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Cancel Culture: How Nigeria’s Online Marchers Hold Public Figures Accountable On Social Media



Cancel Culture On Social Media |

Accountability or cyberbullying?

Celebrities like Toyin Abraham, Yul Edochie, Zinoleesky, Toke Makinwa, and many others have faced the wrath of cancel culture on social media, receiving criticism from thousands of people.

A few years ago, one could boldly say that cancel culture on social media was almost non-existent in Nigeria. Today, anyone can become a victim of cancel culture by doing something morally or ethically offensive, regardless of whether it was an innocent mistake. The big question is: are the backlashes of Nigerians who engage in cancel culture from a place of calling these figures to accountability, or is it an avenue to bully and project on these figures? Let’s find out.

What is cancel culture all about?

8 Tips To Navigate Cancel Culture So Your Business Survives
Cancel culture is a term used to describe the public criticism and ostracization of individuals for perceived wrongdoings or offensive statements. It involves calling out and boycotting public figures, businesses, or even ordinary individuals who are deemed to have engaged in offensive behaviour or expressed controversial opinions. Public opinions and criticism have always existed, but they have never been as readily accessible and impactful as they are now. Anonymous critics now wield a newfound influence and hold the potential to shape public conversations. Rooted in the struggle for justice by marginalised communities, Cancel Culture has transcended to a different reality, especially in the Nigerian setting.

What Cancel Culture on Social Media Looks Like in Nigeria

Nigerians are passionate about holding others accountable for their actions, and social media, with its democratised access to information, has transformed the way individuals and institutions are held accountable. In Nigeria, the cancel culture on social media is driven primarily by moral, religious, political, tribal, and social factors. For one, Nigeria operates in a polarized political landscape where citizens’ opinions and actions are shaped by their ideology, loyalty, or affinity to their preferred party. This ardent partisanship can easily dribble into a cancel culture where opposing parties shame and “cancel” individuals who do not align with their convictions. Nigeria’s diversity and complex cultural landscape are also another ground for misunderstandings and cultural clashes on social media. A seemingly harmless statement, content, or action can intentionally or unintentionally offend a different ethnic group, prompting an onslaught of criticism and calls for cancellation. As a morally and religiously conscious region, everyone is a moral police waiting to arrest a culprit guilty of any amoral act and rain backlash on such an individual. They are subjected to online harassment and criticism, sometimes leading to career losses and social isolation.

Does Cancel Culture on Social Media Encourage Accountability or Cyberbullying?

Cancel Culture On Social Media |

Social Media Cancel Culture in Nigeria has grown beyond holding individuals accountable for their actions or statements to compel repentance and change. The line between genuine accountability and online trolling has become quite blurry. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have made it easier for cancel culture to spread like wildfire. Grievances can quickly go viral and lead to widespread public backlash. Trivial matters can blow out of proportion, and individuals can be targeted because of personal biases and prejudices with little room for nuance or redemption. 

Cancel culture has morphed into an avenue for personal attacks and relentless harassment. Celebrities and even ordinary citizens can become targets of harsh campaigns based on secluded incidents or misinterpretations. A good case study of cancel culture in Nigeria is Yul Edochie. In April 2022, Yul publicly announced actress Judy Austin as his second wife, even though he had already married May Yul for 16 years. This decision sparked widespread controversy and disapproval, and many fans who supported his first marriage were upset by this decision. He has faced constant criticism and online isolation since the time of the incident. The comedienne, Maraji, who recently took to her social media page to share her stance on indecent dressing, received heavy backlash for such opinions and was termed a ‘pick-me’. Toyin Abraham was also lashed on social media for her political affiliation and choice of candidate. These are just a few of the many recipients of cancel culture. 

It is safe to say that the cancel culture trend encourages more cyberbullying than accountability. It is one thing to call people out on their wrongs, and it is another thing to constantly drag an individual to a point where such a person discards the thought of what is right or wrong because, after all, the world ‘dislikes me’. The consequences of cancel culture are quite severe and damaging to business, reputation, and mental health. It’s time to rethink the way cancel culture is approached on social media and find better ways to hold people accountable without resorting to online harassment.

Cancel Culture On Social Media |

What is more important? Accountability or a comfortable environment online?

In the quest for accountability, a more balanced approach is needed. While its potential for social good and accountability cannot be dismissed, there’s no denying the harmful consequences it can have on the online space. 

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The mob mentality may not be the best way to call individuals and public figures to order, unless in extreme situations concerning the general public.

Public figures should be held accountable for their actions but in a humane manner. There should be room for learning and amends over permanent condemnation, as it limits opportunities for real change and societal progress. Netizens should be guarded before participating in the cancel culture wave. Fact-checking, verifying claims, and understanding intents will help to avoid adding to the ever-growing cycle of online harassment.

In today’s social media culture, anyone can fall victim to public backlash and humiliation online. It’s a truly terrible experience. That’s why careful consideration should be applied when using social media for causes like these. How we treat those we choose to cancel matters. It’s important to consider this and make sure we are doing our part to create a better society.

What are your thoughts on this?

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5 Typical Behaviours Of People With Low Self Esteem



5 Typical Behaviours Of People With Low Self Esteem |

Many individuals excel at appearing confident about their self-esteem, yet those with low self-esteem might exhibit behaviours that aren’t immediately noticeable because they’re adept at concealing their feelings.

It’s important to recognise that these behaviours aren’t indications of weakness or flaws but rather strategies people use to manage internal struggles.

Here are five subtle signs that someone might be grappling with self-esteem issues, even if they seem outwardly confident.

1. Extreme sensitivity to criticism

Some people struggle with low self-esteem, but they might not show it openly. These individuals often have a very sensitive side, especially when it comes to criticism. Even a tiny bit of feedback can feel like a personal attack because they tend to interpret it as proof of their own insecurities.

Remember that this sensitivity isn’t about being overly emotional or difficult; it stems from a deeper belief about their own inadequacy. Even well-meaning, constructive criticism can be perceived as a personal attack because it reinforces this negative self-image.

2. Negative self-talk

Many people who seem confident might secretly struggle with low self-esteem. This can show up in how they talk to themselves, often with a critical voice that constantly puts them down.

They might dwell on their perceived flaws, replay mistakes in their minds, or even worry about future failures before they even happen. These negative thoughts can be a real burden, but it’s important to remember that they don’t define who someone is.

3. Having trouble taking compliments

Not everyone enjoys compliments, especially those who secretly struggle with low self-esteem. If someone brushes off your praise or downplays their achievements, it might not be because they’re rude or arrogant. It could be a sign that they have trouble believing good things about themselves.

Deep down, they might not feel worthy or confident in their abilities, making it hard to accept compliments that seem to contradict their negative self-image.

Accepting praise requires acknowledging your own value, which can be a difficult step when you’re constantly battling thoughts of inadequacy. Remember, kindness and understanding can go a long way in helping someone overcome these challenges.

4. Constantly worrying about what other people think of them

Some people don’t like to share their thoughts or opinions because they worry about what others might think. They might even live in constant fear of judgement, wondering what everyone else sees in them. This fear can be so strong that it controls how they act, holding them back from doing things they might enjoy.

While everyone worries about being judged sometimes, for people with low self-esteem, this fear can be a constant companion, making it hard to live their lives to the fullest.

Everyone has their own unique experiences and perspectives, and sharing them can be valuable. If you see someone struggling with this, maybe offer them a kind word or encourage them to share their thoughts without judgement. A little support can go a long way!

5. Extremely apologetic

Some people apologise a lot, even for things they haven’t done. This might seem strange, but it can be a sign of hidden low self-esteem. These folks might say sorry for things that aren’t their fault, or even just to avoid making anyone feel bad. This happens because they deeply fear being a burden or letting others down. It’s almost like they feel they have to apologise for existing sometimes.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes, and saying sorry is important when you do something wrong. But it’s also okay not to apologise for everything, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong. And if you notice someone apologising too much, maybe offer them a kind word or remind them that they’re worthy and valuable, just as they are.

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Beyoncé Launches New Cécred Hair Brand




Beyoncé Launches New Cécred Hair Brand |

Amidst the multitude of celebrities entering the beauty industry with their lines of cosmetics and skincare products, Beyoncé’s followers have been eagerly anticipating her debut with Cécred. For years, numerous stars have dabbled in this field, leaving many to wonder when Queen Bey herself would finally make her mark in the beauty aisle with her products.

Nine long months after hinting at something extraordinary on Instagram, Beyoncé’s highly anticipated brand, Cécred, has finally arrived. Back in May 2023, she sent her devoted fans, the BeyHive, abuzz with excitement by announcing the creation of “something special” that she was eager to unveil. And now, the wait is over!

Cécred has been launched and is ready to be explored and enjoyed by all.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by CÉCRED (@cecred)

Arriving on the scene with a bang, the new haircare brand unveils its Foundation Collection, a powerful eight-product lineup dedicated to transforming hair tresses.

From gentle cleansing to deep conditioning, each formula has been promised to work its magic to visibly repair and revitalize hair, leaving it looking and feeling its absolute best.

The iconic singer behind the smash hit “Halo” has always held a deep love for haircare. Her passion blossomed while she was young, diligently sweeping floors in her mother’s bustling salon.

This early exposure to hairstyling undoubtedly sparked an enduring flame, making her involvement in this exciting project a perfect fit. Tina Knowles proudly steps into the role of vice chairwoman for Cécred, armed with four decades of valuable knowledge as a hairstylist, salon owner, and savvy entrepreneur.

Beyoncé Launches New Cécred Hair Brand |

In a stunning cover feature for ESSENCE magazine’s March/April edition, superstar Beyoncé echoed the sentiment of self-discovery, delving deeper into her exciting new business venture.

She highlighted the profound impact her childhood spent in her mother’s salon had on her growth as both an individual and an artist.

This formative experience is beautifully captured in stunning photographs by renowned photographer Andre D. Wagner.

The photo shoot included a particularly touching image featuring her, her mother, Ms. Tina, and her daughters, Blue and Rumi.

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Beyoncé Shares Why She Cut off Her Hair After Becoming A Mom




Beyoncé: Why She Cut off Her Hair After Becoming a Mom |

Music legend Beyoncé, whose influence extends far beyond the stage with initiatives like BeyGOOD and fashion line IVY PARK, is venturing into the world of hair care. Her brand new line, Cécred (a clever combination of her name), launched on February 20th. This exciting addition to her empire comes with a rare interview in Essence Magazine, where the “Renaissance” star shares a glimpse into her personal journey with hair, particularly after motherhood.

In a recent interview, Queen Bey shed light on the powerful emotions behind her dramatic hair transformation in 2013. The iconic singer, known for her cascading tresses, surprised fans by chopping off her hair into a daring pixie cut. This wasn’t just a style change—it was a symbolic shedding of expectations and societal pressures.

According to Beyoncé,

“I remember the day I decided to just cut all my hair off, I didn’t have a particular style in mind. It wasn’t an aesthetic choice, but it was a very big emotional transformation and metamorphosis that I was going through. So much of my identity as a performer has been connected to flowing hair. Cutting my hair off was me rebelling against being this woman that society thinks I’m supposed to be.”

Newly a mother, the singer remembered feeling a powerful urge to break free from societal expectations. She felt motherhood had granted her the freedom to shed those burdens. Beyoncé recalled her friend and hairstylist, Neal Farinah, feeling surprised at her decision, especially since she had long, thick, and healthy hair.

” It was a physical representation of me shedding the expectations put upon me,” she said.

“I just got the scissors and chopped it off. It was very intentional. And it was what I needed to do.”

For Beyoncé, this bold step sparked a newfound bravery and led her to make many other daring decisions in her life and career. This decision has shaped her into the person she is today.

The celebrity revealed glimpses of her childhood spent observing her mother, Tina Knowles, weave magic with hair in her salon. This experience, she shared, instilled in her a deep appreciation for haircare, a tradition proudly carried forward within their family.

“I saw her shampooing and trimming hair, transforming women, leaving them feeling really good,” Beyoncé recalled.

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