it costs to live in different cities around the world.

The affordability of these Nigerian cities is mainly due to a weakening Nigerian currency. This means everyday expenses are lower for expatriates (people who work abroad) living in Abuja and Lagos.

This ranking is important because the cost of living is a major factor for people considering a move to a new country. It can affect their quality of life and financial stability. The Mercer report helps individuals and organizations make informed decisions about international relocation.

Here’s a fun fact! Among African cities, Bangui in the Central African Republic has seen the biggest jump in the rankings this year, moving up 12 spots.

On the other hand, Lagos, Abuja, and Blantyre (in Malawi) are ranked as the cheapest African cities for expats to live in.

Africa’s cheapest cities to live in, in 2024

Looking for a cost-effective African city to call home? Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 most affordable destinations for ex-pats in 2024, based on the Mercer Cost of Living ranking:

10. Johannesburg, South Africa (Global Rank: 206)

Johannesburg’s cost of living saw a slight increase for expats, moving down one spot from 205th in 2023. This suggests a small rise in living expenses compared to the previous year.

9. Cape Town, South Africa (Global Rank: 209)

Cape Town offers a slightly more affordable option for expats in 2024, climbing one spot to 209th from 208th. This indicates a minor decrease in the cost of living for international workers.

8. Tunis, Tunisia (Global Rank: 210)

Tunis made a significant jump of nine places in the rankings, landing at 210th. This could be due to factors like stable local costs or a weakening Tunisian dinar, making the city 9% more affordable for expats with foreign currency salaries.

7. Lusaka, Zambia (Global Rank: 213)

Lusaka experienced a decrease in affordability, dropping 16 places to 213th. This translates to a roughly 7.5% increase in the cost of living for expats in Lusaka, possibly due to rising local costs or a strengthening Zambian kwacha.

6. Gaborone, Botswana (Global Rank: 215)

Gaborone showed a minor improvement, moving up one spot. This suggests that the cost of living in the Botswanan capital hasn’t changed dramatically for international workers.

5. Windhoek, Namibia (Global Rank: 218)

Windhoek also saw a small gain in affordability, climbing four places. This translates to roughly a 2% decrease in living expenses for expats in the city.

4. Durban, South Africa (Global Rank: 219)

Durban witnessed a minor improvement, moving up one spot. This suggests a very slight decrease in the cost of living for expats in Durban (around 0.5%).

3. Blantyre, Malawi (Global Rank: 221)

Blantyre dropped 23 places, positioning it among the most affordable cities for expats. This significant shift suggests a decrease in local living expenses or a depreciation of the Malawian kwacha.

2. Lagos, Nigeria (Global Rank: 225)

Lagos experienced a staggering drop of 178 places, ranking a highly affordable 225th. This translates to a massive 80.4% decrease in the cost of living for expats in Lagos. This is likely due to a weakening Nigerian naira.

1. Abuja, Nigeria (Global Rank: 226)

Abuja takes the top spot as the most affordable city for expats globally at 226th. While it dropped 86 places, Abuja’s cost of living increases, particularly in housing and utilities, haven’t kept pace with those in other major cities.

This, combined with the currency depreciation, makes Abuja a very cost-effective option for international workers in 2024, with a decrease of around 38.9% in living expenses compared to 2023.

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