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Fun Ways to Style Cropped Denim Jacket



A cropped denim jacket is a shorter version of the classic denim jacket. It typically hits at the waist or just below, and it can be made from any type of denim, from light wash to dark wash. Cropped denim jackets are a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down.

Cropped Denim Jacket is a trendy and versatile piece that can easily elevate your outfit. When it comes to styling and wearing a cropped denim jacket, the options are endless. You can pair it with different bottoms like jeans, skirts, or even dresses.

Ways to Style and Wear a Cropped Denim Jacket

  • Dress or Skirt: A cropped denim jacket can be a great way to add a bit of edge to a feminine outfit. Pair it with a sundress or midi skirt for a casual look, or with a pencil skirt or chic midi skirt for a more formal look.
  • Jeans: Cropped denim jackets are a classic combination with jeans. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the style of jeans and the other items in your outfit. For a casual look, pair your cropped denim jacket with boyfriend jeans or ripped jeans. For a more elegant look, pair it with dark wash skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans.

  • Leggings: Cropped denim jackets can also be worn with leggings. This is a great option for a comfortable and stylish outfit. Pair your cropped denim jacket with black leggings and trainers for a casual look, or with patterned leggings and boots for a bolder look.
  • Tank top or t-shirt: A cropped denim jacket can be a great way to add some warmth to a summer outfit. Pair it with a tank top or t-shirt and shorts for a casual look, or with a button-down shirt and skirt for a more put-together look.
  • Hoodie: A cropped denim jacket can also be worn over a hoodie for a cool and casual look. This is a great option for running errands or just hanging out.

Some things to wear with a cropped denim jacket

  • Tops: Tank tops, t-shirts, button-down shirts, sweaters, hoodies
  • Bottoms: Jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses
  • Shoes: Wear them with sneakers, sandals, boots, or heels. The type of shoes you wear will depend on the overall look you’re going for.
  • Accessories: Accessorize with a belt or scarf. This will help to define your waist and add glamour to your outfit. It could also be paired with hat, scarf, necklace, bracelet, earrings.
  • High-waisted jeans: Pair it with high-waisted jeans or pants. This will create a long and lean line, and it will also help to balance out the cropped length of the jacket.

  • Tights
  • Dresses: Layer it over a dress or skirt. This is a great way to dress up a casual outfit.
  • Shorts: Tuck it into a skirt or shorts. This is a more edgy and fashion-forward way to wear a cropped denim jacket.
  • Boots
  • Heels
  • Sneakers
  • Belts
  • Scarves

You can also wear a cropped denim jacket with mid-rise or high-rise jeans. The shorter length of the jacket creates a longer, more balanced silhouette. If you wear mid-rise jeans, you can tuck the front of the jacket into the jeans to create a more polished look. If you are wearing high-waisted jeans, you can leave the jacket untucked for a more relaxed and flattering look.

Specific outfit ideas

  • Cropped denim jacket + high-waisted jeans + sneakers
  • Cropped denim jacket + skirt + heels
  • Cropped denim jacket + dress + boots
  • Cropped denim jacket + shorts + sandals
  • Cropped denim jacket + tights + boots

However, the pear-shaped stylist has offered a tutorial on how to style your cropped denim jackets. See the video below.


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Grammy Winning Tyla Hits A Fashion Milestone




Grammy Winning Tyla Hits A Fashion Milestone |

When South Africa’s rising pop star, Tyla, chooses her clothes, there are two essential qualities she looks for: the ability to allow her to dance freely and the ability to move comfortably.

While describing her personal style, the young and talented artist who brought us the hit song “Water” emphasized the importance of feeling comfortable. However, her definition of comfort does not extend to casual attire like sweatpants and jerseys, particularly when she is in the public eye.

Additionally, the rise of her online presence on TikTok, which now boasts over 7.2 million followers, has seen “comfortable” translate to performing her own dance routines in unique outfits like macramé tube tops and very short miniskirts.

Just weeks ago, “comfortable” meant a glamorous, seafoam green Versace gown shimmering with fishnet overlays—a dazzling costume fit for a modern Venus. Tyla wore this as she proudly accepted the first-ever Grammy for Best African Music Performance for her chart-topping R&B hit, “Water.” Today, “comfortable” has a whole new meaning: a stylish linen set as she dances effortlessly in Gap’s Spring 2024 campaign, marking her debut with a major global fashion brand.

The video showcases Tyla and a group of dancers performing Shay Latukolan’s energetic choreography to “Back On 74,” a catchy, genre-blending song by the British group Jungle, which has amassed over one billion views on TikTok.

Each dancer is adorned in comfortable and flowing pieces from Gap’s spring collection, crafted from breathable linen fabric. Tyla’s outfit features a stylish cropped top and relaxed-fit cargo pants, accented by a swaying chain-link belt. The video not only highlights the comfortable nature of the clothing but also demonstrates how it can convey confidence and a touch of elegance, making it perfect for both movement and style.

“I love marrying my music and the way I look, I feel like it goes hand in hand,” Tyla explains. “I see that also sonically with my album that’s coming out, and with the Gap campaign.”

As Tyla embarks on her first major tour and showcases her characteristic drive and ambition, the artist is infusing her on-stage style with even more personal expression.

A passionate supporter of South African designers, such as the talented LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize winner Thebe Magugu, she proudly weaves elements of her heritage into her fashion choices.

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6 Most Iconic Moments At The London Fashion Week



6 Most Iconic Moments At The London Fashion Week |

London Fashion Week (LFW) is a globally recognised event, showcasing both menswear and womenswear collections. Established in 1984, it celebrates cutting-edge design and innovative talents alongside iconic British brands.

Among the four major fashion capitals, London Fashion Week stands out for its reputation of being fashion-forward. This well-deserved recognition allows designers to freely express their creativity, leading to truly unforgettable moments throughout history. These moments include the innovative robotic paint sprayers used by Alexander McQueen, the inspiring presence of the late Queen Elizabeth in the front row, and the iconic matching outfits of Harper Beckham and Anna Wintour.

This year, LFW marked its 40th anniversary with a hybrid format, featuring physical runway shows and a year-round digital platform. The event brought together fashion, culture, and technology and attracted industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

To celebrate the big 40, join me on a journey as we revisit the unforgettable moments from London Fashion Week that not only left a lasting impression but also solidified the city’s status as a premier fashion capital.

Naomi Campbell’s Walk To Promote Charity

Queen Elizabeth At The Front Row

On February 20th, 2018, during a visit to London Fashion Week’s BFC Show Space in central London, Queen Elizabeth II took in the runway presentation of British designer Richard Quinn. Joining Her Majesty for this special occasion was the esteemed editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. Following the show, the Queen had the distinct honor of presenting Mr. Quinn with the very first Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, a significant recognition of his talent and contribution to the industry.

Teletubbies Dipsy Walk

Fans of the 1990s children’s show, The Teletubbies, might be filled with a wave of nostalgia, while younger generations could be left feeling a tad surprised. In June 2017, one of the show’s iconic characters, Dipsy, made a surprising appearance on the runway at a fashion show hosted by designer Bobby Abley. This unexpected cameo certainly caused a stir.

Shalom Harlow’s Spray-painting Robots Walk

During the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1999 fashion show in London on September 27th, supermodel Shalom Harlow captivated the audience with a breathtaking performance. As she gracefully walked the runway, two robots emerged, transforming the event into a mesmerising display of art. These robots, with their precise movements, sprayed black and neon yellow paint onto her white dress, creating a stunning and unforgettable spectacle.

London Fashion Week

Princess Diana’s Entrance

In the month of March 1988, Diana, the Princess of Wales, graced a reception held at Lancaster House in London. This gathering celebrated London Fashion Week, and the Princess arrived attired in a stunning ensemble designed by the renowned Bellville Sassoon.

London Fashion Week

Cara Delevingne’s Star Ensemble

Burberry steals the show at London Fashion Week with fake showers at Hyde Park | Daily Mail Online

In a memorable conclusion to the Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2012 collection fashion show, held at Kensington Gardens during London Fashion Week on February 20, 2012, models including Cara Delevingne graced the runway with umbrellas held high as if walking through a gentle shower. This unique touch added a touch of whimsy to the final showcase of the collection.

And that’s a wrap. Which of these moments were truly iconic for you?

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Here Are 4 Patterned Blazer Outfit Ideas To Try



Here Are 4 Patterned Blazer Outfit Ideas To Try |

Have you ever considered incorporating a patterned blazer into your wardrobe? It’s a fantastic way to elevate a timeless piece and inject personality into your outfit. The structured silhouette adds sophistication, while the pattern infuses your look with captivating flair. As a corporate girlie, a patterned blazer is a versatile layering option, perfect for transitioning between warmer and cooler days.

So, consider adding this fashion-forward piece to your collection. Dress it up or dress it down—this adaptable garment is ready for anything. Let me showcase some creative ways I incorporate it into my wardrobe.

Patterned Blazer With Sweater Dress

30 Dresses In 30 Days Fall/Winter 2017: Holiday Shopping | MEMORANDUM

One of the most appealing fashion trends of recent times is the combination of a classic blazer with the cosy comfort of a sweater dress. The blazer adds a touch of structure and formality to the relaxed and casual vibe of the sweater dress, creating an interesting visual contrast.

When you add a belt to cinch the waist, it not only makes the outfit look sleek and polished but also accentuates your curves and creates a flattering silhouette. The result is truly stunning. The combination of textures and colours in the outfit creates a beautiful and harmonious look. The sleek and sophisticated blazer combined with the soft and cosy sweater dress creates a perfect balance between comfort and style. The cinched waist adds a touch of femininity, and the overall outfit exudes confidence and elegance. I adore this look and would recommend it to anyone who wants to look stylish while staying comfortable and cosy.

Patterned Blazer With Jeans

How To Wear Fall's Floral Blazer Right Now Economy Of Style, 54% OFF

You can transform your blazer from boardroom to brunch with a dash of casual vibe.  Embrace the laid-back charm of light-wash jeans. They perfectly complement the structured silhouette of a patterned blazer.

Swap the formal crisp blouse for a relaxed basic tee, either a cotton-soft canvas for playful prints or simple stripes. You can slip on a crisp baseball hat. But the hat’s just a suggestion—if it feels like a step too far, leave it behind and let your hair loose.

Now for a finishing touch: footwear. Sneakers, my friend, are your new best friends. Trade in the stilettos for a pair of comfy kicks. Whether you choose classic canvas low-tops or sleek leather trainers, they’ll add some youthful energy to your look.

Patterned Blazer With A Mock Neck Sweater

Adoro Merino Mock-Neck Sweater | Banana Republic

This dynamic duo creates a look that’s both effortlessly chic and undeniably polished without sacrificing comfort.

It peeks out from beneath your blazer’s collar, adding a touch of intrigue and visual interest without overwhelming your silhouette. This creates a streamlined yet subtly textured effect, perfect for layering.

Opt for a chunky knit sweater for a touch of rustic charm or a fine-gauge knit for a more polished feel. Pair this winning combination with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans that elongate your legs and create a balanced, proportional look.

Elevate the outfit further with sleek-heeled boots that emphasise your confidence. This versatile pairing works wonders with a variety of styles. Opt for an oversized blazer for a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe, or try dark-wash skinny jeans and ankle boots with a chunky heel for an edgy, urban aesthetic.

It’s a stylish, comfortable, and endlessly adaptable look that will take you from day to night with effortless ease.

Patterned Blazer With A Tee Shirt Underneath

band t shirt with blazer Hot Sale - OFF 58%

Are you looking to turn your patterned blazer into a laid-back statement piece? It’s easier than you think, and the secret weapon is a casual T-shirt. But don’t stop at plain–this is where your inner fashionista gets to shine.

Opt for a subtle, understated blazer that looks a bit sophisticated. Under it, add a vibrant striped tee with playful lines to add a burst of personality. You can also experiment with bold stripes, playful florals, or even geometric patterns–the key is to find a balance that complements the blazer’s subtle elegance. Then pair this look with some short boots or heels.

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