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How to Use AI to Make Money Online In 2024



How to Use AI to Make Money Online In 2024 |

It should come as no surprise that AI tools are revolutionising how we work. Automating tedious, time-consuming, and even daunting tasks can transform these tools into quick, effortless, and streamlined processes. Naturally, you might be curious to explore how to harness this technology to boost your income. Well, wonder no more! Here are five exciting ways to leverage the power of AI and unlock new financial opportunities.

1. UGC Creation with AI-Edited Videos

Do you have a passion for performing and sharing your personality with the world? If so, then consider becoming a User Generated Content (UGC) creator! These individuals craft engaging pictures and videos used by brands in their advertising campaigns. This exciting path allows you to express your creativity, connect with a wider audience, and even earn income through collaboration with brands you admire.

Even without expertise in marketing or video creation, you can tap into the lucrative world of user-generated content (UGC). Tools like Jasper, an AI writing assistant, can help you craft captivating headlines, scripts, and hooks for your videos. Once filmed, AI video editing tools like Klap can polish your footage into polished gems.

Landing clients is equally possible. AI platforms like ChatGPT and Brands Meet Creators offer AI pitch writers to craft winning proposals. With a strong client base, the earning potential is promising. ZipRecruiter reports an average annual income of $116,615 for UGC creators, making it a financially rewarding pursuit.

2. Photo Editing Services

The 6 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android in 2024The 6 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

Do you have a keen eye for detail and a knack for transforming photos? If you’d rather work your magic behind the camera, consider offering photo editing services! With the help of powerful tools like, you can enhance images, bring out their hidden potential, and leave clients awestruck.

Collaborate with local photographers, social media influencers, or other creative professionals to add your polishing touch to their projects. The exciting part? Freelance photo editors can set their own rates, with research suggesting an earning range of $15 to $150 per hour. So, unleash your inner photo editing wizard and turn your passion into a thriving business.

3. Offer Personalised Marketing With AI

Forget generic ads and bland messages! Imagine marketing that feels like a personal conversation tailored just for you. That’s the magic of AI in marketing. It goes beyond creating content; it dives deep to truly understand your customers. Think of it like having a secret decoder ring that unlocks individual preferences and desires. With AI, you can craft targeted campaigns that hit the bullseye every single time. It’s like having a psychic marketing team predict what your customers want before they even know it themselves. From recommending the perfect product to showing the most relevant ad, AI personalises the experience, leading to customers who are more engaged and more likely to buy.

4. Offer Podcast Editing Services

How to Edit Your Podcast | B&H eXplora

In 2006, podcasting was a niche hobby for a mere 22% of American adults. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation. A staggering 79% of adults are now aware of podcasting, and a dedicated 38% have incorporated it into their routines, tuning in consistently for their fix of audio entertainment and information. This phenomenal growth has fueled an explosion in the industry, with an estimated 3 million active podcasts currently captivating audiences worldwide.

From the thrill of bouncing ideas in the recording booth to the infectious laughter that fills the airwaves, there’s no denying the electrifying energy that comes with hosting a podcast. But, when the mics shut off and the recording stops, that energy takes a nosedive faster than a rogue squirrel down a bird feeder.

So are you craving the creative freedom of shaping compelling audio stories? Do you have a keen ear for detail and a knack for transforming recordings into polished gems? Then podcast editing might be your calling.

Current podcast editors are commanding top dollar for their expertise, and by honing your skills, you can join them.

But how do you stand out?

The key lies in understanding the value you bring and charging rates that reflect your worth. Remember, you’re not just editing audio; you’re crafting an immersive experience for listeners.

To maximise your efficiency and elevate your service, embrace cutting-edge AI tools. Platforms like Descript and Adobe Podcast offer a treasure trove of features to enhance audio quality, automate repetitive tasks, and refine edits with laser precision.

By leveraging these technological allies, you’ll free up time to focus on the creative magic that sets your work apart.

5. Offer Virtual Assistance Services

Are you tired of tedious tasks bogging you down? Imagine artificial intelligence (AI) by your side, handling the administrative grind like a loyal digital assistant. Scheduling appointments? Done. Managing data? A breeze. Taming your overflowing email inbox? No problem. With AI taking care of these mundane chores, you’ll be free to soar to greater heights.

Offering virtual assistance services with AI is a rapidly growing field, and it’s exciting to explore. There are many tools to help you execute the services efficiently. One of them is chatbots. These are automated conversation systems that answer questions, handle basic tasks and route complex inquiries to human assistants. They’re great for customer service, FAQs, and appointment scheduling. Voice assistants like Alexa or Siri use voice commands to perform tasks, like setting alarms, playing music, or controlling smart home devices. AI-powered assistants can manage calendars, emails, research, and more.

AI can automate repetitive tasks and handle queries and tasks anytime, regardless of location. It can tailor responses and recommendations based on user preferences and analyse vast amounts of data to provide accurate and relevant information.

To offer virtual assistance services, choose a specific industry or client type, develop your AI solution, partner with existing platforms, or use pre-built solutions. Ensure your AI solution has robust data security and privacy measures in place. and develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

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How To Manage Potential Shipping Risks



How To Manage Potential Shipping Risks |

The world of international trade relies heavily on efficient and safe shipping. However, this process isn’t without its risks. From unpredictable weather to damaged cargo, unforeseen events can disrupt deliveries and cost businesses money. Here are some key tips to help you manage shipping risks and ensure your goods reach their destination smoothly:

Pre-shipment Planning

  • Choose the Right Partner: Selecting a reputable and reliable shipping company is crucial. Look for companies with experience in your specific cargo type and familiarity with your destination. Research their track record, safety standards, and insurance offerings.
  • Pack Securely: Proper packaging is essential to protect your cargo from damage during transport. Use high-quality packing materials that can withstand potential rough handling and varying weather conditions. Consider using dunnage (protective materials like packing peanuts or bubble wrap) to fill empty spaces and prevent items from shifting during transit.
  • Accurate Documentation: Ensure all documentation is complete and accurate. This includes commercial invoices, bills of lading (a legal document outlining the contract of carriage), packing lists, and any necessary certificates (e.g., fumigation certificates for certain goods). Errors in documentation can lead to delays or even the seizure of your shipment at customs.
  • Insurance: Shipping insurance provides financial protection against loss or damage to your cargo during transport. Consider the value of your goods and the potential shipping risks involved when choosing an insurance policy.

Risk Mitigation During Transit

  • Track Your Shipment: Most shipping companies offer real-time tracking tools. Monitor your shipment’s progress to identify any potential delays or issues early on.
  • Communicate Effectively: Maintain clear communication with your shipping partner, the consignee (the recipient of the goods), and any third-party logistics providers involved. Timely updates and clear communication can help address problems quickly and minimise disruptions.
  • Contingency Plans: Be prepared for unexpected events. Develop contingency plans to address potential issues like bad weather, port congestion, or political unrest that might delay your shipment. Consider alternative shipping routes or modes of transport if necessary.

Post-Shipment Considerations

  • Customs Clearance: The arrival of your goods at the destination port requires clearing customs. Familiarise yourself with the import regulations of the destination country to avoid delays. You may need to work with a customs broker to navigate the clearance process.
  • Cargo Inspection: Be prepared for the possibility of your cargo being inspected by customs officials at the destination port. Ensure all documentation is readily available to facilitate a smooth inspection process.
  • Damage Claims: If your cargo arrives damaged, promptly file a claim with your shipping insurance provider. Document the damage thoroughly with photos, and keep copies of all relevant documents for the insurance claim process.

Additional Tips

  • Diversify Your Routes: Don’t rely on a single shipping route. Consider diversifying your routes to minimise the impact of disruptions in specific regions.
  • Technology Integration: Utilise technology to streamline your shipping processes. Many shipping companies offer online booking, tracking, and document management tools.
  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on current events and potential disruptions that could affect shipping, such as changes in import regulations, weather forecasts, or political instability in certain regions.

By following these tips and proactively managing risks, you can ensure a smoother and more secure shipping experience for your business. Remember, effective risk management is an ongoing process that requires continuous evaluation and adaptation based on changing circumstances.

Get more business tips here.

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Women Leading Nigerian Banks Climbs An All Time High



Women Leading Nigerian Banks Climbs An All Time High |

Adaora Umeoji will be taking on the leadership helm at Zenith Bank, a major Nigerian bank. She’ll officially start as the group’s managing director and CEO on June 1, 2024. This is exciting news, as Umeoji joins a growing group of powerful women leading Nigerian banks. There are already seven other female CEOs running major banks in the country.

Adaora Umeoji takes over from Ebenezer Onyeagwu, who’s been the CEO for the past five years. His term ends on May 31st. This isn’t the only recent change at the top of Nigerian banks with female leaders. Just a few months ago, Yetunde Oni became the new managing director of Union Bank of Nigeria. In February, Bolaji Agbede stepped up as the acting group CEO of Access Holdings after the passing of Herbert Wigwe.

A report by Agusto Consulting just revealed that women are making big strides on company boards. In 2022, the number of female board members reached an all-time high. This isn’t a one-time jump, either. Over the past five years, the number of women on boards has steadily increased. In 2018, only 18% of board seats were held by women. But by 2022, that number had risen to an impressive 25%.

While Nigeria is making progress, there’s still room to grow. Countries like South Africa (at 36%), the United Kingdom (at 41%), and the United States (at 35%) all have a higher percentage of women in board positions. This shows there’s an opportunity for Nigeria to continue its upward trend and reach an even greater gender balance.

Profiles of Women Leading MDs and CEOs of Some Other Major Nigerian Banks.

Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, Fidelity Bank

Onyeali-Ikpe, one of the powerful women leading Nigerian banks, is the current managing director/CEO of Fidelity Bank. She holds degrees from the University of Nigeria and Kings College, London, and has attended executive training programs at several institutions. Onyeali-Ikpe was previously the executive director for Lagos and the South West region of the bank. She is also an honorary senior member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria.

Tomi Somefun, Unity Bank

Tomi Somefun is the current MD/CEO of Unity Bank. She graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with a Bachelor of Education in English Language. She holds an honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration from Redeemer’s University. Before she was appointed the managing director/CEO of Unity Bank in August 2015, she served as the executive director overseeing the Lagos and South-West Business directorates, the financial institution division, and the treasury department of the bank. She is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria.

Miriam Olusanya, Guaranty Trust Bank Limited

Miriam Olusanya is the managing director of a bank in Nigeria. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Before becoming the bank’s MD, she served as the group treasurer and head of the wholesale banking division. She is also a non-executive director of the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System and the Shared Agent Network Expansion Facilities. Additionally, she is a member of the Financial Markets Sub-Committee of the Bankers’ Committee.

Ireti Samuel-Ogbu, Citi Bank

Ireti Samuel-Ogbu is the CEO and country officer for Nigeria and Ghana at Citi Bank. She holds a BA Hons degree in Accounting and Finance from Middlesex University, UK, and an MBA from the University of Bradford, UK. Before she was appointed CEO, she served as the managing director of Europe, Middle East, and Africa payments and receivables head, treasury, and trade solutions under Citi’s Institutional Clients Group, based in London, UK. Ireti Samuel-Ogbu also co-founded two impactful mentorship initiatives within Citi. These include the Sapphire Leadership Program for the Middle East and Africa, and the Momentum Program in the UK.

Yemisi Edun, FCMB

Yemisi Edun has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Ife and a master’s degree in international accounting and finance from the University of Liverpool, UK. She is also a member of several professional organizations, including the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers and the Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. Edun began her career with Akintola Williams Deloitte in 1987 and joined FCMB in 2000 as divisional head of internal audit and control. She was appointed managing director of the bank on May 1, 2021.

Bolaji Agbede, Access Holdings

Bolaji Agbede was the most senior founding executive director at the company before being appointed as acting group CEO. She had previously worked at Guaranty Trust Bank and JKG Limited before joining Access Bank in 2003 as an assistant general manager. She has been the head of human resources for the Access Bank Group since 2010. Agbede holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Lagos and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Cranfield University, UK.

Yetunde Oni, managing director/CEO of Union Bank of Nigeria

Banking powerhouse Yetunde Oni brings 25 years of experience to Union Bank. She excels at leading teams, and crafting client solutions, and she boasts a strong academic background (Economics degree, MBA, Oxford executive training).

Yetunde Oni began her career at Prime Merchant Bank’s Treasury & Money Markets Group. She then spent 11 years at Ecobank Nigeria as a Relationship Manager. In 2005, she joined Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria, rising to Managing Director & Country Head of Commercial Banking for West Africa. Before joining Union Bank, Yetunde Oni made history as the first female Managing Director and CEO at Standard Chartered Bank in Sierra Leone.

Bukola Smith, FSDH Merchant Bank

Bukola Smith has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Lagos and an MBA from Manchester Business School. She has extensive experience in banking, including customer service, treasury, investment, project finance, audits, and sales. She has held various positions at Fidelity Bank and First City Monument Bank Limited, including divisional head of Treasury and institutional banking, group head of Treasury and Financial Institutions, divisional head of Investment Banking and Financial Markets, director of project and Structured Finance, and divisional head of Group Internal Audit.

Halima Buba, Suntrust Bank

Halima Buba, who is also one of the women leading Nigerian banks, is a seasoned banker with over 22 years of experience. She holds a B.Sc. in business management and an MBA from the University of Maiduguri. She is an honorary fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. Buba is the MD/CEO of Sun Trust Bank Ltd. and sits on the board of several reputable institutions.

Kafilat Araoye, Lotus Bank

Araoye has a degree in History and an M.Sc. in industrial relations & personnel management. She holds Islamic finance certifications. She started her career in 1988 at National Oil and Chemicals Marketing Company Plc and moved to Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in 1990 as the pioneer head of human resources.

This increase in female board members is a positive sign. It suggests that companies in Nigeria are recognizing the value of diversity in leadership. The future looks bright for women in Nigerian boardrooms! With continued progress, we can expect to see even more women shaping the direction of businesses in the future.

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2024 Champion Awards: See The Businesses That Stood Out




2024 Champion Awards: See Businesses That Stood Out |

Over 5,500 Australian small businesses threw their hats in the ring for the prestigious 2024 Small Business Champion Awards. But only a handful—fewer than 45—made it to the final round in the Business Services and Business Consultancy categories.

This year marks a quarter-century of celebrating Australia’s amazing small businesses. There are a whopping 2.5 million of them across the country, making huge contributions to our economy, communities, and culture. The Champion Awards recognize these incredible achievements.

The finalists truly represent the best of the best in the Business services and Business consulting fields. They’ve impressed the judges with their innovative ideas, exceptional customer service, and commitment to making a difference. Now, they’re in the running to be crowned champions.

Open to any small business in Australia, the Awards celebrate the best of the best across all kinds of industries, from shops and restaurants to factories and manufacturers. There are over 100 different categories to compete in, so there’s something for everyone. A panel of experienced small business owners who know what it takes to succeed will be judging the entries.

Steve Loe, who runs the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, says these businesses are vital and need all the support they can get, especially now. He’s impressed by how tough they’ve been, and he can’t wait to celebrate their success.

The winners of the 2024 Australian Small Business Champion Awards will be announced on April 12th and 13th in Sydney. Popular TV personality Jayne Azzopardi will be hosting the event, and famous singers like Dami Im, Harrison Craig, Johnny Manuel, and Stefanie Jones, the star of Australia’s recent Mary Poppins show, will be performing live.

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Supported by big names like Commonwealth Bank, Nine Ad Manager, and NOVA Employment, these awards celebrate the incredible work of small businesses in many different industries.

Twenty-two businesses are finalists in the Business Services category. This includes A.S. Virtual Solutions, Actwell Lighting, and Premier Team Building. They’re all competing to be named the Champion of Business Services. In the Business consulting category, BDC Partners, Blue Sky Career Consulting, and Impact HR are battling it out to be the Champion business consultants.

The awards will pick one winner in each category.

For more information about the 2024 Champion Awards, including a full list of 2024 Finalists, visit here

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