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MohBad’s Life & Career: A Brief Overview



MohBad's Life & Career: A Brief Overview |

The Nigerian singer/songwriter, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba popularly known as MohBad who was born on 8th June 1996, tragically passed away on 12th September 2023 at the young age of 27. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, MohBad was an artist in the Afrobeat and Nigerian pop scene. He made a name for himself as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. The artist started his musical journey in 2016 but gained recognition in 2019. The artist is survived by his wife, Omowunmi and son, Liam.

Full biography of Nigerian singer Mohbad and other facts about him ...

Mohbad was formerly signed under Marlian Record, owned by popular Nigerian street-hop artist, Naria Marley, but the artist left the label after 2 years in October 2022. After terminating his contract with Marlian Records due to a misunderstanding, MohBad accused Naira Marley of domestic violence and stated that his former boss ordered people to beat him up when he confronted Marley about his decision to employ a different manager to handle his music and business affairs. MohBad went forward to set up his record label known as Imolenization in November 2022.


The artist’s last live performance was at the D’General Bitters live event at Ikorodu Town Hall on Sunday.


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While still signed under Marlian Records, the artist delivered amazing hit singles during the period. Among his hits included:

  • Ponmo: This is one of Mohbad’s hit tracks that captivated fans with its catchy beat and playful lyrics. The song is known for its Afrobeat and Afro-fusion influences, which are characteristic of many contemporary Nigerian music genres. The music featured Lil Kesh and Naria Marley. “Ponmo” is a feel-good track that revolves around themes commonly found in Afrobeat and Nigerian pop music. It primarily celebrates life’s pleasures, good times, and the joy of being in the moment. The lyrics are characterized by their simplicity and relatability, making it easy for listeners to connect with the song’s celebratory spirit. Mohbad’s energetic delivery and the infectious rhythm of the song contribute to its appeal. Upon its release, “Ponmo” gained popularity both in Nigeria and among Afrobeat enthusiasts worldwide. It resonated with fans who appreciated its upbeat tempo, danceable nature, and the overall positive vibe it exuded. The song’s success also led to collaborations and performances by Mohbad with other artists, contributing to his growing presence in the Nigerian music scene.

  • Feel Good: This single was another hit by the artist, with its catchy beats and amazing lyrics. The genre was both Afro-beats and Afro-fusion. The way MohBad was able to incorporate English, Pidgin and Yoruba languages into the music made it more outstanding. “Feel Good” depicted enjoyment, stress-free mood and celebration, the scenery was quite colourful.

  • Kor Po Ke (KPK): The track gained significant attention and became a viral hit in Nigeria and beyond. The music was produced by Rexxie. KPK is a lively and energetic song characterized by its catchy beat and repetitive lyrics. The term “Kor Po Ke” itself is Nigerian slang, and its meaning can vary depending on the context. In the song, it is used to describe someone who is attractive or captivating, often used in admiration. The lyrics of the song reflect themes commonly found in Nigerian pop music, celebrating youthful exuberance, freedom, and the enjoyment of life’s pleasures. It’s a feel-good track that encourages listeners to dance and have a good time. Mohbad’s delivery is characterized by his distinctive vocal style and playful lyrics, which resonate with fans and contribute to the song’s popularity. “Kor Po Ke” quickly became a sensation upon its release. It gained widespread recognition and became a favourite at parties, clubs, and social gatherings. The song’s catchy chorus and danceable rhythm made it a go-to track for those looking to have a good time. The music video for “Kor Po Ke” also contributed to its success, featuring vibrant visuals and choreography that added to the overall entertainment value of the song. The music solidified Mohbad’s position as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene. It showcased his ability to create songs that resonate with a broad audience, and it further expanded his fan base.

  • Light EP: This was MohBad debut/first album, which was released in the fourth quarter of 202o. The EP is an eight-song track which features Davido, Naria Marley and Lil Kesh. Naria Marley served as the executive producer for the album while SB, Rexxie, P.Beat and Austin Sinister were the producers.

Mixtape: Dj Tapezy Ft. Mohbad - Light The EP » NAIJASKIT

However, MohBad’s other songs included Backside, Tiff, Peace, Weekend, Hallelujah, Ronaldo, Ask About Me, Adura feat. Bella Shmurda, Pariwo feat. Bella Shmurda, Account Balance feat. Zlatan, Blessing, Sabi, Omo mi, Beast & Peace and La Pio Pio.


Mohbad has been nominated five times for the Beatz Award in 2021, and his song “Kor Po Ke” featuring Rexxie, was nominated three times for the Headies Award in 2022. However, the artist hasn’t received any notable music awards.


According to a source within MohBad’s team, the talented artist’s tragic demise was attributed to an infection that took a fatal turn following the administration of an injection. This shocking revelation has sparked a trending discussion within the online community, particularly on platforms like Instagram and X.

What makes this situation even more complex is the blame some fans have placed on Naira Marley, the owner of Marlian Records, under which MohBad was formerly signed. The controversy traces back to events in October 2022 when MohBad severed ties with the label. At that time, he made serious allegations against Naira Marley, accusing him of physical assault.

Instagram Handle : iammohbad

Mohbad stated that he was subjected to physical violence which was orchestrated by his former boss after he had made clear his intention to get a different manager to oversee his music and business affairs. This revelation has created mixed and divided opinions among fans, leading to heated discussions and debates on social media.

While some believe that the circumstances surrounding MohBad’s departure from Marlian Records and his allegations against Naira Marley may have contributed to his unfortunate demise, others are calling for a thorough investigation to ascertain the true cause of his death. As fans deal with the loss of a creative artist and the unanswered questions surrounding his passing, the situation is still complicated and emotions are running high.

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Herbert Wigwe: Biography, Career, And More




Herbert Wigwe: Biography, Career, And More |

On Monday, February 10th, Nigerians received shocking news and were heartbroken to hear that Herbert Wigwe, the CEO of Access Holdings, had died in a helicopter crash in California. He wasn’t alone; his wife, son, and three other people were also killed in the crash. This sad news came as a big scare to everyone who knew him. Here are more details about Mr. Wigwe’s life, his work, and how people are eulogising his memory after this tragedy.

Early life and education.

Herbert Wigwe, born in 1966, grew up with his family in Omueke, Isiokpo, Rivers State. His parents, of Ikwerre heritage, raised him alongside his three sisters, Joyce, Peggy, and Stella, and his brother Emeka.

His learning journey started at an early stage, and he spent his school days at St. Gregory’s College in Lagos, soaking up knowledge and preparing for his future. After graduating, he set his sights even higher, enrolling at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. There, he studied accounting, earning his degree in 1987.

Herbert Wigwe: Biography, Career, And More |

Wigwe didn’t just stop with one big brain-booster degree! He went back to school for even more learning, grabbing a master’s degree in banking and finance from the University College of North Wales in 1989 (it’s called Bangor University now). He dove deeper with another master’s degree in financial economics from the University of London the very next year.

And even later in life, in 2006, he showed he was still keen on learning new things by taking part in a special program called the Harvard Business School Executive Management Program.

All this hard work and dedication made Wigwe a strong force in his field. He was recognized by institutes like the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nigeria and the Institute of Credit Administration. He attained fellowship status with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Institute of Credit Administration, and he was also crowned Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) for all the amazing things he did for Nigeria’s economic landscape.

Career and Achievements

Throughout his career, Herbert Wigwe wasn’t just a bigwig in banking; he was a giant. Not only did he make a big difference in the banking sector of Nigeria and Africa, but he was also a respected leader everyone looked up to. His hard work earned him many awards, like “African Banker of the Year” in 2016, the African Leadership Magazine ”African Business Leader Award” in 2020, the Leadership Newspaper ”Business Person” of the Year in 2020, and “BusinessDay CEO of the Year” in 2017. He was even named the “Best of Africa” by Forbes magazine in 2020.

More than just a successful businessman, Wigwe had a big heart and a passion for helping others. He believed in giving back to the community, and he used his resources to make a real difference. In 2018, he started the Herbert Wigwe Foundation, a special organisation that helps young Nigerians reach their full potential. Through scholarships, wise guidance, and helpful programmes, the foundation gives them the tools they need to build bright futures for themselves and their communities.

Herbert Wigwe: Biography, Career, And More |

He generously shared his success through various charitable efforts. This included supporting organisations like the How Foundation, which fights malaria by providing free treatment and prevention for children and pregnant mothers. He also believed in education as a powerful tool for change, and so he backed the Slum2School initiative, which works hard to bring quality education to children living in disadvantaged communities.

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Herbert Wigwe was a believer in the power women held. He saw how important they were to building a strong society, so he became a strong champion for initiatives that helped them thrive. One way he did this was through the W Initiative, a programme from Access Bank. It wasn’t just money; they offered all sorts of support, like training and advice, to help women succeed in their businesses.

Wigwe also cared deeply about nurturing talent and creativity. He started the Access Bank Art X Prize. This program helped young Nigerian artists get their work seen and appreciated, giving them a chance to shine. Wigwe believed in making a real difference in the world.

In the end, Herbert Wigwe wasn’t just a successful leader; he put his money and support behind things like education, healthcare, and protecting the environment. He wanted to build a future where everyone had a chance to reach their full potential, and he worked hard to make that happen. His dedication to social responsibility continues to inspire us to make the world a brighter, more equitable place.

Family and Personal Life

Herbert Wigwe: Biography, Career, And More |

Herbert Wigwe was also a family man. He and his wife, Chizoba, a lawyer and entrepreneur, built a beautiful family with their four children: Chizi, Tochi, Hannah, and David. Wigwe loved spending time with his children, making every moment count.

Faith was deeply important to Wigwe, who was a strong Christian and an active member of his church, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). He wasn’t just a regular churchgoer; he was a pastor and mentor, using his faith to guide and inspire others.

Wigwe had a bunch of other interests that kept him busy. He loved reading all sorts of books—history, biographies, leadership guides, even spiritual stuff—always looking to learn and grow. He also enjoyed sports, especially football (a loyal Arsenal fan), golf, and tennis, never missing a chance to cheer on the Nigerian national team.

With hundreds of thousands following him, he shared not just achievements but glimpses into his life. We saw photos of him beaming with pride alongside his family, exploring new places, and indulging in his favourite hobbies. Through his online presence, he was connecting, offering wisdom like a kind mentor, and sparking conversations with people from all walks of life. His impact stretched far beyond his inner circle, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration.

Net Worth

Herbert Wigwe has amassed a considerable amount of wealth through his banking and investment ventures. Although his net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is believed to be around $65.2 million, making him one of the wealthiest bankers in Africa. His financial success has established his prominence and respect within the financial industry, cementing his reputation as an influential figure.

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The Styrofoam Ban: What Is Your Take?




What Is Your Take On The Styrofoam Ban |

On January 21, 2024, Tokunbo Wahab, a lawyer and Commissioner of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Lagos State, made a tweet announcing the ban on Styrofoam. According to him, styrofoam plastics are a menace to the environment, hence the ban.

It is a great development. In fact, a good number of people commended the development.

One thing to note about this new development is its hasty implementation. It doesn’t seem like there was enough publicity for the development so that people and businesses could prepare beforehand. It’s safe to say that the government woke up in the middle of the night and whipped up a policy without thinking of the consequences for the citizens of Lagos.

What Is Your Take On The Styrofoam Ban |

credit: punch

This is not to dispute the damaging effect of styrofoam plastics on the ecosystem and the health of humans. They not only end up in gutters, water bodies, and landfills, but they are also non-biodegradable and end up staying in the places where they’re dumped because they cannot be decomposed. They’re also very dangerous to use to package edibles.

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But bans should be implemented in phases. As a country operating democratically, decisions should not be made hastily without consideration. There should also be alternatives to help people adjust. The government could step in by subsidising safer food packaging options to encourage people to shift from styrofoam plastics. They could also encourage people to return styrofoam from landfills or dumpsites to government centres in exchange for incentives. Humans are part of the ecosystem, and if the government is looking out for the ecosystem, a huge part of that is putting citizens into consideration when making policies.

A good number of people agree with my stance.

What is your take on the Styrofoam ban in Lagos?

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Court Grants Naira Marley And Sam Larry ₦20m Bail



A Magistrate Court in Yaba, Lagos State has granted Azeez Fashola, known as Naira Marley, and his associate, Balogun Eletu, also known as Sam Larry, bail worth N20 million. They were also to present three responsible sureties.

The bail comes with three obligations, including surrendering their international passports to stay in Nigeria and making weekly appearances at the State Criminal Investigation Department.

The magistrate, Adeola Olatunbosun, has warned against any attempts to contact her about the case, as such communication may be disclosed in court proceedings.

She stated:

“As part of the bail conditions, the defendants are to surrender their passports and make weekly appearances at the State Criminal Investigation Department.”

Cautioning further, she said:

“Any attempts to contact me directly would be recorded and potentially disclosed in open court proceedings.”

Naira Marley And Sam Larry Granted ₦20m Bail |

Naira Marley and Sam Larry were initially remanded to police custody for 21 days starting on October 6, 2023, due to their alleged connection with the cyberstalking, bullying, and assault of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad. Mohbad passed away under mysterious circumstances on September 12, 2023, causing nationwide grief for weeks.

Following their remand, Naira Marley and Sam Larry filed a lawsuit against the police, seeking ₦20 million each in damages for their extended detention.

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The legal document stated that:

“Their travails started between October 3 and 4, 2023, when they were apprehended by the police on alleged connection with the death of Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad. On October 4, 2023, the Commissioner of Police sought an order in the Magistrates’ Court at Yaba to remand them for 30 days. Chief Magistrate Adeola Olatunbosun granted the police application to remand them for 21 days in police custody. The 21-day remand order granted by Chief Magistrate Olatunbosun lapsed on October 26, 2023, and has not been renewed.”

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