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5 Unique Facts About The Tiv People



The Tiv people are an ethnic group primarily located in the Benue State of Nigeria and known for several distinctive cultural and historical characteristics including:

1. Traditional culture:

Tiv Culture: 6 interesting facts about one of Nigeria's greatest story  tellers -

The Tiv people have a vibrant traditional culture, which is evident in their art, music, dance, and language. Their art is often geometric in design, and their music is characterized by its use of drums and horns.

2. Agricultural expertise:

Benue: Tor Tiv seeks South Africa's support to boost agriculture | The  Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — Nigeria — The Guardian  Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

They are skilled farmers, and their crops include yams, millet, and sorghum. They are also known for their livestock, which includes goats, sheep, and cattle. The Tiv people have a deep understanding of the land and the environment.

3. Entrepreneurial spirit:

They are successful business owners widely known for their entrepreneurial spirit. They are often involved in trade, transport, and agriculture.

4. Resilience:

The Tiv people have faced many challenges throughout their history, including war, famine, and disease. However, they have always managed to overcome these challenges and thrive.

5. Their large population:

Tiv elders ban traditional marriage parties, say groom must not spend more  than N100,000 - Daily Post Nigeria

There are over 5 million Tiv people, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria.


FG To List Ojude Oba As UNESCO Approved Festival



FG to list Ojude Oba as UNESCO approved festival |

On Tuesday, the Minister of Culture, Art, and Creative Economy, Barrister Hannatu Musa-Musawa, shared exciting news. He said the Federal Government is considering listing the annual Ojude Oba Festival of the Ijebu people in Ogun State as a festival supported by UNESCO.

Dr. Ben Ugo Anama, Director of Cultural Agencies and Heritage, who represented the minister, announced the 2024 Ojude Oba festival in Ijebu-Ode.

The minister stated that the festival aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda. This aims to boost revenue from tourism to over $100 billion by 2030.

She described the Ojude Oba Festival as a key event that promotes national unity. Also, it has the potential to diversify the economy from oil, generating more revenue through tourism.

According to her, “Following President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda, our ministry will work with stakeholders to promote, preserve, and protect our rich cultural heritage. This is part of our vision, Destination 2030, which aims to harness the potential of arts, culture, and the creative economy to drive economic growth, targeting over $100 billion and an increase in GDP by 2030.”

The minister emphasised that the agenda reflects a strong commitment to diversify the economy away from dependence on oil revenue.

While celebrating the people of Ijebuland for the success of the Ojude Oba festival and its positive impact on Nigeria’s image, Barrister Musa-Musawa noted that the festival has not yet received UNESCO approval.

She believes the Ojude Oba Festival, given its significant impact on tourism, deserves international recognition. Furthermore, she pledged to take all necessary steps to get it listed by UNESCO without delay.

What is the Ojude Oba Festival?

Deep in southwestern Nigeria, the Yoruba people of Ijebu-Ode celebrate a time-honoured tradition called the Ojude Oba Festival. This “King’s Forecourt” festival is an annual event steeped in history.

The celebration falls on a specific date each year. It happens on the third day after another major holiday, Eid al-Kabir, also known as Sallah or Ileya. This positioning creates a powerful link between the Ojude Oba and a widely observed religious holiday.

The core purpose of the Ojude Oba Festival is to pay respect to a revered figure: the Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona. It’s a day dedicated to honouring his majesty and showcasing the loyalty of the Ijebu people.

How is the festival celebrated?

The Ojude Oba Festival is a display of everything Ijebuland has to offer—its rich culture, traditions, and the talents of its people.

Yoruba Women at the Ojude Oba festival 2024.

Different age groups within the Ijebu community, known as “Regberegbe,” take centre stage. These groups are not limited to just the indigenous people of Ijebuland. Friends and associates from near and far are also welcome to join the festivities. Each Regberegbe group gets to proudly showcase themselves in the king’s court, parading in front of the palace.

The highlight for each Regberegbe group is receiving a special blessing from the king himself, the Awujale of Ijebuland. It’s a moment of deep respect and signifies the king’s recognition of their contribution to the community.

Also, horse riding is a major feature of the Ojude Oba Festival. Riders dressed in their finest attire add a touch of majesty and pageantry to the celebration.

Eleshin Family at the 2024 Ojude Oba.

The festival is a visual treat, with people adorned in gorgeous Yoruba attire. Expect to see a dazzling display of colours, fabrics, and traditional accessories. It’s a celebration of artistic expression and cultural pride.

Ojude Oba 2024

Following tradition, the 2024 Ojude Oba festival was held on Tuesday, June 18th, at the Awujale’s pavilion in Ijebu-Ode. This is how it has been for years. But this year’s celebration embraced the theme “Ojude Oba: Unity and Harmony, Our Gift.”

Indeed, the festival was a dazzling display of fashion, culture, and beauty. People of all ages came out in their finest attire, adding to the glitz and glamour of the event.

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Putting Tribal Marks On A Child Without Consent Is Evil – Toke Makinwa



Putting tribal marks on a child without consent is evil |

Hold on a minute; let’s unpack this about tribal markings. Popular Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa sparked a debate on social media on June 16, 2024. She isn’t a fan of the tradition, calling it unfair. Here’s why: tribal markings are permanent marks placed on children who are too young to understand or agree to the procedure.

Makinwa’s thoughts on the practice seem to be linked to a recent encounter. She mentioned meeting an influencer who had tribal markings.

She wrote,

“Today I saw a beautiful beauty influencer with tribal marks and it made me think about the cruelty that culture brought upon us. Marking a child without his/her consent as a means of identification is Evil, I know our parents didn’t know any better but damnnnn!!!!”

This interaction was the trigger for her to speak out against this long-standing custom in some African cultures. Tribal markings have traditionally served to identify ethnicity or social status. But Makinwa’s perspective challenges this tradition. Her concern raised an important question: Is it okay to permanently alter a child’s body without their consent?

Whether Makinwa’s stance will lead to a bigger conversation about tribal markings remains to be seen.

Indeed, the tradition holds deep cultural significance for many, and it’s tied to identity and heritage. However, Makinwa’s criticism has opened the door to discussing individual rights and control over one’s body, especially when it comes to cultural practices.

Makinwa wasn’t done there. In a series of follow-up posts, she made it clear that her criticism wasn’t about the aesthetics of tribal markings themselves. Also, she mentioned finding people with tribal marks beautiful. The core of her issue was the complete lack of consent involved.

These permanent marks are placed on children who are simply too young to understand or have a say in the matter. They are literally being marked for identification purposes before they can even grasp the concept.

“Thank God it’s abolished now. My grandma had tribal marks too. Some on her face and her arms, I wonder what life was like when she was younger walking around with it, though I’m sure a lot of people around her had the same but thank God it’s cancelled now,” she stated in another post.

Not everyone agreed with Makinwa’s stance.

Some users on her social media platform (X isn’t specified) criticised her perspective. However, Makinwa wouldn’t back down.

Furthermore, she doubled down on her position with another post, clearly stating that her disapproval wasn’t about the markings themselves or their beauty. She reiterated that her concern was the complete lack of say young children have in getting these permanent markings.

“It’s not the beauty or lack of but the lack of consent. But yeah, I’ve seen a couple of beautiful people with tribal marks,” the media personality explained.

An X user disagreed with Makinwa, arguing that tribal markings are similar to tattoos. She responded, “Tattoos are a choice, marking a child without their consent is not the same. You rest, weirdo.”

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Cultural Group To Celebrate Yoruba New Year On July 7



Cultural Group To Celebrate Yoruba New Year culture |

The Atelewo Cultural Initiative organised a Yoruba New Year culture celebration happening on July 7th! The event will be held at the racecourse in Adamasingba, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Get ready for a fun-filled day packed with traditional Yoruba music, fashion, food, and activities. These activities will teach you about the Yoruba way of life. There will even be competitions and quizzes to test your Yoruba knowledge.

The organizers are encouraging everyone to wear traditional Yoruba clothing, new or old styles. This is to showcase the evolution of Yoruba fashion. This celebration is a great way to learn more about Yoruba culture and traditions, all while having a good time.

According to one of the founders, Rasaq Malik Gbolahan, this event is important for keeping Yoruba culture alive and thriving.

He added, “We are fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of our rich cultural heritage.”

Ayo Adams, who also organized the event, encouraged everyone to join the celebration. Even if they aren’t Yoruba, you are welcome to join. This is a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and have fun!

“We invite all to join us in experiencing the beauty of Yoruba culture, from its music and dance to its fashion and food. It is a fantastic opportunity to engage with and celebrate the Yoruba New Year in a lively, communal setting.”

The Atelewo Cultural Initiative is on a mission to bring Yoruba traditions and language back to life. They work to make Yoruba culture interesting and relevant again and to encourage people to speak the Yoruba language.

Get more updates here.

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