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Jeriq Spotlights The Industry Digest Magazine Feature



Jeriq Spotlights The Industry Digest Magazine Feature |

In the most recent issue of Industry Digest Magazine, JERIQ—often lovingly referred to as “Jeriqthehussla” by his devoted fan base—takes centre stage. The Nigerian rapper discusses his upbringing, artistic career, and ambitious goals to write music that honours his Igbo ancestry in an exclusive interview with TurnTable Charts.

JERIQ’s music career began in 2015, but he wasn’t recognised as a talent until 2020 when he finally broke through. When his EP, “Hood Boy Dream” was released, it marked a turning point. “Hood Boy Dream” revealed the world to his extraordinary skill like finding a priceless diamond.


JERIQ released his debut album, “Billion Dollar Dream,” in May 2022 and it was well received by his committed fan base and quickly rose to the top of the Apple Music Albums Chart. This accomplishment helped to establish his musical talent and made it possible for the album’s deluxe edition to be released in 2023. JERIQ stands out for his masterful integration of his Igbo ancestry into his craft, which has helped to create a distinctive and recognisable sound. In this way, he emulates legendary rappers like Mc Loph, Mr. Raw, Phyno, and Zoro who helped bring Igbo rap to a wider audience.

JERIQ has amassed an amazing list of professional heavyweights with whom he has collaborated in a relatively short period of time, including Phyno, Dremo, Kofi Jamar, and DJ Neptune. Each new song he publishes is evidence of his quickly developing musical skills, demonstrating his readiness to get the respect he merits.

JERIQ’s accomplishments were recognised in 2023 with two nominations for Headies Awards: Best Rap Single for “My Bro” featuring Phyno and Best Rap Album for “Billion Dollar Dream.” He is also a brand ambassador of Hero Lager.

JERIQ shares his background, artistic journey, and the motivations behind his music-making process in an enlightening interview with Turntable Charts, giving fans and music enthusiasts a greater knowledge of the emerging star’s incredible career in the music business.

Some of the Extracts of the Interview with Turn Table Charts include:

TTC: Can you tell us about yourself?

Jeriq: I was born and brought up in Onitsha, Anambra state, I’m the first in a family of 5. I moved to Enugu for my secondary school education and that was when I first started dabbling into music. I started music officially in 2015.

TTC: You infuse your culture and where you’re from you’re your music, how important is that for you when you rap and sing?

Jeriq: I was brought up in Onitsha, which gave me the ability to connect with the things happening in the street. I never wanted to lose that part of me which is why I always want to represent where I’m from. Infusing my culture into my art is fulfilling my obligation and is very important to me.

TTC: The ‘Billion Dollar Dream’ Deluxe version was released early this year, what was put into consideration when you were releasing this following the release of the first version in 2022?

Jeriq: First of all, there wasn’t supposed to be a deluxe version when I was planning to drop the album, but when I dropped the album, I posted online that “if my fans take the album to No. 1, I’d drop a deluxe version for the album” and that was it. The album got to No.1 and I felt I had to keep my promise, and that was why I dropped a deluxe version.

TTC: Is there any song that resonates with you that you connect with, that you added either in the original version or in the deluxe?

Jeriq: I wouldn’t say I have a particular favourite because different songs have different stories and different experiences attached to them, all the tracks do it for me to be honest.

TTC: Do you think the Deluxe was received well by the fans?

Jeriq: Yes, it was received well because the deluxe peaked at No. 2 and the reason why it didn’t get the No.1 spot was because Wizkid got it.

TTC: Should we be expecting anything else from Jeriq the rapper this year?

Jeriq: Yeah, I just dropped a song, ‘11:11’ and then the video has been released. I also have an EP dropping later this year. It was supposed to be another album but I don’t want to drop another album this year. The idea behind the EP is to create commercial tracks that will be used to celebrate the festive period so I am thinking five Igbo celebratory songs would do for the EP.

TTC: That sounds nice, can’t wait.

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Beyoncé Shares Why She Cut off Her Hair After Becoming A Mom




Beyoncé: Why She Cut off Her Hair After Becoming a Mom |

Music legend Beyoncé, whose influence extends far beyond the stage with initiatives like BeyGOOD and fashion line IVY PARK, is venturing into the world of hair care. Her brand new line, Cécred (a clever combination of her name), launched on February 20th. This exciting addition to her empire comes with a rare interview in Essence Magazine, where the “Renaissance” star shares a glimpse into her personal journey with hair, particularly after motherhood.

In a recent interview, Queen Bey shed light on the powerful emotions behind her dramatic hair transformation in 2013. The iconic singer, known for her cascading tresses, surprised fans by chopping off her hair into a daring pixie cut. This wasn’t just a style change—it was a symbolic shedding of expectations and societal pressures.

According to Beyoncé,

“I remember the day I decided to just cut all my hair off, I didn’t have a particular style in mind. It wasn’t an aesthetic choice, but it was a very big emotional transformation and metamorphosis that I was going through. So much of my identity as a performer has been connected to flowing hair. Cutting my hair off was me rebelling against being this woman that society thinks I’m supposed to be.”

Newly a mother, the singer remembered feeling a powerful urge to break free from societal expectations. She felt motherhood had granted her the freedom to shed those burdens. Beyoncé recalled her friend and hairstylist, Neal Farinah, feeling surprised at her decision, especially since she had long, thick, and healthy hair.

” It was a physical representation of me shedding the expectations put upon me,” she said.

“I just got the scissors and chopped it off. It was very intentional. And it was what I needed to do.”

For Beyoncé, this bold step sparked a newfound bravery and led her to make many other daring decisions in her life and career. This decision has shaped her into the person she is today.

The celebrity revealed glimpses of her childhood spent observing her mother, Tina Knowles, weave magic with hair in her salon. This experience, she shared, instilled in her a deep appreciation for haircare, a tradition proudly carried forward within their family.

“I saw her shampooing and trimming hair, transforming women, leaving them feeling really good,” Beyoncé recalled.

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Asake Says He Genuinely Loves Seyi Vibez’s Hit Song



Asake Says He Genuinely Loves Seyi Vibez's Hit Song |

Asake, the Nigerian music sensation who skyrocketed to fame in 2022 with his hit “Omo Ope,” surprised fans recently by publicly expressing his admiration for another rising star, Seyi Vibez. In a heartfelt message on his Instagram story, Asake declared his genuine love for Seyi Vibez’s hit song “Different Pattern,” dispelling any rumours of animosity between the two artists.

Both Asake and Seyi Vibez have taken the mainstream by storm with their unique styles of Afrobeats, Fuji, and hip-hop, often characterised as exciting “neo-fuji” music. Asake’s musical journey began in January 2022, captivating audiences with his tunes that incorporated traditional Yoruba music, while Seyi Vibez made waves later that year with his hit “Chance,” which bore some musical similarities to Asake’s “Organise.

Despite their shared influences and similarities, particularly their use of elements from Fuji and Apala (another Yoruba music genre), the artists delve into different subgenres. Asake’s music often features the distinct sounds of Fuji music, while Seyi Vibez leans towards the rhythmic style of Apala. However, both artists share a common thread in their exploration of hip-hop and the incorporation of religious influences, leading to comparisons from fans.

Seyi Vibez

However, any worries about a potential rivalry were put to rest with Asake’s public appreciation for “Different Pattern.” This gesture not only reaffirms the positive relationship between the two artists but also opens up exciting possibilities for future collaborations, much to the delight of fans who admire their distinct talents.

In short, Asake’s unexpected appreciation for Seyi Vibez’s music not only clears the air on any potential rivalry but also paves the way for exciting possibilities in the Nigerian music scene. The future looks bright for these two talented artists, both individually and potentially together.

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Davido Credits Foundation With N306m For Disbursement To Orphanages



Davido Credits Foundation With N306m For Orphanages |

Renowned musician Davido has made good on his philanthropic pledge, fulfilling his promise to donate N300 million to orphanages across Nigeria.

On his official Twitter account on February 20th, 2024, Davido publicly declared his intention to support these institutions. He further clarified that the outreach efforts would be spearheaded by his own foundation, ensuring transparency and responsible distribution of the funds. True to his word, Davido wasted no time in translating his pledge into action.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, he announced a contribution exceeding the initial N300 million, transferring a grand total of N306,420,973 to the foundation’s account.

This commendable act of generosity shows Davido’s commitment to social responsibility and his dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable children in Nigeria. The substantial sum will undoubtedly have a significant impact on numerous orphanages, providing much-needed resources and support to those in need.

He shared proof of the transaction and wrote, “FOUNDATION ACCOUNT CREDITED… More details to follow soon.”

See the post:

Davido credits foundation with N300m for disbursement to orphanages

In his earlier post, Davido emphasised that this N300 million donation upholds a tradition he established years ago of giving back to his beloved Nigeria. He said the specific details of how the funds would be distributed to orphanages across the country would be unveiled soon.

He had posted,

“I and my foundation pledge the sum of 300 million Naira to orphanages around Nigeria … as my yearly contribution to the Nation ❤️ .. details of disbursement tomorrow 🇳🇬”

This is not the first time Davido has engaged in a charitable course, according to Just last year, he donated N237 million across 424 orphanages, showing his commitment to supporting vulnerable children. This time around, his “Holy Ground” spirit soared even higher, exceeding initial pledges with a N306 million donation.

Davido’s generosity didn’t just impact numbers on a spreadsheet; it touched the lives of 13,818 children across the country. This act embodies his personal motto, “We Rise By Lifting Others.”

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