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VP Osibanjo Emphasizes On The Role Of The Private Sector In Economic Recovery.



The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, on Monday reaffirmed the role of the private sector in the economic recovery programme of the Federal Government.

He gave the indication at the Presidential Quarterly Business Forum with the private sector held at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“Let me point out that there is no question at all that the private sector is crucial,’’ he said.

Osinbajo said the Federal Government would continue to work with the private sector in all aspects of the economy, being the engine of development.

The Vice President said that the engagement was to focus on game-changing models which would make huge difference in the economy.

He mentioned the up-coming 650,000 barrels per day Dangote Refinery as an example.

“If Dangote Refinery comes on stream by 2018, that would significantly affect the economy.

“About 30 per cent of our foreign exchange outlay today is on importation of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit).

“If we can deal with that 30 per cent, obviously there will be less pressure on our foreign exchange reserve,’’ he said.

He said that the sub-sea pipeline being constructed would take care of the vandalism of pipelines, while the Indorama Sorghum plant and other private sector projects would help the economic recovery.

Osinbajo said the nature of the recession in the country should be understood by everyone, adding that the country started to experience recession because of the activities of oil and gas vandals.

He said that the U.S. recession in 1931, which became a depression, happened when the country was over producing in manufacturing and agriculture with high capacity in railways.

“In our own case, it is completely different. If we did not have the vandalism of pipelines in the Niger Delta, we probably would not have entered into recession by now.

“There is no place anywhere in the world where you can lose one million barrels per day in oil production when you are projecting 2.2 million barrels per day and you would not suffer tremendously.

“It becomes so, especially when that same revenue is what drives your non-oil revenues,’’ Osinbajo said.

He advised that the country should look for solutions that were peculiar to its circumstances.

“We have to look at what problems that we have and try to focus on some solutions that can come from there.

The Vice President said the Federal Government was engaging the Niger Delta stakeholders already to find a way out of the ugly situation.

He said the youth were also being carried along in the recovery programme, adding that recently the Federal Government organised technology innovation competition involving no fewer than 4,000 youths nationwide.

Osinbajo said that the competition culminated in the Aso Villa Demo Day by bringing youths with cutting-edge technology to reshape the economy.

He said the government planned to establish six technology hubs in the six geo-political zones as well as Lagos and Abuja.

The Vice President said 65,000 youths would be engaged and trained in various aspects of technology with special focus on animation industry which had great potential for job creation.

According to him, 5,000 teacher-volunteer-corps being put in place will be largely technology-driven as the people will be trained online and given devices to teach and work as farm extension and public health officials.

“We are completely committed to ensuring that young people are going to be part of what is going on and we think that we simply cannot ignore them,’’ he said.

Osinbanjo reacted to the concern on power supply, saying that as at February 2016, the country reached 5,000 megawatts but it dropped shortly due to the vandalism in Forcados in Delta.

“Through vandalism, we lost 40 per cent of our gas supply which meant a crash in actual production of gas.

“We expect that very shortly, we will be able to come back to that point with some of the gas initiatives here and there,’’ he said.

The Vice President acknowledged that the entire oil and gas industry had a lot of challenges which must be cleaned up for optimum gains.

He, however, said there was need for structural and revolutionary changes which would in no distant future bring back power supply to where it should be.

Osinbajo said government was not unmindful of the tension in the monetary policies and would ensure that all relevant agencies would collaborate to reduce the financial hardships.

He also said that execution was key in all the plans, adding that the Federal Government was working hard to ensure it was able to execute programmes.

The Vice President said that the proposal for reducing the time of doing business was uppermost in the government’s agenda.

He said that while some legislative changes were needed, others required attitudinal changes of individuals and organisations.

Osinbajo said the administration was very committed to deliver on many of its promises by working through the challenges day by day.





Why Fela Kuti Married 27 Women In One Day – Seun Kuti



Why Fela Kuti Married 27 Women In One Day |

Seun Kuti, the son of the late Afrobeats pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has shared the reasons behind his father’s decision to marry 27 women. These women included his backup singers and dancers, all in one day.

In 1978, Fela Anikulapo Kuti made headlines worldwide by marrying 27 women in a single day. The act was seen as extremely bold and unconventional. This group marriage was not just a spectacle but had deeper motivations behind it.

Seun Kuti explained that Fela’s female dancers and band members were frequently subjected to harsh media scrutiny and were often labelled as prostitutes. This negative portrayal deeply concerned Fela, who has always challenged societal norms and media propaganda. To counter these damaging accusations and preserve the honour and dignity of these women, Fela decided to marry all 27 of them at once.

Seun elaborated that this act was Fela’s way of showing solidarity with his band members and dancers.

It affirmed their importance and value in his life and work. By marrying them, Fela aimed to protect them from societal stigma and ensure they were respected.

In a recent interview on the “Fresh Off The Boat” podcast via Skype, Seun shared these insights. He highlighted his father’s commitment to challenging societal norms and defending the people close to him. This act of marrying 27 women was another example of Fela’s rebellious spirit and desire to stand up against injustice and societal prejudice.

“My father was under immense media propaganda. He was very scrutinised. And most of it were directed to the women that were in his life—his female backup singers, dancers.”

“They all lived together with my dad, but the media started calling them prostitutes. So my dad, in order to preserve their honour and dignity, asked them if they would choose to be his brides, so nobody would call them names anymore, and they all agreed. That was how the marriage happened.”

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Adebayo Salami Celebrates Five Decades In Nollywood



Adebayo Salami celebrates five decades in Nollywood |

Veteran Nollywood actor Adebayo Salami, also known as Oga Bello, has been in the movie business for 50 years! To celebrate this achievement, the 72-year-old actor posted a black-and-white picture on Instagram with some of his fellow actors. He thanked God for his successful career and wonderful family. Oga Bello also said that even though actors might get tired sometimes, they never truly retire from their passion for acting.

He wrote, “With over 5 decades of committed practice in Nollywood, I am indeed most grateful to Almighty God for His unending blessings over my career and family. Actor only gets tired, actor does not retire. Get ready for what is coming soon.”


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A post shared by Adebayo Salami (@adebayo.salami)

Adebayo Salami’s acting career started way back in 1964. He joined a group called Young Concert Party, led by Ojo Ladipo (Baba Mero). This group’s name changed a few times, from Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group to finally Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group. When Baba Mero passed away in 1978, Salami became the leader of the group. This put him in the spotlight and helped him get noticed.

Salami also made movie history. He appeared in the very first Yoruba film ever made, called “Ajani Ogun.” The lead role in that movie was played by Adeyemi Afolayan, the father of well-known actors Kunle Afolayan and Gabriel Afolayan.

In 1985, Salami didn’t just act, he also produced his first movie, “Ogun Ajaye,” with his Awada Kerikeri group. Since then, he’s become a well-rounded movie talent. He acts, directs, and produces movies all the time, making him a big player in the Yoruba film industry.

It seems acting talent runs in the family! Salami has two sons, Femi and Tope Adebayo, who have become successful actors and movie producers themselves.

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Mayorkun Finally Addresses Nicki Dabarbie’s Ritual Allegations



Mayorkun addresses Nicki Dabarbie’s ritual allegations |

Afrobeats singer Mayorkun has responded to claims made by social media influencer Nicki Dabarbie. She accused him and his colleague, Skiibii (Abbey Elias), of attempting to use her for a ritual.

On April 19, 2024, Nicki Dabarbie accused Mayorkun and Skiibii of plotting to use her for a ‘money ritual’. She supported her claims with pictures and videos describing the incident.

Mayorkun took to his X page to deny all the allegations. He stated that he had never met Nicki Dabarbie and was unaware of her existence before the allegations.

Mayorkun mentioned that he initially wanted to let the court handle the situation, but the spread of false information prompted him to speak out. He stressed that he did not know Dabarbie and warned fans about the dangers of cancellation culture and its potential harm to his life and career.

He wrote:

“You know, I was going to let this remain as a court case but when I checked the comments under some of the blogs where these ridiculous allegations were posted, I was quickly reminded of how gullible most people are on the internet and how they are ready to run along, spreading any negative news without any form of clarity.

“Just for the record, I never met that person on the said day, still never seen that person till this day, never knew about that person’s existence not until those allegations came up.. yet she claimed I put ‘something’ in her drink. A lot of people believed that story, and you think I’ll let this libelous claim fly? No!”

He added,

“I wanna re-instate, I have never seen this person before, even as I am typing this! I still haven’t set my eyes on this person.. Like, what else can I say? How else can I prove this? There’s no need for me to ask for an apology where I won’t get any. I just needed to say this publicly and get it off my chest.. cos if it was a case of ‘cancellation’ as many people are quick to do, I for don go back to dey find work for bank.”

He stated that he would pursue additional charges against her, even though she is currently in prison on unrelated charges.

Earlier, Mayorkun had threatened to file a N1 billion lawsuit against Nicki Dabarbie.

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