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Oxlade Speaks About His Music Journey On The “Afrobeats Podcast”



Popular Afrobeats artist, Ikunfori Olaitan Abdulrhaman , popularly known as Oxlade , talked about his early struggles on the Afrobeat podcast.

Oxlade talked about how he is planning to enter a new phase in his career and become an ever bigger household name in the music industry.

Oxlade also told the host about how he used to sleep under Ojueleba bridge and sell BRT tickets in  order for him to survive.

According to him,  when he was young and expressed his desires to begin a musical career, his father and lecturer discouraged him and instead advised him to do menial jobs. He ran away from home and began to live on the streets for a little while. He said he recalls sleeping under Ojueleba and selling BRT tickets in order to survive and he described his early struggles as a ” defining moment ” that shaped him and made him eager to succeed .

Oxlade also revealed that he is interested in making classics rather than hit songs as he explained that classics are songs that stick longer I’m people’s memory but hit songs just come and go . He made reference of songs like “Ku Lo Sa ” , only released last year bit is widely played all over the world, with the remix even featuring superstar Camilla Cabello. Oxlade said that songs like that are remembered for a long time and he said he knows some artists who just released a song that blew for a little while and faded out .



I Wanted To Celebrate My Culture – Chike On His New Album



Chike Talks About His New Album |

Nigerian singer Chike has recently released a new album titled, ‘Son of Chike‘. This is his third album. Chike became famous after releasing his first album. That album was called ‘Boo of the Booless‘. Many people liked it and praised it. Since then, Chike has become an important artist in Nigerian RnB music. He is known for his good singing.

Recently, he talked about his new album in an interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio. During the interview, Chike explained why he made ‘Son of Chike’. He said he wanted to show his heritage through his music.

“I feel like it’s an album where I was putting out my culture, even down to the way I expressed myself; I know that with this album, you can tell who Chike is and where he is from. I know that my culture is more represented in the music in my third studio album,” he told the host, Nandi Madiba.

Chike is Igbo. The Igbos are one of the main ethnic groups in Nigeria. In this album, Chike tries to include elements of Igbo culture in his songs. He sees this album as a way to celebrate where he comes from. So, he uses his music to share his cultural background with his listeners.

Chike Talks About His New Album |

Chike is careful about who he works with on his music.

In his earlier albums, he didn’t have many collaborations with other artists. On his new album, Chike has worked with some other artists. These include Olamide, Ladipoe, and Qing Madi.

Chike talked about why he chose these artists to work with. He said that he always thinks about the music first. For him, it’s not about working with popular artists just to get more listeners. Instead, he focuses on what’s best for each song.

“With everything I do, I just try to remind myself that the music comes first. It’s not the numbers, because that temptation is there…Numbers look good and everybody wants to have them, but for me, in the end, no matter the decision I made—even if it’s for numbers, perception, or whatever it is for—I still ask myself, ‘Is it about the music? Does the music come

Chike cares more about the quality of the music than about getting high numbers of listeners.

Chike released ‘Egwu’ before his new album came out. ‘Egwu’ featured Mohbad. Sadly, Mohbad passed away after they made this song together.

Chike talked about how Mohbad’s death affected him. He said it taught him an important lesson. He learned that life can be unpredictable. We can’t always know what will happen in the future.

“When things happen in your life and you realise we are not here forever, it reminds you that this can happen to anybody and you should make the best use of your time. I went ahead and did something I’d wanted to do; I spent all my savings; I did things for some people, where [before] I was thinking it wasn’t the right time to do it. I was just like, “You know what, I’m gonna do this now, right time or not—because the right time might never come.”

Because of this, Chike realized he should make the best use of his time. He understood that it’s important to do meaningful things while we can. This experience seems to have influenced Chike’s approach to his music and life in general.

Chike released his new album ‘Son of Chike’ on July 19, 2024. This album marks the beginning of a new phase in his music career.

Listen here.

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New Album: Chike Feat. Olamide, Ladipoe & Qing Madi – ‘Son of Chike’



Son of Chike album by Chike |

Chike has released a new album called ‘Son of Chike‘. This album has 12 songs. It explores Chike’s cultural background and celebrates his family name, Osebuka.

The title ‘Son of Chike’ has a special meaning. It shows that Chike is his father’s son. It also shows that he’s an artist building on his earlier work. The album talks about human experiences, relationships, and personal growth.

Chike wrote all the songs on this album himself. A producer named DeeYasso worked with Chike to make the music. DeeYasso has worked with artists like Oxlade, Dave, and Wande Coal. This new album comes out two years after Chike’s second album, ‘The Brother’s Keeper’.

Several well-known artists appear on ‘Son of Chike’.

These include Olamide, Qing Madi, Ladipoe, Amaeya, and the late Mohbad. Their appearances add variety and depth to the album.

The album covers many different topics. It talks about self-discovery, love, resilience, family heritage, and the beauty of life. Chike uses his storytelling skills and rich music to express these themes.

The first song released from the album is called ‘Egwu’. This song features the late Mohbad. It has been trendy, with over 250 million people listening to it worldwide. This song sets a strong tone for the rest of the album.

Different songs on the album focus on different themes. There’s a song called ‘Unto You’ that features Ladipoe. This song is about being true to yourself. Two other songs, ‘Lifetime Love’ and ‘Apple’, explore the complexities of love. Chike shows his cultural pride in a song called ‘Ego Oyibo’. He celebrates his heritage in another song called ‘Mma (Beauty)’.

In a song called ‘Someone’, Chike thinks about promises that weren’t kept. Another song, ‘Your Loss’, features Qing Madi and is about moving on. ‘Not Your Daddy’ is a song where Chike declares his independence. In ‘Balance Am’, he talks about finding harmony when life is challenging.

The last song on the album is called ‘Man Not God’. This is a powerful song that calls for people to be humble and grateful. It leaves a strong impression on the listener.

‘Son of Chike’ album was released on July 19, 2024. People can listen to it on all streaming platforms. This album shows off Chike’s skills as both a singer and a songwriter. It reminds listeners of how talented he is and how he can create music that touches people’s hearts and minds.

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Rema’s ‘HEIS’ Sets Record For Biggest Opening Week On Spotify Nigeria In 2024



'HEIS' album set Spotify record for biggest opening week |

Nigerian music star Rema continues to be a leading force behind the global Afrobeats movement. His latest album, “HEIS,” has become a massive hit on Spotify Nigeria. It smashed records to solidify Rema’s status as a superstar.

Here’s a closer look at Rema’s record-breaking achievements:

Unmatched Opening Week for HEIS Album

“HEIS” amassed 12.3 million streams on Spotify Nigeria during its first week. With this, he established a new benchmark for album debuts on the platform in the country. This surpasses the previous record held by Olamide’s album “Ikigai,” which garnered 7.92 million streams in its opening week.

HEIS Album, Second Highest Overall

“HEIS” falls just short of Davido’s record-breaking “Timeless” album (which holds the number one spot with a phenomenal 14.4 million opening week streams). But it still claims the prestigious number two position on Spotify Nigeria. This achievement demonstrates Rema’s immense popularity and the widespread appeal of “HEIS.”

Building Anticipation with “Benin Boys”

Even before the album’s release, Rema was making headlines with the hit single “Benin Boys” featuring Shallipopi. This track secured the most first-day streams for a song on Spotify Nigeria, effectively generating immense anticipation for the upcoming album.

HEIS Album Dominates Streaming Charts

“HEIS” didn’t just break opening week records; it also dominated its debut day, surpassing Rema’s own previous record for most first-day streams. The album continued its impressive run, reaching a staggering 1.99 million streams the following day. This early dominance indicates the album’s strong connection with listeners and its potential for long-term success.

A Global Star with a Mission

Rema’s success with “HEIS” further cements his place as a global Afrobeats phenomenon. It’s worth noting that his debut album received mixed reviews, with some praising his bold experimentation and others questioning the final product.

Interestingly, at the album’s listening party held in London, Rema expressed a desire to take Afrobeats back to its roots. He feels the genre is being simplified to cater to foreign audiences, and “HEIS” seems to be his effort to push Afrobeats in a more authentic direction.

This mission to preserve the genre’s core identity while still achieving global success makes Rema’s artistic vision particularly intriguing.

Only time will tell how “HEIS” influences the future of Afrobeats, but one thing is certain: Rema is a frontrunner in shaping the sound of the genre for years to come.

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