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11 Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling Abroad



11 Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling Abroad |

Travelling can be a thrilling and exciting experience, offering the chance to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of common pitfalls that can potentially turn your journey into a challenging ordeal.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter, a first-time traveller setting out on your maiden adventure, or even relocating to a new place, these tips will serve as valuable guidelines to ensure your journey is not only enjoyable but also hassle-free.

1. Avoid Overpacking:

Carrying an excessively heavy suitcase can lead to discomfort and unnecessary expenses. Opt for a compact carry-on bag and select versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched throughout your trip.

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Remember, many needed items may be more budget-friendly at your travel destination, so it’s wise not to overburden yourself from the start.

2. Fight Jet Lag Wisely:

Fight the effects of jet lag by resisting the urge to nap immediately upon arrival at your destination. Instead, stay awake until it’s bedtime in your new time zone and get some sunlight exposure to help your body adjust.

Napping upon arrival can worsen jet lag and hinder your ability to adapt to the new time zone.

3. Understand Your Travel Insurance:

Take the time to thoroughly read and understand the terms and coverage of your travel insurance policy.

Being well-prepared for unexpected situations can save you from potential stress and financial burdens during your journey.

4. Check the Weather Forecast:

Stay prepared for changing weather conditions by regularly monitoring the local weather forecast at your destination. Adjust your plans and packing accordingly to ensure you’re ready for various weather scenarios.

5. Prioritize Food Over Clothing:

As a Nigerian traveller, you may have specific culinary preferences that can be challenging to satisfy abroad. Consider packing durable food items that you enjoy and are accustomed to, as they can be a comforting taste of home during your travels.

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6. Secure a Reliable Phone Plan:

Verify the international coverage of your cell phone plan and explore the option of purchasing a local SIM card for data connectivity while abroad. Ensuring you can stay in touch with loved ones is essential to avoid communication issues.

7. Notify Your Bank:

Notify your bank about your travel plans to prevent potential card issues while abroad. Financial peace of mind is crucial when travelling to foreign lands.

8. Mindful Flight Connections:

When booking connecting flights, allocate a minimum of two hours between connections. This buffer accounts for potential delays and minimizes travel stress, allowing for a smoother journey.

9. Verify Your Visa Status:

Confirm visa requirements, and application deadlines, and ensure all provided information is accurate to prevent travel disruptions.

10. Currency Exchange Options:

Avoid high exchange fees at airports by researching alternative options, such as local banks or currency exchange shops. This would help you prevent unexpected financial shortages.

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11. Embrace the Moment:

While capturing memories through photos and sharing experiences on social media can be enjoyable, remember to savour the present moment.

Limit your social media usage to protect your privacy and fully immerse yourself in the travel experience.

Incorporating these travel tips into your journey can help you make the most of your adventures while avoiding common pitfalls.

Whether you’re exploring a new destination or revisiting a familiar one, a well-prepared and mindful approach to travel can enhance your overall travel experience.

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Top 10 Airports In Africa With The Best Staff In 2024



Best airport staff 2024: Top 10 Airports In Africa |

Air travel in Africa is soaring! More and more people are choosing to fly, which is fueling investment in bigger and better airports across the continent. This improved infrastructure is making it easier than ever to travel between African countries, boosting both business and tourism. This could be because of the best airport staff we have in Africa.

A fantastic airport experience isn’t just about having the most high-tech gadgets or stunning architecture. The staff who work there are equally important! Their friendliness, helpfulness, and efficiency can significantly impact your overall travel experience.

To recognise airports with exceptional staff, a company called Skytrax recently conducted a survey in Africa. They evaluated various aspects of staff service, including their friendliness, helpfulness, and efficiency. This assessment considered frontline staff across different airport departments, including information desks, security checkpoints, shops, and restaurants.

The first on the list for best airport staff in Africa is:

1. Cape Town International Airport (South Africa)

This airport consistently ranks highly for its modern facilities and excellent passenger experience. In 2024, it went a step further by taking the top spot for having the friendliest, most helpful, and most efficient staff in Africa.

Cape Town International Airport in South Africa claimed the title of having the best airport staff in Africa. Passengers consistently praised their professionalism, courteous demeanour, and ability to navigate any situation smoothly.

Whether you need help finding your gate, navigating customs, or simply having a question, Cape Town International Airport staff are known for going the extra mile to ensure a positive travel experience.

But Cape Town wasn’t alone! Two other airports in Africa impressed travellers with their outstanding staff:

2. Durban King Shaka Airport (South Africa)

Durban’s airport isn’t just known for its impressive design. Passengers also praised the staff for their welcoming personalities and ability to get things done efficiently.

Travellers consistently reported feeling greeted with a smile and appreciated the staff’s attentiveness to their needs, whether it was navigating baggage claims or finding a good place to grab a bite to eat before their flight.

3. Mauritius Airport (Mauritius)

Known as a paradise island getaway, Mauritius boasts an airport that matches its idyllic reputation. The staff here are renowned for their courteous and helpful service, making your arrival and departure a breeze.

Many travellers commented on the staff’s genuine warmth and willingness to assist with any questions or requests. This personal touch goes a long way in setting the tone for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in Mauritius.

Here’s a look at the other airports in Africa listed for having best staff in 2024:

4. Casablanca Airport (Morocco)

Travellers lauded the Casablanca Airport staff for their efficiency and clear communication, especially when it came to navigating the security process and customs.

5. Seychelles Airport (Seychelles)

The staff at Seychelles Airport were praised for their friendly and laid-back demeanour, perfectly reflecting the relaxed atmosphere of the island nation.

6. Kigali Airport (Rwanda)

Kigali Airport staff impressed travellers with their professionalism and helpfulness. Passengers reported a smooth and efficient travel experience, thanks to the attentiveness of the staff.

7. Marrakech Airport (Morocco)

The staff at Marrakech Airport were recognised for their warm hospitality and willingness to go the extra mile to assist passengers.

8. Nairobi Airport (Kenya)

Nairobi Airport staff received praise for their efficiency and clear communication, especially when dealing with large crowds.

9. Addis Ababa Airport (Ethiopia)

Passengers at Addis Ababa Airport commended the staff for their professionalism and ability to handle diverse travel needs.

10. Rabat Airport (Morocco)

Rabat Airport staff were recognised for their friendly and helpful service, making travellers feel welcome and well-cared for.

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Here Are 3 Foods You Should Eat During Travel



Road Trip: These Are 3 Foods You Should Eat |

Ditch the greasy gas station food and avoid feeling sluggish on your next road trip or travel. Avoid greasy and heavy meals like fast food and potato chips. These unhealthy fats are slow to digest and can leave you feeling tired and weighed down.

Instead, focus on lighter options that are easier on your stomach and provide sustained energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables, like apples, grapes, carrots, and celery, are perfect. They’re full of water to keep you hydrated and natural sugars for a quick pick-me-up.

While stopping for local food can be fun, it can also disrupt your trip and be expensive.

Prepping your own snacks in reusable containers like Tupperware is a lifesaver. Portion them out beforehand to avoid overindulging, and you’ll have healthy options readily available when hunger strikes.

A major benefit of packing your own snacks is knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body. Pre-packaged snacks and gas station treats are often loaded with hidden sugars, unhealthy fats, and excessive sodium, which can lead to jitters, crashes, and dehydration.

By preparing your own food, you control the quality of the ingredients and choose whole, unprocessed options that will keep you energised for the miles ahead. Check out these three super meals below; they are perfect meals to eat during travel.

1. Overnight oats

Road Trip: Overnight Oats |

This is a versatile base recipe that can be enjoyed in different ways! It’s healthy and delicious, and it can be easily prepped and stored in the fridge for a quick and convenient meal. Here’s the beauty of it:

You can customise it with your favourite protein source, like grilled chicken, tofu, or even hard-boiled eggs. Add a dollop of nut butter, like peanut butter or almond butter, for a creamy and protein-packed boost.

Feeling like something sweet? Top it off with fresh berries, chopped fruits, or even a sprinkle of dried fruit for a burst of flavour and vitamins. If you prefer a sweeter taste, drizzle on some honey or maple syrup for a touch of natural sweetness.

2. Hard-boiled eggs

Road trip food: Hard Boiled Eggs |

Forget searching for fancy superfoods—eggs might be the champion you’ve been missing. Eggs are a complete protein source, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids your body needs. This makes them perfect for building and repairing muscles and keeping you feeling satisfied.

Eggs are packed with healthy fats that keep you energised and help your body absorb important vitamins. They are a great source of vitamins B2 and B12, which are essential for energy production, brain function, and keeping your nervous system healthy.

String cheese adds another protein punch to your meal. Each stick packs about 7 grammes of protein, making it a delicious and convenient way to boost your daily intake.

Don’t be afraid to add some sweetness! Throwing in some berries, chopped fruits, or even a sprinkle of dried fruit can add a delicious twist and extra vitamins to your meal.

All these make eggs the perfect food to eat during travel.

3. Grilled chicken meals

Road Trip food: Grilled chicken |

Short on time to cook chicken for your road trip? No worries! You can always grab a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the store. It’s a delicious and convenient option.

Healthy road trip essentials

Packing healthy snacks and meals for your road trip is a great way to avoid unhealthy temptations at gas stations and fast food stops. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Plan ahead: Think about the meals and snacks you’ll need for your trip and pack them accordingly.
  • Freeze and pack: Frozen water bottles will double as ice packs to keep your food cold. Pack them in a cooler along with your prepped snacks and meals.
  • Packing smart: Bring reusable containers for your food to avoid waste. Don’t forget reusable cutlery and napkins for easy eating on the go.
Most importantly, have fun!

With a little planning, you can enjoy healthy and delicious food throughout your road trip. Now that you’re prepped, the most important thing is to relax, have fun, and enjoy the adventure!

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11 Cities In The World Named Lagos



11 cities in the world named Lagos |

There are actually several cities around the world named Lagos! This can be confusing, especially if you’re travelling. Imagine you’re at an airport and they announce your flight to Lagos.

You board the plane thinking you’re going to the Lagos you have planned for, but then you find out it’s a different Lagos altogether! Cities with the same name are called homonyms.

So, next time you travel to a city named Lagos, be sure it’s the one you intended!

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