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Sony Group Set To Invest $10m In African Entertainment Sector



Sony Group Set To Invest #10m In Africa Entertainment Sector |

As the African entertainment sector keeps thriving in remarkable ways that are unimaginable, there’s some encouraging news for individuals hoping to have a significant effect in the entertainment sector, Sony Group’s Entertainment business has launched an ambitious strategy to invest in new entertainment entrepreneurs in a few African countries.

Sony Group to Invest in the African Entertainment Industry|

Sony confirmed its commitment to supporting African entertainment businesses through the Sony Innovation Fund: Africa (SIF: AF) in a press release on October 11, 2023. This project demonstrates Sony’s commitment to fostering and supporting the continent’s developing creative industry.

The CEO of Sony Ventures, Gen Tsuchikawa, emphasised the continuing importance of the entertainment industry in terms of Sony’s strategic focus. The entertainment industry continues to be the company’s primary area of interest despite its varied investments made through the Sony Innovation Fund, which was formed in 2016.

Sony Group to Invest in the African Entertainment Industry|

Tsuchikawa emphasised the abundance of creative potential in Africa, which was a major factor in Sony’s choice to invest there. He said,

 “Africa, in particular, has a vibrant community of creators and entrepreneurs looking to invent new ways to enhance entertainment experiences for audiences, and that propelled Sony to establish SIF: AF.”

The substantial $10 million investment is anticipated to cover a range of entertainment startup ventures, including ones in the music, film, gaming, and content distribution industries. With future development into additional countries on the horizon, Sony’s investment adventure will get underway in several important African nations, including South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria.

The number of firms that will receive cash from this investment has yet to be revealed, even if a detailed deployment schedule for the investment has not yet been determined. A thorough due diligence procedure will be used to choose the beneficiaries, and detailed information will soon be made public.

Sony’s large investment marks a turning point for the continent’s creative sector and promises to promote innovation, creativity, and advancement across the entertainment industry.

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FirstBank Announces New CEO and COO




FirstBank Announces New CEO and COO |

FirstBank, one of the nation’s largest privately held banks known for its commitment to “banking for good,” announced the retirement of Jim Reuter and the new CEO and COO.

Mr. Reuter served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for seven years, capping an impressive 37-year career with the organization.

The board at FirstBank has elected Kevin Classen, the current president, as the new CEO, and Kelly Kaminskas, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), has been promoted to COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Both appointments will take effect on March 29, 2024.

Mr. Reuter, who will remain on the company’s board, boasts a remarkable career at FirstBank spanning several decades. He began his journey in 1987 and steadily rose through the ranks.

He has held leadership positions such as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Executive Vice President.

Mr. Reuter’s impressive contributions earned him the prestigious title of “Most Admired CEO” by the Denver Business Journal. It also earned him recognition as a champion of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” In 2017, he was appointed CEO, transforming FirstBank into a nationally acclaimed leader in customer service, digital banking, and financial performance.

Reuter said, “It’s been a pleasure to be CEO of FirstBank and an active leader in the community, banking, and fintech industry.”

“Since I became CEO in 2017, I’ve always said this was a role I would do for 5-7 years before giving the opportunity to the next generation of leaders. My proudest accomplishment has been building this team. Now it’s their time to shine. I know that with Kevin Classen and Kelly Kaminskas at the helm, FirstBank will continue to be a top-performing institution.”

John Ikard, FirstBank’s Chairman of the Board, praised Jim Reuter. According to him, Jim’s invaluable contributions have helped FirstBank emerge as a far more robust and resilient organization. His transformative work in diversity initiatives and IT innovation, along with his steady guidance through complex industry and economic challenges, including a global pandemic, has been remarkable.

John Ikard strongly believed that the incoming CEO and COO would carry forward Jim’s vision and maintain FirstBank’s dedication to its customers, communities, and employees.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Kelly Kaminskas, was named Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective March 29, 2024.

Classen, the new CEO, has been with FirstBank since 1998. He has held leadership roles in multiple markets across Colorado. In 2007, he helped lead FirstBank’s expansion into Arizona.

“I’m honored to be named CEO and to continue to build on FirstBank’s 60-plus years of success,” he said.

“I owe a great deal to Jim for creating a company foundation and a culture that truly prioritizes its mission. I’m also grateful to have several tenacious, perceptive, and brilliant leaders by my side, like Kelly Kaminskas…” he added

Kelly Kaminskas launched her career at FirstBank 20 years ago and steadily rose through the ranks. Her leadership in retail and digital banking led to her promotion to CDO in 2022. Now, as the newly elected COO, Kelly will oversee the company’s treasury management, marketing, technology, and retail operations.

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With 50k You Can Start These Businesses In Nigeria



With 50k You Can Start These Businesses In Nigeria |

You can start these businesses in Nigeria. Unemployment is continuously on the rise today, and many of the available jobs offer poor compensation and working conditions. Consequently, individuals are choosing to create their own businesses rather than wait for opportunities that may be scarce or undesirable. As technology connects the world, the global economy presents exciting new possibilities for business ventures.

Nigeria is no exception; the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit is thriving, with men and women making significant contributions to the business landscape. Interestingly, research suggests that periods of economic downturn or financial uncertainty can be an ideal time to launch a business, as entrepreneurs often bring much-needed energy, innovation, and solutions to address societal challenges.

If you’re one of those individuals choosing to create your own business, you can start these businesses in Nigeria with fifty thousand naira.


With 50k You Can Start These Businesses In Nigeria |

Baking is a rapidly growing and highly profitable industry in Nigeria. Nigerians love cakes and pastries. There’s hardly any party or event without pastries in Nigeria. They’re essential for events ranging from weddings and birthdays to graduations. With a little creativity and dedication, you could launch your own successful baking business right from your home kitchen. Start by creating delicious mini cupcakes and savoury snacks to sell for profit. Then, promote your baking business on social media to gain visibility, attract customers, and begin generating substantial income.

Small-scale Farming

Small-scale farming can be a highly profitable business venture. You even have the flexibility to start right in your own backyard. Whether you choose to plant peppers, cultivate a vegetable garden, raise snails, or start a poultry farm, you can launch your agricultural enterprise with minimal resources and see significant returns. You can even explore niche options like snail farming or poultry. The potential for success is high, even with limited starting resources.

Liquid Soap business

With 50k You Can Start These Businesses In Nigeria |

The thriving liquid soap industry is a compelling opportunity for ambitious individuals. With demand skyrocketing due to the essential nature of the product for every household and an ever-growing population in Nigeria, established companies are struggling to keep up. With a modest investment, you can enter this profitable venture and create your own liquid soap brand. Target various markets, including supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and even professional cleaning services like housekeepers.

To establish a strong presence in the market, consider investing in eye-catching branding and attractive packaging. These elements, combined with the high demand and relatively low barrier to entry, can translate into a flourishing business.

Imagine discovering unbranded liquid soaps in plain plastic bottles selling for N300 to N500! This underscores the potential for creating and marketing high-quality, branded liquid soaps. The investment required is minimal. It’s a business accessible to anyone.

Affiliate marketing

This exciting online opportunity allows anyone to begin earning money, regardless of their previous experience. In affiliate marketing, you collaborate with businesses or individuals to promote their products in exchange for a share of the profits. These products can be physical items you might find in a store or digital goods you can download online. You have the flexibility to choose from countless affiliate programs and then advertise their products on social media platforms or dedicated websites. Notably, many Nigerians have achieved significant financial success through affiliate marketing.

Eggs Distribution

Eggs are a nutritious food, packed with protein, and enjoyed worldwide. They are surprisingly versatile and can be used in everything from sweet treats and beauty products to cleaning supplies and even hair care. Due to this high demand, the egg supply industry is booming, and it’s a business you can start small and grow big.

If you’re interested in entering this exciting field, the first step is finding reliable sources of eggs. This could involve partnering with reputable chicken farms or large wholesalers. You can then distribute these eggs to various outlets, including shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, and individual homes.

Building strong connections with these potential buyers in your local community is crucial for success. To run your business smoothly, you’ll need empty egg cartons and a reliable way to deliver your products.

The good news is, you can get started with less than N100,000! If you don’t currently own a delivery vehicle, you can begin by delivering eggs on foot using a cart. As your business grows, you can then invest in a used vehicle for added efficiency. Remember, every successful journey starts with a single step.

Coaching/ Tutoring

With 50k You Can Start These Businesses In Nigeria |

When it comes to service-based businesses, offering tutoring is a lucrative opportunity to rake in some cash. You have the flexibility to either provide private in-home tutoring for children across various subjects or join online platforms that connect you with parents seeking tutors for their children.

For more visibility, consider using readily available platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook to conduct group learning sessions known as masterclasses. By uploading your courses to online platforms, you can earn a commission every time someone enrols in your class. This approach allows you to reach a wider audience and potentially increase your income.

Many of Nigeria’s most successful millionaires started their journey with only a small amount of money and built their wealth from humble beginnings. They are now widely recognised figures across Africa. You, too, can start these businesses in Nigeria and embark on your path to success; remember, even the longest journeys begin with that first step.

Which of these businesses will you be trying out?

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How to Use AI to Make Money Online In 2024



How to Use AI to Make Money Online In 2024 |

It should come as no surprise that AI tools are revolutionising how we work. Automating tedious, time-consuming, and even daunting tasks can transform these tools into quick, effortless, and streamlined processes. Naturally, you might be curious to explore how to harness this technology to boost your income. Well, wonder no more! Here are five exciting ways to leverage the power of AI and unlock new financial opportunities.

1. UGC Creation with AI-Edited Videos

Do you have a passion for performing and sharing your personality with the world? If so, then consider becoming a User Generated Content (UGC) creator! These individuals craft engaging pictures and videos used by brands in their advertising campaigns. This exciting path allows you to express your creativity, connect with a wider audience, and even earn income through collaboration with brands you admire.

Even without expertise in marketing or video creation, you can tap into the lucrative world of user-generated content (UGC). Tools like Jasper, an AI writing assistant, can help you craft captivating headlines, scripts, and hooks for your videos. Once filmed, AI video editing tools like Klap can polish your footage into polished gems.

Landing clients is equally possible. AI platforms like ChatGPT and Brands Meet Creators offer AI pitch writers to craft winning proposals. With a strong client base, the earning potential is promising. ZipRecruiter reports an average annual income of $116,615 for UGC creators, making it a financially rewarding pursuit.

2. Photo Editing Services

The 6 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android in 2024The 6 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

Do you have a keen eye for detail and a knack for transforming photos? If you’d rather work your magic behind the camera, consider offering photo editing services! With the help of powerful tools like, you can enhance images, bring out their hidden potential, and leave clients awestruck.

Collaborate with local photographers, social media influencers, or other creative professionals to add your polishing touch to their projects. The exciting part? Freelance photo editors can set their own rates, with research suggesting an earning range of $15 to $150 per hour. So, unleash your inner photo editing wizard and turn your passion into a thriving business.

3. Offer Personalised Marketing With AI

Forget generic ads and bland messages! Imagine marketing that feels like a personal conversation tailored just for you. That’s the magic of AI in marketing. It goes beyond creating content; it dives deep to truly understand your customers. Think of it like having a secret decoder ring that unlocks individual preferences and desires. With AI, you can craft targeted campaigns that hit the bullseye every single time. It’s like having a psychic marketing team predict what your customers want before they even know it themselves. From recommending the perfect product to showing the most relevant ad, AI personalises the experience, leading to customers who are more engaged and more likely to buy.

4. Offer Podcast Editing Services

How to Edit Your Podcast | B&H eXplora

In 2006, podcasting was a niche hobby for a mere 22% of American adults. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation. A staggering 79% of adults are now aware of podcasting, and a dedicated 38% have incorporated it into their routines, tuning in consistently for their fix of audio entertainment and information. This phenomenal growth has fueled an explosion in the industry, with an estimated 3 million active podcasts currently captivating audiences worldwide.

From the thrill of bouncing ideas in the recording booth to the infectious laughter that fills the airwaves, there’s no denying the electrifying energy that comes with hosting a podcast. But, when the mics shut off and the recording stops, that energy takes a nosedive faster than a rogue squirrel down a bird feeder.

So are you craving the creative freedom of shaping compelling audio stories? Do you have a keen ear for detail and a knack for transforming recordings into polished gems? Then podcast editing might be your calling.

Current podcast editors are commanding top dollar for their expertise, and by honing your skills, you can join them.

But how do you stand out?

The key lies in understanding the value you bring and charging rates that reflect your worth. Remember, you’re not just editing audio; you’re crafting an immersive experience for listeners.

To maximise your efficiency and elevate your service, embrace cutting-edge AI tools. Platforms like Descript and Adobe Podcast offer a treasure trove of features to enhance audio quality, automate repetitive tasks, and refine edits with laser precision.

By leveraging these technological allies, you’ll free up time to focus on the creative magic that sets your work apart.

5. Offer Virtual Assistance Services

Are you tired of tedious tasks bogging you down? Imagine artificial intelligence (AI) by your side, handling the administrative grind like a loyal digital assistant. Scheduling appointments? Done. Managing data? A breeze. Taming your overflowing email inbox? No problem. With AI taking care of these mundane chores, you’ll be free to soar to greater heights.

Offering virtual assistance services with AI is a rapidly growing field, and it’s exciting to explore. There are many tools to help you execute the services efficiently. One of them is chatbots. These are automated conversation systems that answer questions, handle basic tasks and route complex inquiries to human assistants. They’re great for customer service, FAQs, and appointment scheduling. Voice assistants like Alexa or Siri use voice commands to perform tasks, like setting alarms, playing music, or controlling smart home devices. AI-powered assistants can manage calendars, emails, research, and more.

AI can automate repetitive tasks and handle queries and tasks anytime, regardless of location. It can tailor responses and recommendations based on user preferences and analyse vast amounts of data to provide accurate and relevant information.

To offer virtual assistance services, choose a specific industry or client type, develop your AI solution, partner with existing platforms, or use pre-built solutions. Ensure your AI solution has robust data security and privacy measures in place. and develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

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