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Designers & Brands At The 2023 Lagos Fashion Week



Every year, fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the Lagos Fashion Week, which provides an opportunity to witness the latest designs from a wide range of brands and designers. Held from October 26 to October 28, 2023, the event carried on the distinguished legacy of exhibiting creativity and originality in the fashion industry.

An incredible lineup of designers and brands had the chance to showcase their collections at this event, enthralling the audience with their distinct aesthetics and creativity. With a diverse array of talents that all added to the vibrant tapestry of the fashion industry, the event was a thriving hub of the industry. This yearly event in Lagos gives designers a platform to shine in addition to celebrating fashion and expressing their artistic visions, making it a must-attend occasion for fashion experts and industry insiders.

The event featured a strong representation of African designers from Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire and other countries. These gifted designers gave the fashion show a rich and varied depth by showcasing their viewpoints, cultural influences, and artistic expressions. These designers’ attendance highlighted the Lagos Fashion Week‘s continental reach and importance, demonstrating how it acts as a unifying forum for African fashion brilliance. Their participation demonstrated the event’s dedication to showcasing and honouring the diverse range of creative talents across Africa, thereby establishing it as a truly inclusive and representative exhibition of the region’s fashion expertise.

Here’s a list of Designers/Brands present at the 2023Lagos Fashion Week:

1. Atafo

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

This brand was founded by Mai Atafo. The Nigerian designer unveiled his eagerly awaited Summer/Spring 2024 collection, aptly titled “Sartorial Reverie” at Lagos Fashion Week. This collection offered a broad range of looks appropriate for different life occasions, combining sophistication and modernity.

The formal silhouettes used in the men’s fashion collection were influenced by the designer’s well-known creations, such as the “shake” and “tradxedo”.  These items gave traditional tailoring elements a modern twist, so guys could find well-made and fashionable additions to their wardrobes.

Regarding women, the collection showcased a fresh and increasingly feminine approach. It expertly combined traditional Nigerian influences with modern design principles. This creative process produced a collection that embraced contemporary trends while honouring the rich history of Nigerian fashion, making it an exciting addition to the fashion landscape. ‘Sartorial Reverie’ thus catered to a diverse audience, offering a harmonious blend of sophistication and cultural authenticity for fashion enthusiasts looking to make a statement at any event.

2. Rendoll

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

Reni Abina founded the brand, which debuted with the captivating Rendoll Spring|Summer ’24 Collection during Lagos Fashion Week. The brand’s dedication to inclusivity was demonstrated by this collection, which featured classic and adaptable pieces made to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Rendoll, who was attending the event for the first time, put on an impressive display that featured 26 different looks totalling 40 unique pieces. This launch not only signalled a big turning point for the brand, but it also showed how committed it is to providing clothing that fits a wide spectrum of women and transcends size. Rendoll’s Spring/Summer ’24 Collection marked a significant development in the fashion industry by showcasing options that were both stylish and inclusive of a wide range of body types.

3. The LadyMaker

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

This is a contemporary Nigerian women’s fashion and lifestyle brand under Ifeyinwa Azubike’s creative direction. The brand’s “Indigo” Spring/Summer 2024 collection stole the show at Lagos Fashion Week 2023 edition. With the help of modern creativity, this collection presented a captivating reworking of the classic adire design.

The clothing items displayed in ‘Indigo‘ were distinguished by their skilled tailoring and elaborate cuts, exhibiting a smooth fusion of creativity and skill. This collection is a notable addition to the Nigerian fashion scene because Ifeyinwa Azubike’s vision for it emphasised the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional design while also reflecting a deep appreciation for heritage and culture. The Lagos Fashion Week’s ‘Indigo‘ collection emphasised the brand’s commitment to creative expression.

4. Pepper Row

 2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

This creative luxury fashion brand was founded by Omafume Niemogha and has a strong focus on sustainability. The brand was able to showcase its Spring/Summer 2024 Collection during Fashion Week, and despite the passing of time, it persisted in embracing the fundamental elements of its unique aesthetic.

Notably, this collection included striking 3D illustrations that gave the fashion show an avant-garde and visually arresting touch. The collection honoured tradition in addition to modern design elements by utilising materials like aso oke and batik. The brand’s ability to bridge the gap between the past and the future was highlighted by this fusion of traditional fabrics with contemporary aesthetics, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry.

5. Pettre Taylor

 2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

Founded by Peter Acha, this fashion brand made a big impression during fashion week in 2023 with its beautifully named ‘Let Our Differences Bloom‘ Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. This collection, which included exquisite hand embroidery made of natural fibres, celebrated the beauty of diversity. Additionally, it expertly combined patterns and handicraft methods influenced by numerous global cultures.

Let Our Differences Bloom” was an artistic and cultural statement in addition to a fashion statement. It was a tasteful blend of artistry that celebrated the diversity of cultures and crossed boundaries. Peter Acha’s collection was a highlight of the fashion week, showcasing the brand’s commitment to using fashion to promote harmony and appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures.

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6. Lulla House

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

A major player in conscious and sustainable industry, Lulla House finds inspiration in the rich history, culture, and artwork of Africa. The brand debuted its Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, called “Threads of Continuity” at the prestigious Lagos Fashion Week, in a noteworthy demonstration of originality and flair.

This collection demonstrated Lulla House’s dedication to honouring African influences and conserving cultural legacy. It featured a captivating combination of materials, such as textured textiles, dynamic movements, modern silhouettes, and elaborate hand-beaded embellishments. “Threads of Continuity” told the story of the brand’s commitment to bringing the richness and vitality of African heritage into modern fashion. It was more than just a fashion show. The collection was a magnificent representation of the brand’s ability to connect the past and the present, inviting the fashion world to embark on a journey through time and culture.

7. Abigail Ajobi

 2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

The London-based designer behind this fashion brand debuted ‘ANTI-MUSE,’ the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, at the event. With a variety of modern silhouettes that effortlessly incorporated elements like tie-dye, infused prints, stylish denim ensembles, and midriff-baring designs, the collection was a striking representation of modern fashion.

“ANTI-MUSE” demonstrated the brand’s adaptability to cutting-edge design ideas and contemporary fashion trends. It offered a captivating fusion of various elements and styles, appealing to a broad audience with a penchant for chic and bold fashion choices. The collection was a standout exhibit at the event because of its bold and unique character, which emphasised the brand’s dedication to pushing the limits of contemporary design.

8. Cute Saint

 2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

This Lagos-based fashion brand progressively embraces gender-neutral designs. Star fashion editor and celebrity stylist Muftan Femi Ajose founded it. The brand’s “IGBOYA” Spring/Summer 2024 Transitional collection left a lasting impression.

The brand’s artistic vision was expertly showcased in ‘IGBOYA‘ which combined metallic and knitted fabrics to create a masterful texture-interweaving effect. The collection mostly used tones of white, black, and grey in a monochromatic colour scheme. ‘IGBOYA‘ at the Lagos Fashion Week thus emphasized the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion by creating unique and inclusive designs.


However, other brands present at the event included Studio Imo, Jewel Jamila, Oshobor, Cynthia Abila, Kadiju Orire, Pillz n Poizn, Geto, SVL Designs, LFJ, Elexiay, Katush, Ajabeng, Mariah Bocoum, Kente Gentlemen, Kiko Romeo, Eki Kere, Ugo Monye, Desiree Iyama, Lila Bare, FIA, Lush Hair, Kilentar, Adama Paris, Eki Silk, Nkwo, Emmy Kasbit, Ellie Kuame, Iamisigo, Maliko, Fruche, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Orange Culture, Sisiano and Imad Eduso.

See the Photos Below.

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

2023 Lagos Fashion Week Collections|

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See The 4 Largest Textile Companies In The World Today



See The 4 Largest Textile Companies In The World Today |

Which countries are the leading producers of textiles on a global scale? The global textile industry is a highly competitive marketplace, with several major players vying for market share. However, despite this intense competition, numerous prominent textile companies worldwide have established themselves as key forces within the industry.

These companies stand out not only as leaders in their field but also for their remarkable skill in crafting and delivering high-quality textiles and apparel to diverse customer groups.

Here are six of the largest textile companies across the globe:

1. Arvind

Arvind, a prominent textile company established in 1931, stands tall as one of the leading players in the world. Founded in Ahmedabad, India, it has become the flagship company of the Lalbhai Group. With its headquarters in Naroda, Gujarat, Arvind has expanded its reach far beyond its initial location.

Renowned for its exquisite fabrics and trendy styles, Arvind caters to a diverse range of needs, offering denim, jeans, shirting, and various other fashion essentials. Its influence extends beyond textiles, venturing into agriculture and engineering through its diverse subsidiaries.

Beyond its own brands like Flying Machine and Newport, Arvind has also secured licenses for various international brands like Arrow, Lee, Wrangler, and Cherokee. Arvind is a key player in the global fashion scene.

2. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a globally recognized fashion company, renowned for its exquisite collection of branded clothing and fashion products. Their impressive range includes sleepwear products, lingerie, tights, and other attractive outfits.

The company has a reputation for consistently producing top-quality products, which has endeared them to many women across different classes and categories.

To enhance customer engagement, the UK-based fashion giant leverages social media platforms to keep in touch with its customers. They also have a user-friendly online shopping platform that caters to customers across the UK and beyond, with a reliable home delivery service. Dorothy Perkins is a household name in the fashion industry, and their exceptional services have earned them a place among the top fashion companies in the world.

3. Bonjay Dyeing

Established in 1879, Bonjay Dyeing is not only a prominent player in the Indian textile industry but also one of the world’s largest textile companies. Founded by the Bombay Presidency and currently under the ownership of the Whadia Group, this Indian flagship company has carved a unique niche for itself.

Bonjay Dyeing focuses on bringing beauty and style into homes through a vibrant array of colors and designs. Their extensive product line caters to the customization needs of various living spaces, including the living room, washroom, dining hall, and virtually every corner of the house. From blankets and curtains to comforters, bed sheets, linens, and more, Bonjay Dyeing offers a comprehensive selection to meet diverse customer preferences.

textile industry: India's textile industry faces tough times as consumers cut spending - The Economic Times

4. Canterbury of New Zealand

The sports clothing company, Canterbury of New Zealand, has enjoyed considerable popularity among sports fans since its inception in 1904. Embracing the powerful motto “Committed to the Same,” the company has established itself as a global leader in the fashion industry, offering a wide variety of products to customers with diverse needs.

Initially, the company focused its efforts on rugby apparel, utilizing sponsorships to reach a wider audience. However, Canterbury has since expanded its reach, sponsoring and supplying clothing for various sports beyond rugby. This includes partnerships with cricket teams across the globe, from Georgia to England.

5. Ashworth

Originally established in California, Ashworth, a prominent American clothing brand, initially focused on providing golf equipment and apparel for golfers. Later, they strategically expanded their product line to encompass both traditional and modern clothing options. The brand encompasses a wide range of items like t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and more. This shift from solely offering golf-related products to a broader clothing selection has been instrumental in their growth and success.

Ashworth’s rise to prominence in the textile industry is not merely a stroke of luck. Through the guidance of various goal-oriented leaders and the implementation of effective strategies, the company has consistently adapted to and navigated the ever-changing market, solidifying its position as a leading brand.

6. Admiral Sportswear

Any discussion of the world’s leading textile companies wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Admiral Sportswear, a prominent English brand with a rich history. Founded in 1914, Admiral initially focused on undergarments before transitioning to sportswear in 1944. Establishing itself within the football arena, the company proudly sponsored various teams. Over time, Admiral’s expertise expanded beyond football, encompassing diverse sports like cricket and beyond.

Through its dedication to producing high-quality and varied sportswear over the years, Admiral Sportswear has solidified its position as one of the world’s finest and most established textile companies. They’ve earned their well-deserved place among the industry’s leaders.

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6 Quiet Luxury Fashion Colours To Try



6 Quiet Luxury Fashion Colours To Try |

Ever heard of Quiet Luxury Fashion Colours? The quiet luxe aesthetic has become incredibly popular in the fashion world, and its understated elegance has won over many enthusiasts. This conservative, yet undeniably classy style emphasises subtle sophistication over obvious displays of wealth. It’s the perfect way to make a refined, polished fashion statement.

Naturally, a key question lingers in the minds of fashionistas: “Which quiet luxury colours will truly elevate your look, making you feel expensive, sophisticated, and chic?”

While a variety of colours can be found in luxurious dresses, jumpsuits, and other elegant attire, quiet luxury fashion demands a more refined approach. To achieve this understated yet sophisticated look, focus on building a timeless wardrobe using a muted colour palette. This foundation will serve as the starting point for your low-key wealth aesthetic. If you’re unsure where to begin, keep scrolling to discover the six timeless and classy colours that will elevate your quiet luxury journey with effortless ease.

1. Black

34 Of The Best Formal Dresses You Can Get On Amazon, 47% OFF

Black is a versatile colour that works effortlessly with any other shade, but more importantly, it projects an air of sophistication and timeless elegance. It’s a cornerstone of refined, understated style. Whether you wear a head-to-toe black outfit, accessorise with stylish black pieces, or blend it with other colours, black always makes a striking and classy statement.

2. White

21 Chic Wedding Suits For Women Who Want to Rock a Bridal Suit

Imagine yourself dressed in a pristine white tuxedo or a flowing white jumpsuit. The image exudes elegance, sophistication, and a sense of understated luxury. White, as a neutral colour, complements virtually any other hue. Choosing a stylish white ensemble effortlessly transforms your look from simply chic to undeniably glamorous.

3. Cream

Cream, Men's Suits | M&S IE

This colour is a must-have addition to your wardrobe, particularly when you desire an effortlessly stylish look. Its classic simplicity and incredible versatility make it a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a colour that offers the same ease as white but with a bit more personality.

4. Charcoal Grey

Geneva Knitted Dress With Cashmere |

I recently saw a photo of a woman wearing a charcoal gray outfit, and I was captivated. The colour looked stunning against her skin, and the overall effect was both elegant and sophisticated. I immediately decided I needed to add some charcoal gray pieces to my wardrobe! If you’re looking for a polished and professional look, I highly recommend starting with a well-tailored charcoal gray blazer or a pair of pants.

5. Navy Blue

6. Chocolate Brown

Lydia Chocolate Brown Cowl Neck Satin Bridesmaid Dress | Birdy Grey

Chocolate brown is a seriously rich, chic, and classy color that always looks expensive. This gorgeous hue is a fantastic choice for monochromatic outfits, but it also works seamlessly with neutral shades or bold pops of color. Bottom line: chocolate brown is a fashion staple that always adds a stylish boost.

Just like a perfectly tailored outfit or a beautifully decorated room, these subtle and quiet luxury fashion colours speak volumes through their refined simplicity. They exude an air of class and sophistication, whispering elegance rather than shouting it. These quiet luxury colors truly embody the idea that less is often more. It’s a perfect reminder that subtlety can be just as powerful as a bold statement.

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Grammy Winning Tyla Hits A Fashion Milestone




Grammy Winning Tyla Hits A Fashion Milestone |

When South Africa’s rising pop star, Tyla, chooses her clothes, there are two essential qualities she looks for: the ability to allow her to dance freely and the ability to move comfortably.

While describing her personal style, the young and talented artist who brought us the hit song “Water” emphasized the importance of feeling comfortable. However, her definition of comfort does not extend to casual attire like sweatpants and jerseys, particularly when she is in the public eye.

Additionally, the rise of her online presence on TikTok, which now boasts over 7.2 million followers, has seen “comfortable” translate to performing her own dance routines in unique outfits like macramé tube tops and very short miniskirts.

Just weeks ago, “comfortable” meant a glamorous, seafoam green Versace gown shimmering with fishnet overlays—a dazzling costume fit for a modern Venus. Tyla wore this as she proudly accepted the first-ever Grammy for Best African Music Performance for her chart-topping R&B hit, “Water.” Today, “comfortable” has a whole new meaning: a stylish linen set as she dances effortlessly in Gap’s Spring 2024 campaign, marking her debut with a major global fashion brand.

The video showcases Tyla and a group of dancers performing Shay Latukolan’s energetic choreography to “Back On 74,” a catchy, genre-blending song by the British group Jungle, which has amassed over one billion views on TikTok.

Each dancer is adorned in comfortable and flowing pieces from Gap’s spring collection, crafted from breathable linen fabric. Tyla’s outfit features a stylish cropped top and relaxed-fit cargo pants, accented by a swaying chain-link belt. The video not only highlights the comfortable nature of the clothing but also demonstrates how it can convey confidence and a touch of elegance, making it perfect for both movement and style.

“I love marrying my music and the way I look, I feel like it goes hand in hand,” Tyla explains. “I see that also sonically with my album that’s coming out, and with the Gap campaign.”

As Tyla embarks on her first major tour and showcases her characteristic drive and ambition, the artist is infusing her on-stage style with even more personal expression.

A passionate supporter of South African designers, such as the talented LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize winner Thebe Magugu, she proudly weaves elements of her heritage into her fashion choices.

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