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Surprises, Snubs, And Shades In The 2024 AMCVA Nominations List



AMCVA: Surprises, Snubs, From 2024 Nominations List |

On Sunday, March 24th, 2024, Africa Magic unveiled the nominees for the highly anticipated 10th annual Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

This year’s ceremony marks a significant shift, with the awards for Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress being decided by a specialised jury instead of public voting. This change follows criticism of the previous voting method. This move opens the door for films like “Mami Wata” and “Over the Bridge” to have a strong shot at winning Best Movie.

The announcement of the nominees was met with a mix of reactions, including surprise picks, films and performances that were unexpectedly overlooked, and some moments that could be interpreted as subtle digs. Notably, some of the snubs might be due to the films or performances not being submitted for jury consideration.

Regardless, let’s delve into the most notable snubs, surprises, and “shades” that emerged from the 2024 AMVCA nominations.

One of the biggest surprises of the night was “Over the Bridge” leading the pack with a whopping 12 nominations. This film, directed by Tolu Ajayi and starring Ozzy Agu, Deyemi Okanlawon, and Joke Silva, hasn’t even premiered in Nigerian cinemas yet.

While it was screened in the UK last October, its lack of domestic release made its dominance in the nominations all the more unexpected.

Many were surprised to see “Áfàméfùnà” missing from the Best Movie category. The film was one of the biggest releases of last year, pulling in a staggering ₦60 million at the Nigerian box office.

This snub is especially puzzling considering the movie did receive nominations in other important categories, including Best Supporting Actor for Alexx Ekubo, Best Lead Actor for Stan Nze, Best Writing (Movie) for Anyanwu Sandra Adaora, and Best Director for Kayode Kasum.

“Áfàméfùnà” clearly impressed the jury in some aspects, but it wasn’t enough to secure a spot in the most prestigious category.

Another surprising omission from the nominations was Chimezie Imo for his role in “Breath of Life.” The film itself secured ten nominations, including nods for several other leading cast members: Genoveva Umeh, Wale Ojo, and Demola Adedoyin.

Wale Ojo even managed to snag a nomination for Best Lead Actor, which came as a shock to many since Imo arguably played an equally central role in the movie.

Demola Adedoyin rounded out the nominations for “Breath of Life” with a spot in the Best Supporting Actor category. It appears Chimezie Imo’s performance simply didn’t resonate with the jury this time around.

The omission of “Áfàméfùnà” from the Best Movie category was already a surprise, but its complete absence from the Best Indigenous Language Film (West Africa) category left many scratching their heads.

This wasn’t just an unexpected snub; it felt like a deliberate oversight for a film that had been critically acclaimed and arguably surpassed some of the nominees in that specific category.

“Over the Bridge” dominated the AMVCA nominations with a surprising 12 nods, including nearly all the acting categories. The one glaring omission? Best lead actor.

This absence has sparked debate, as many believe the jury wasn’t sold on Ozzy Agu’s performance in the film. Agu’s fans have a history of criticising the Nigerian media for overlooking him, particularly when it comes to “best dressed” lists and “heartthrob” accolades.

It seems this perception of being snubbed extends to the AMVCA as well, and fans believe the industry still hasn’t recognised Agu’s talent.


5 Movies That Defined Jnr Pope’s Acting Career



Junior Pope: 5 Movies That Defined His Acting Career |

Here are five notable movies in which Junior Pope Odonwodo showcased his exceptional acting skills:

This suspenseful thriller stars Junior Pope as a young man who gets involved with a dangerous secret society. He believes that the best way to solidify his friendship with another character (played by Jude Thomas Dawam) is to forcefully induct him into this group.

Junior Pope: 5 Movies That Defined His Acting Career |

Nnaemeka Nani Boi Eze directed the movie. Lorenzo Menakaya and Nnamdi Alexander Mezue are featured in the movie.

Check out “Blood Affair” for a passionate and dramatic story. The movie explores themes of self-doubt and unhealthy relationships. Junior Pope stars as Gozie, a man entangled in a toxic marriage.

Junior Pope: 5 Movies That Defined His Acting Career |

Ken Steve Anuka directed the movie and featured Emeka Enyiocha, Calista Okoronkwo, and Rita Edochie.

In “Honey Money,” Junior Pope takes on the role of Tobiloba, a young man from a simple background in his late 20s. Tobiloba starts living a lavish lifestyle that confuses his parents.

Junior Pope: 5 Movies That Defined His Acting Career |

They have no idea he’s secretly involved with a dangerous gang. The movie is a fun watch with a surprising twist. It also stars Nancy Isime, Timini Egbuson, Iyabo Ojo, and Lina Idoko. Ekene Mekunye is the director of this movie.

“No Way Through” is a crime thriller about Jolade Okeniyi, a struggling single mom who gets tangled with a local drug cartel. She drives for them to make ends meet, but her life takes a dangerous turn when she gets caught by the authorities. Now she’s forced to become an informant, putting herself and her teenage daughter at risk.

Chinaza Onuzo directed the movie and stars a talented cast. The cast includes Funke Akindele as Jolade, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Junior Pope Odonwodo, and Chidi Mokeme.

“Adissa” is a movie about an unexpected hero named Adissa. The story follows her on a perilous journey to a mysterious place, carrying the fate of the King on her shoulders.

Cas Chidiebere and Erico Isika Goodnews directed this movie and stars Okey Amakor, Junior Pope Odonwodo, Frances Nsonwu Ikoroha, Eve Esin, and Theodorah Eze.

Get more updates here.

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See Trailer For “Dilli Dark”, An Indian-Nigerian Comedy



"Dilli Dark": See Trailer For An Indian-Nigerian Comedy |

There’s a new comedy movie coming out called “Dilli Dark.” Dibakar Das Roy directed this funny movie. It’s an Indian-Nigerian comedy that tells the story of Michael Okeke, a Nigerian student living in Delhi.

Michael wants to get his MBA and stay in India, but life there isn’t easy for outsiders, especially since he’s black. The trailer shows that Michael has a strange side job too. The movie seems to make fun of the racism that Michael faces in India.

The actor playing Michael, Samuel Abiola Robinson, was really happy about the movie being announced last year in October.

I am back!!! And happy to be Announcing my Next film DILLI DARK; A film about racial discrimination and what life is like for people with darker skin in Delhi and India as a whole,” he said.

Abiola mentioned in a post that this is the first time he’s had such a big role in a movie.

The movie also stars Shantanu Anam as Debu and Geetika Vidya Ohlyan as Maa.

At the 2023 Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) Festival, Filmy interviewed director Dibakar Das Roy about how he cast Samuel Abiola Robinson in the lead role.

He replied, saying,

“We wanted someone who could look like a very regular chap. Rather than a hero. So at the same time, I saw an article that Samuel had moved to Delhi, and I reached out to him, and we connected.”

The “Dilli Dark” trailer looks like a funny movie that will also make you think. It deals with racism and what it’s like to move to a new country. If you like comedies that make you ponder as well as laugh, then keep an eye out for “Dilli Dark.” But remember, this is just a trailer, so the movie itself might be different.

Watch the trailer below:


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A post shared by Dibakar Das Roy (@dibakardasroy)

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Wale Ojo Played Wole Soyinka In Film Adaptation Of “The Man Died”



"The Man Died": Wale Ojo Played Wole Soyinka |

Veteran Nollywood actor Wale Ojo is set to star as the iconic Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka in a new film adaptation of Soyinka’s famous memoir, “The Man Died.”

The book tells the story of Soyinka’s experiences as a political prisoner during the Nigerian Civil War in the late 1960s. It’s a powerful account of his thoughts and struggles while being held by the government.

“The Man Died” was published in 1972, two years after the war ended. Soyinka later became the first Sub-Saharan African to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986, a historic achievement.

Interestingly, in July 2023, on Soyinka’s 89th birthday, Wale Ojo himself paid tribute to the literary giant, calling him “a rare icon.” Now, Ojo will have the chance to bring Soyinka’s story to life on the big screen.

“Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka is 89 years old today. Love him OR hate him HE has earned his place amongst the G. O. A. T. of this universe!” the 55-year-old posted on Instagram.


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A post shared by wale ojo (@realwaleojo)

Joining Wale Ojo in the cast of “The Man Died” is a lineup of Nollywood stars. Familiar faces like Chidi Mokeme, Sam Dede, and Norbert Young will share the screen. Rising talents like Simileoluwa Hassan and Christiana Oshunniyi will join too. The film also introduces newcomer Abraham Amkpa.

Femi Odugbemi is the producer, Bode Asiyanbi is the writer, and Awam Amkpa directs. The film is set to hit theatres in July 2024, a special date chosen to celebrate Wole Soyinka’s 90th birthday.

This isn’t the first time Soyinka’s work has been adapted for the screen. In 2022, his play “Death and the King’s Horseman” was transformed into the Netflix movie “Elesin Oba, The King’s Horseman.”

Soyinka, a celebrated author and the first-ever Nobel laureate from Sub-Saharan Africa has a rich literary legacy. “The Man Died” joins a collection of powerful works. It includes “The Lion and the Jewel,” “The Trials of Brother Jero,” “Aké: The Years of Childhood,” and “You Must Set Forth at Dawn.”

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