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Kizz Daniel Is Set To Drop Two New Singles, “Double” And “Baby Sha”



Kizz Daniel Is Set To Drop 'Double' & 'Baby Sha' |

Afrobeat star Kizz Daniel is on a roll in 2024 and shows no signs of slowing down. Hot on the heels of his well-received EP “Thankz Alot,” Kizz Daniel just announced the release of two brand new singles, “Double” and “Baby Sha,” dropping on May 30th.


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This news comes after a string of successes for the singer. He kicked off the year with a bang, releasing a remix of his hit song “Twe Twe” featuring superstar Davido. That was followed by another win with the release of a 4-track EP packed with potential hits like “Showa,” “Too Busy To Be Bae,” and “Sonner.”

Kizz Daniel further cemented his international appeal with a completely sold-out show at the prestigious OVO Wembley Arena in the UK, proving his ability to draw crowds across the globe.

Adding to the excitement, Kizz Daniel’s wife has been frequently appearing in his social media teasers for “Baby Sha.” This subtle hint has fans speculating about the possible theme of the new single.

One thing’s for sure: with Kizz Daniel’s signature sound—a blend of infectious pop melodies, unique African influences, and relatable lyrics—fans can expect another dose of his undeniable musical talent with the release of “Double” and “Baby Sha.”


Simi Unveils Tracklist For Upcoming Album “Lost And Found”



Lost And Found: Simi unveils tracklist for upcoming album |

Award-winning singer Simi has finally revealed the exciting details surrounding her upcoming album, titled “Lost and Found.” Simi took to her social media platforms to unveil the highly anticipated tracklist. This sparked a wave of excitement amongst her fans. She playfully engaged her audience, asking them to comment on which song they’re most eagerly awaiting.

The album boasts a total of 14 tracks. Simi isn’t afraid to collaborate with a variety of talented artists, and “Lost and Found” reflects this. Fans can expect features from some of Nigeria’s biggest names, including Asa, Lojay, Ebenezer Obey, and rappers Ladipoe and Falz.

To round out this impressive roster, Tiwa Savage makes an appearance, reuniting with Simi after their hit collaboration “Men Are Crazy.” The song is already a fan favourite and is available to stream on various platforms.

“Borrow Me Your Baby,” another pre-released single featuring Falz, has also been generating buzz online. The release of the tracklist only intensifies the anticipation for “Lost and Found.” The song hints at a potential blend of Simi’s signature sound with the unique styles of her collaborators.

Whether it’s the soulful harmonies with Asa, the smooth rap verses from Ladipoe, or the playful energy brought by Falz, “Lost and Found” promises to be a well-rounded album catering to a wide range of musical preferences. With established hits already out and a star-studded list of collaborators, Simi’s upcoming release is poised to be a major success.

Fans can get ready to experience “Lost and Found” on Friday, July 5th, 2024.

In an earlier Instagram post, Simi offered a glimpse into the heart of the album. She described “Lost and Found” as a journey of rediscovering her creative spark. The album, according to Simi, is all about reconnecting with her passion for “music, melody, and love stories.” This introspective approach hints at a potentially raw and personal listening experience.

Simi, however, doesn’t want her fans to get too caught up in the backstory. While the creative process might have been significant for her, she encourages listeners to simply enjoy the music itself. She urges them to “enjoy the album without putting too much attention on the circumstances that brought it to them.”

Instead, she hopes that listeners will connect with the emotions she poured into the music. She wants them to “feel all she felt while recording the songs in this masterpiece.”

This heartfelt message suggests that “Lost and Found” is more than just an album; it’s a culmination of creative exploration and raw emotion, waiting to be experienced by the world.

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Simi Announces 5th Studio Album ‘Lost and Found’



Lost and Found: Simi announces 5th studio album |

Simi has finally dropped the release date for her highly anticipated album, “Lost and Found.” The announcement, accompanied by a stunning album cover, sent waves of excitement through her fan base.

The cover art itself is a visual metaphor for the album’s theme. We see Simi, dressed in a flowing nude dress, sitting at a beach. She opens a treasure chest that radiates a warm, golden light. This imagery perfectly captures the essence of “Lost and Found.” It’s a journey of rediscovering lost parts of oneself and reclaiming one’s creative spark.

The release date for “Lost and Found” is Friday, July 5th, 2024.

In a heartfelt message to her fans, Simi revealed that the creation of “Lost and Found” was much more than just recording a collection of songs. It was a deeply personal exploration, a process of reconnecting with the very core of her artistry. She described it as a way of finding pieces of herself that she feared were gone forever.


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Thematically, “Lost and Found” promises a return to Simi’s roots. Fans can expect an album that celebrates her love for music, the power of beautiful melodies, and the timeless art of weaving stories about love.

The specifics of the “circumstances” that led to the album’s creation remain undisclosed. But Simi encourages her fans to simply focus on the music itself. Her greatest desire is for listeners to experience the full spectrum of emotions she poured into each song—a raw honesty and vulnerability that promise to make “Lost and Found” a truly exceptional work.

This upcoming release marks a significant moment in Simi’s career. “Lost and Found” hints at a return to form, a rekindling of the creative fire that first made her a beloved artist. It’s an album not just for Simi’s fans but for anyone who has ever felt lost or disconnected from their passions.

Details like the official tracklist and any featured artists remain under wraps. But Simi’s dedicated fanbase is buzzing with anticipation. After all, Simi released the unforgettable “Duduke” and has a proven track record of churning out hit songs.

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Victony Features Asake, Shallipopi, Saint Jhn On His Debut Album ‘Stubborn’



Stubborn album: Victony features Asake and others |

Nigerian music sensation Victony has been rising since his debut EP “OutLaw” propelled him into the mainstream. Now, he’s set to solidify his place among Afrobeat royalty with the release of his highly anticipated first full album, “Stubborn,” dropping on June 21st, 2024.

Fans have already been treated to a taste of the album with the release of the single “Everything” and the title track, “Stubborn.” The title track features fellow Nigerian powerhouse Asake. “Stubborn” boasts 14 tracks and offers a diverse soundscape.

Collaborations with Nigerian street hop star Shallipopi, American rapper Teezo Touchdown, and singers Shorae Moore and Saint Jhn add further flavour to the album. It creates a truly international listening experience.

This debut album follows the phenomenal success of Victony’s global hit “Soweto with producer Tempoe. The song’s catchy melody and powerful message resonated with audiences worldwide. “Stubborn” promises to be an extension of this creative fire. Victony blends his signature artistic style with music that reflects his journey to success. The album delves into the challenges Victony overcame to reach this point in his career.

Victony has always been one to push boundaries, as his 2023 track “Ohema” had shown. This ambitious song featured over 10 artists. This includes some of the hottest names in Afrobeats, like Crayon, Bella Shmurda, and Rema. His willingness to experiment and collaborate positions Victony as a true innovator in the genre.

With “Stubborn,” Victony is poised to solidify his place as one of the most talented artists in the new generation of Afrobeats stars. Also, he would redefine the sound and direction of the genre itself. Indeed, this album is sure to be a major milestone in his already impressive career, leaving an undeniable mark on the Afrobeats landscape.

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