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3X4 Gourmet Elevates Nigerian Street Food Culture At Lagos Celebration



The Lagos Street Food Celebration was held at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island, as a great celebration of Nigerian street food culture, organised by 3X4 Gourmet, a well-known brand in authentic African cuisine. The goal of this historic occasion was to elevate Nigerian street cuisine to the top of the nation’s exports of cultural goods. The attendees were treated to a wide variety of delicious street food delicacies that highlighted the depth and diversity of Nigeria’s culinary scene. The menu showed how Nigerian food has evolved and become more international, with items like guinea fowl meatballs and cocktails with Zobo flavourings alongside more contemporary dishes like moi moi and akara.

The founder of 3X4 Gourmet, Banke Makinde, expressed happiness with the event’s success and emphasised the intention to introduce Nigerian street food cuisine to a larger audience. Beyond just delicious food, there was cultural entertainment to enjoy, including traditional dance performances and artwork by talented local artists.

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The participatory aspect was enhanced with a multi-sensory art display that showcased “Chop Beta”, an intriguing life-size sculptural installation by Ahmed Abiodun honouring the popular street snack Puff Puff.

3X4 Gourmet Celebrates Nigerian Street Food|

The Lagos Street Food Celebration evolved into a celebration of Nigerian culture and heritage in addition to being a gastronomic event. Banke Makinde, who was proud of the achievement, said that Nigerian street food has the potential to be a significant cultural export because it is tasty, varied, and reasonably priced. In keeping with the growing interest in African culture around the world, the event, which was sponsored by important organisations like the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Bank of Industry, BUA Foods, and Flour Mills Nigeria, celebrated Nigerian ingenuity and marked the rise of Nigerian street food cuisine. Nigerian street food is praised and elevated thanks to 3X4 Gourmet’s effort, which represents a huge cultural movement.

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3X4 Gourmet Celebrates Nigerian Street Food| 3X4 Gourmet Celebrates Nigerian Street Food|           


BBN’s Queen Mercy Atang Reveals She Is Engaged




BBN's Queen Mercy Atang Reveals She Is Engaged |

Queen Mercy Atang, a well-known personality from the popular reality show Big Brother Naija, has shared exciting news. The mother of one is engaged to her longtime partner, David.

On the special date of Thursday, February 29th, 2024, she took to her social media platform, Instagram, to share the news. She also expressed her heartfelt appreciation for reaching a significant milestone in her life.

Queen Mercy Atang delighted her followers with charming pictures from her recent engagement, proudly showcasing the beautiful ring adorning her finger as she and her beloved fiancé posed joyously in front of a romantic “will-you-marry-me” sign.

She captioned her post, “God acted according to his timing. I’ve consistently prayed for guidance in building a loving family, fulfilling roles as a wife, mother, and follower of his teachings. His response came in due time.

Queen poured her heart out in a piece she wrote to express her gratitude and love towards her fiancé. In the touching piece, she described how her fiancé’s unwavering love and care had been a constant source of strength and support for her. She expressed her profound appreciation for him.

She also expressed how much she cherished their relationship and how excited she was to spend the rest of her life with him.

“To my dear husband-to-be, @iam_kingdaivid I thank you deeply for choosing me. For loving me, and for embracing my family as your own. Your presence has brought immense joy into my life. May God bless you abundantly. I promise to continually pray for blessings upon your life. I love you dearly,” she said.

Her fiancé in turn commented, “Thank you for choosing to walk this path with me… I adore you forever ❤❤❤️❤️❤️”

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Moses Bliss’s Traditional Wedding Transcends Cultures



Moses Bliss's Traditional Wedding Transcends Cultures |

Moses Bliss and his wife, Marie Wiseborn, celebrated their traditional wedding in a beautiful ceremony that combined the rich traditions of both their Nigerian and Ghanaian backgrounds. The ceremony was held in Ghana against a stunning backdrop and was more than just a marriage; it was a show of their two nations’ unique customs and cultures.

The ceremony began with a stunning display of traditional Ghanaian attire. Marie Wiseborn, the bride, looked radiant in her beautiful outfit. The couple’s attire was a beautiful symbol of unity, as it harmoniously blended the vibrant colours of Ghana’s kente cloth with the regal elegance of Nigeria’s aso-oke fabric. It reflected the coming together of the two nations through their marriage.


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The traditional wedding ceremony honoured both Nigerian and Ghanaian traditions. It included the Ghanaian “knocking” ceremony, where the groom’s family formally asks for the bride’s hand in marriage. Marie’s grand entrance was marked by a vibrant adowa dance, performed with her bridesmaids and other dancers. This dance was a respectful blend of both cultures’ heritages, creating a beautiful and moving moment.

Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn’s wedding transcended a simple celebration of love. It became a powerful testament to the beauty of cultural fusion. The couple, by honouring their individual heritages while embracing their future together, set a remarkable example for cross-cultural unions. Their wedding wasn’t just about the union of two individuals; it was a vibrant celebration of unity, diversity, and the enduring power of love.

Their commitment to blending their Nigerian and Ghanaian cultures served as an important reminder that love can bridge any differences. It painted a vivid picture of a world where cultures can harmoniously coexist. Also, it creates a space where everyone feels included and appreciated.

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The Shortlist For 2024 Aquaculture Awards Has Been Announced




2024 Aquaculture Awards Shortlist Announced |

The prestigious 2024 Aquaculture Awards have received an unprecedented number of entries this year, with a significant increase of over 20% compared to the previous year. The list of finalists, carefully chosen from this record pool of applicants, was announced today.

The much-anticipated announcement of the 2024 Aquaculture Awards will take place in Scotland, during the Aquaculture UK exhibition. Among the various categories, the Innovation Award is shaping up to be competitive, attracting some of the industry’s most innovative companies. These include Ace Aquatec, Bluegreen, Otanics Technology, Otaq Group, Tritonia Scientific, and WellFish Tech, all vying for recognition for their groundbreaking contributions to the field.

Aquaculture - Sub Sahara Farmers Journal

This year’s Aquaculture Awards received close to 100 nominations, showcasing the incredible breadth of talent within the industry. This abundance of submissions presented a challenge for the judges as they carefully considered who would be crowned the winners.

The highly anticipated awards ceremony will take place on May 15th at a prestigious gala dinner during Aquaculture UK in Aviemore. The ceremony will recognize outstanding achievements across 13 distinct categories. The categories will encompass aspects such as groundbreaking innovation, community involvement, environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and the contributions of both established suppliers and exciting new startups.

Time running out to enter 2023 Aquaculture Awards

The program acknowledges and celebrates both those who excel in practical work and those who demonstrate exceptional technological expertise.

This year, the aquaculture community has the opportunity to participate in the selection process by casting their vote for the winner of the Outstanding Contribution award. This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the field, and the nominees this year represent the best in aquaculture.

The awards director, Cheri Arvonio said in a press release: “The Aquaculture Awards champion the achievements of the sector over the past year and highlight the exceptional people making a difference, whether at home or abroad.”

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