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Movies And Shows Coming To Netflix This November



Movies And Shows Coming To Netflix This November |

November promises to be a significant month for Netflix, with the release of some movies and series such as the final season of “The Crown“, as well as exciting additions like a “Scott Pilgrim” anime spinoff, a new David Fincher film, a “Squid Game” competition show, and a variety of other movies and series.

With all these movies and shows promised by Netflix this November, get yourself acquainted with the movies you would like to watch and get ready to enjoy your picks!

Here’s the complete list of what’s coming this November:

November 1

  • Hurricane Season — Netflix Film
  • Locked In — Netflix Film
  • Mysteries of the Faith — Netflix Documentary
  • Nuovo Olimpo — Netflix Film
  • Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom — Netflix Documentary
  • Wingwomen — Netflix Film
  • 13 Going on 30
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
  • 60 Days In: Season 5
  • The Addams Family
  • The Big Lebowski
  • The Change-Up
  • Desperado
  • Downsizing
  • Drag Me to Hell
  • Love in the Wild: Season 1
  • Madea’s Family Reunion
  • The Mummy (2017)
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
  • Pitch Perfect
  • The Scorpion King
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Sherlock Gnomes
  • Six Feet Under: Seasons 1-5
  • Sixteen Candles
  • The Social Network
  • Ted 2
  • Victorious: Season 3
  • Whiplash

November 2

  • All the Light We Cannot See — Netflix Series
  • Cigarette Girl — Netflix Series
  • Higuita: The Way of the Scorpion — Netflix Documentary
  • Onimusha — Netflix Anime
  • Unicorn Academy — Netflix Family

November 3

  • BLUE EYE SAMURAI — Netflix Anime
  • Daily Dose of Sunshine — Netflix Series
  • Erin & Aaron: Season 1
  • Ferry: The Series — Netflix Series
  • NYAD — Netflix Film
  • Selling Sunset: Season 7 — Netflix Series
  • Sly — Netflix Documentary
  • The Tailor: Season 3 — Netflix Series
  • Vacaciones de verano — Netflix Film

November 4

  • The Amazing Race: Season 17
  • The Amazing Race: Season 31
  • Insidious: The Red Door
  • Lopez vs. Lopez: Season 1

November 7

  • Face Off: Seasons 4-5
  • The Improv: 60 and Still Standing — Netflix Comedy

November 8

  • The Billionaire, the Butler and the Boyfriend — Netflix Documentary
  • The Claus Family 3 — Netflix Film
  • Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld — Netflix Documentary
  • Escaping Twin Flames — Netflix Documentary
  • Robbie Williams — Netflix Documentary

November 9

  • Akuma Kun — Netflix Anime
  • Temple of Film: 100 Years of the Egyptian Theatre — Netflix Documentary

November 10

  • At the Moment — Netflix Series
  • The Killer
  • Team Ninja Warrior: Season 2

November 11

  • Laguna Beach: Season 3

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November 14

  • Criminal Code — Netflix Series
  • Dubai Bling: Season 2 — Netflix Series
  • How to Become a Mob Boss — Netflix Documentary
  • The Netflix Cup: Swing to Survive — Netflix Live Event
  • Suburræterna — Netflix Series

November 15

  • Feedback — Netflix Series
  • First Wives Club: Seasons 1-3
  • Matt Rife: Natural Selection — Netflix Comedy
  • Million Dollar Decorators: Season 1

November 16

  • Best. Christmas. Ever! — Netflix Film
  • The Crown: Season 6 Part 1 — Netflix Series
  • Downton Abbey
  • Harriet
  • In Love and Deep Water — Netflix Film

November 17

  • All-Time High — Netflix Film
  • Believer 2 — Netflix Film
  • CoComelon Lane — Netflix Family
  • The Dads — Netflix Documentary
  • The Queenstown Kings — Netflix Film
  • Rustin — Netflix Film
  • Sagrada Familia: Season 2 — Netflix Series
  • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off — Netflix Anime

November 20

  • Shahs of Sunset: Seasons 1-2

November 21

  • Leo — Netflix Family
  • Crime Diaries: The Celebrity Stylist — Netflix Film
  • High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America: Season 2 — Netflix Documentary
  • Squid Game: The Challenge — Netflix Series

November 23

  • Love Island USA: Season 3
  • My Daemon — Netflix Anime
  • My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter 6 — Netflix Family

November 24

  • A Nearly Normal Family — Netflix Series
  • DOI BOY — Netflix Film
  • I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me — Netflix Film
  • Last Call for Istanbul — Netflix Film
  • My Demon — Netflix Series
  • Wedding Games — Netflix Film

November 27

  • Go Dog Go: Season 4 — Netflix Family

November 28

  • Comedy Royale — Netflix Series
  • Love Like a K-Drama — Netflix Series
  • Onmyoji — Netflix Anime
  • Verified Stand-Up — Netflix Comedy

November 29

  • American Symphony — Netflix Documentary
  • Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife — Netflix Documentary

November 30

  • The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday — Netflix Family
  • Family Switch — Netflix Film
  • Hard Days — Netflix Film
  • Obliterated — Netflix Series
  • School Spirits: Season 1
  • Virgin River: Season 5 Part 2 — Netflix Series

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A Recap Of “Aníkúlápó” Ahead Of The New TV Series Sequel In March



A Recap Of "Aníkúlápó" Ahead Of New TV series Sequel |

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2022 Netflix film “Aníkúlápó,” titled “Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre,” is now a six-part series. Picking up where the movie left off, the story follows Saro (Kunle Remi) in a relentless pursuit of his desires.

At the centre of the drama lies Saro’s forbidden love affair with Arolake (Bimbo Ademoye), the wife of the powerful Alaafin of Oyo (Taiwo Hassan). Their secret romance is exposed, forcing them to flee. However, Saro’s attempt to escape takes a drastic turn when he’s captured and nearly beaten to death.

In a surprising turn of events, Arolake intervenes, saving Saro’s life by confronting Akala, the mythical bird responsible for transporting souls to the afterlife. She steals Akala’s powerful gourd, granting Saro the ability to raise the dead.

This newfound power brings immense wealth to Saro, but it also unleashes his greed. Unfortunately, his insatiable desire ultimately leads him to a tragic downfall.

A Recap Of "Aníkúlápó" Ahead Of New TV series Sequel |

The film ends with Akala, the mythical bird, furious about his missing gourd. Although Saro lies dead, Arolake has emptied the gourd, which still poses a risk to Akala’s power. Worse yet, Saro had already used the gourd to bring people back from the dead, dangerously disrupting the delicate balance between life and death.

As Saro’s greed and desire for more escalate, Queen Arolake reaches her breaking point. When Saro refuses to use the gourd unless given the king’s daughter in marriage, Arolake takes a decisive stance.

Knowing his dependence on the gourd, she cleverly empties it, rendering him powerless and trapped in the palace. Arolake, with her experience in escaping, gathers her belongings and flees the village. She leaves Saro with his newfound wives and the angered king.

Meanwhile, Alaafin Ademuyiwa, Arolake’s first husband, continues his relentless pursuit of her and Saro, seeking vengeance for their betrayal.

The film reaches a tragic conclusion with Saro’s demise. Blinded by greed, he demands the hand of a princess in exchange for resurrecting her brother, the prince. However, his empty promises and reliance on the stolen gourd backfired.

Unable to fulfil his side of the bargain, Saro faces the king’s wrath. The enraged villagers brutally attacked him and left him for dead outside the village.

In the final act, Akala, the mythical bird, retrieves his stolen gourd and carries Saro’s lifeless body to the afterlife, forever bound by the consequences of his actions.

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“Ebuka Turns Up Africa” Debuts On Prime Video In March



"Ebuka Turns Up Africa" Debuts On Prime Video In March |

Get ready to be thrilled with Ebuka’s exciting adventure across Africa! The travel-reality seriesEbuka Turns Up Africa,” a Prime Video original, premieres on March 1, 2024.

Hosted by the renowned Nigerian TV personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the series takes viewers on an unforgettable journey as he explores Africa with his celebrity friends: actors Timini Egbuson, Zubby Michael, Jimmie Akinsola, Onoja Adole, and Alistair Englebert Preston.

"Ebuka Turns Up Africa" Debuts On Prime Video In March |

This group of friends embarks on a luxurious VIP adventure across the continent, creating a captivating series that delves deeper than just the tourist experience. It not only showcases the diverse beauty of Africa but also reveals the personalities of these celebrities beyond their public personas.

While exploring the continent, the friends experience moments of joy, ignited by their shared spirit of adventure. However, the journey isn’t always smooth sailing, as the press release hints at personality clashes and occasional disagreements. Ultimately, the series aims to capture the magic of friendship and the unifying power of shared experiences.

"Ebuka Turns Up Africa" Debuts On Prime Video In March |

Produced by Rapid Blue Productions Nigeria and executive produced by Ziyanda Ngcaba and Erika Klopper, “Ebuka Turns Up Africa” promises to be an entertaining and insightful watch.

Mark your calendars for the premiere on March 1st, with the first two episodes dropping, followed by episodes three and four on March 8th.

Watch the trailer below:


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Grammy Winning Tyla Hits A Fashion Milestone




Grammy Winning Tyla Hits A Fashion Milestone |

When South Africa’s rising pop star, Tyla, chooses her clothes, there are two essential qualities she looks for: the ability to allow her to dance freely and the ability to move comfortably.

While describing her personal style, the young and talented artist who brought us the hit song “Water” emphasized the importance of feeling comfortable. However, her definition of comfort does not extend to casual attire like sweatpants and jerseys, particularly when she is in the public eye.

Additionally, the rise of her online presence on TikTok, which now boasts over 7.2 million followers, has seen “comfortable” translate to performing her own dance routines in unique outfits like macramé tube tops and very short miniskirts.

Just weeks ago, “comfortable” meant a glamorous, seafoam green Versace gown shimmering with fishnet overlays—a dazzling costume fit for a modern Venus. Tyla wore this as she proudly accepted the first-ever Grammy for Best African Music Performance for her chart-topping R&B hit, “Water.” Today, “comfortable” has a whole new meaning: a stylish linen set as she dances effortlessly in Gap’s Spring 2024 campaign, marking her debut with a major global fashion brand.

The video showcases Tyla and a group of dancers performing Shay Latukolan’s energetic choreography to “Back On 74,” a catchy, genre-blending song by the British group Jungle, which has amassed over one billion views on TikTok.

Each dancer is adorned in comfortable and flowing pieces from Gap’s spring collection, crafted from breathable linen fabric. Tyla’s outfit features a stylish cropped top and relaxed-fit cargo pants, accented by a swaying chain-link belt. The video not only highlights the comfortable nature of the clothing but also demonstrates how it can convey confidence and a touch of elegance, making it perfect for both movement and style.

“I love marrying my music and the way I look, I feel like it goes hand in hand,” Tyla explains. “I see that also sonically with my album that’s coming out, and with the Gap campaign.”

As Tyla embarks on her first major tour and showcases her characteristic drive and ambition, the artist is infusing her on-stage style with even more personal expression.

A passionate supporter of South African designers, such as the talented LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize winner Thebe Magugu, she proudly weaves elements of her heritage into her fashion choices.

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Adidas Set To Launch Bob Marley x Adidas Sneakers | Adidas Set To Launch Bob Marley x Adidas Sneakers |
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Adidas Set To Launch Bob Marley x Adidas Sneakers

Sportswear giant Adidas is teaming up with the estate of the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley to release a special...