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Mercy Chinwo To Host Free Concert In Lagos for Easter Celebration



Mercy Chinwo To Host Easter Concert In Lagos |

Get ready, Lagos! Gospel singer Mercy Chinwo is throwing a big concert to celebrate Easter. It’s her first-ever live show in the city, and she’s calling it “Overwhelming Joy.” The best part? It’s free and open to everyone! Mark your calendars for March 29th, 2024. The party kicks off at Eko Hotels and Suites. Expect an evening filled with uplifting music as Mercy Chinwo shares her talent and celebrates the Easter season with her fans.

Her record label, Grace and Truth Nation (GNT) made the announcements. But that’s not all! The Easter concert will be extra special because Mercy Chinwo will also be unveiling her brand new album, “Overwhelming Victory,” at the same time. This 12-track album is even more personal for Mercy because she recorded it while she was pregnant! It’s sure to be a night filled with amazing music and a special celebration for Mercy and her fans.

Mercy Chinwo explained the inspiration behind her new album, “Overwhelming Victory.” She says a Bible verse, Romans 8:37, is a guiding light for the album’s theme. Mercy Chinwo believes the album title reflects the spiritual victories Christians can achieve through faith in Jesus’ love. The songs on “Overwhelming Victory,” including “Father Eh” and “My Lover,” explore different aspects of this victory.

Mercy Chinwo is thrilled about her new album! She says it’s a whole new adventure for her music career, with an international focus and tons of creative effort behind it. Most importantly, she wants to use this album to share her faith and inspire people through her music.

Get ready for an amazing concert! The “Overwhelming Joy” concert is going to be a powerful and uplifting experience. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Easter with joyful music and Mercy Chinwo’s soulful performances.

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Children’s Day 2024: 7 Songs That Celebrate Parenthood



Children's Day 2024: songs celebrating joy of parenthood |

It’s Children’s Day 2024! Every year on May 27th, we celebrate children all over the world. Many cultures and religions see children as precious gifts. They deserve to be loved, protected, and celebrated for their happiness and wonder.

Music is a great way to honour children, and many songs capture the magic of childhood. These songs express the joy parents and society feel watching young ones grow and thrive.

To celebrate Children’s Day 2024, here are 7 songs that perfectly embody the spirit of this special day!

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7 Nigerian Animations Perfect For Children’s Day



7 Nigerian Animations Perfect For Children’s Day |

Happy Children’s Day! Today, May 27th, we celebrate Children’s Day with children all over the world! It’s a special day to recognise their innocence, joy, and the important role they play in shaping our future. Why not celebrate this year’s Children’s Day with fantastic Nigerian animations?

We want to honour their rights and well-being, and what better way to do that than by igniting their imaginations? We’ve got a list of 7 cartoons that cater to a variety of interests.

So, whether your child is a history buff or a dreamer of future worlds, there’s a captivating story waiting to be discovered. Let’s take them on exciting adventures and introduce them to inspiring heroes, all through the magic of animation.

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Tems To Perform Her New Single On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”



Tems "The Tonight Show"

Nigerian superstar Tems is returning to the stage on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on May 20th, 2024. This will be her second appearance on the show. In 2021, she joined Wizkid to perform their massive hit “Essence,” which has won multiple awards.

Tems is using this appearance to promote her highly anticipated debut album, “Born In The Wild.” The album is set to drop on June 7th, 2024. So, to build excitement, she’s already released several singles. They include “Me & U,” “Not An Angel,” and her most recent, “Love Me Jeje.” “Love Me Jeje” samples a classic song by Seyi Sodimu & Shaffy Bello.


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Tems’ rise to fame has been meteoric. Since her breakout collaboration with Wizkid on “Essence” in 2020, she’s become one of Africa’s biggest music stars. Her talent has landed her collaborations with global artists like Beyoncé, Drake, and Future. The latter’s “Wait For U” earned her a Grammy Award for Best Melodic Rap Performance.

On top of all that, Tems just received nominations for Best Video Director and Best Gospel/Inspirational Song for “Me & U” at the 2024 BET Awards.

This talented singer, songwriter, and now director is definitely one to watch! Don’t miss Tems performance on “The Tonight Show.” Also, keep an eye out for her debut album coming next month.

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