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Sleep, An Element Of Healthy Living



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The greatest remedy for being exhaustive is sleep. Without this natural restoration, good health is impossible. It is the repairer of the brain, nerves and muscles. It is during the period of sleep that the body repairs itself, re-energizes itself and prepares itself for another activity. It is a necessity of life and the mistake most people make is taking their nights for granted. During sleep, there are activities going on in the body; there is the repair of tissues, healing, re-fueling the organs and cells, and replacement of cells that has lost its vitality during the busy days.

The brain as well takes it function. All the body processes and functions are under the control of the brain. The brain is the judge of the body welfare. You can’t blink your eye, swallow, taste, breathe, sing, write a note, sharpen a pen, think about anything, perceive a fragrance, scratch your back, or laugh at a funny joke without the involvement of the brain. The brain plays a real functional role and it’s important to sleep during the night for it to recharge itself.

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Through sleep, the memory is strengthened. It is quite evident that when one is trying to learn something new, reading, or preparing for an activity, you do perform better after sleeping. This is because it helps you to recap. Study shows that sleeping for at least 8hours will promote good health. Sleeping below that can truncate the lifespan of a person.

For those who have gone through the process of dieting and starving to lose some weight, study shows that dieters who sleep for the required amount lose more fat than those who deprive sleep. Dieters in the same study feel hungrier when they get less sleep at night.

Sleep is so essential that it overtakes us when it is needed by the body. The body must have it, without sleep the body perishes.





How To Smell Good All The Time



Body Odour: How To Smell Good All The Time |

As the saying goes, smelling good is important for leaving a positive impression. It’s essential to be mindful of your body odour and invest in products that help you maintain a pleasant scent. Taking care of your hygiene ensures that you feel confident and comfortable in social situations. No one wants to feel embarrassed by unpleasant body odour when interacting with others.

Even if you start your day feeling fresh and clean, it’s common for your scent to fade as the day goes on. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to ensure you smell great throughout the day. Following these steps will help you maintain a pleasant fragrance and boost your confidence in any situation.

1. Wash the sweatiest parts of your body

Showering regularly is a must for staying fresh. When you wash, use scented soap and a sponge to clean your entire body thoroughly.

Focus on the sweat zones! These areas have more sweat glands, which can mix with bacteria on your skin and cause odour. Pay special attention to your armpits, groin area, inner thighs, and feet. Don’t forget other important areas like your chest, ears, genitals, and buttocks.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid harsh soaps with strong perfumes or antibacterial ingredients. These can irritate your skin.

2. Moisturise skin with scented lotion or cream

Lotion can be your secret weapon for long-lasting fragrance.

After you shower, your skin is clean and slightly damp. This moistness acts like a base that helps trap scents and keeps them lingering longer. Apply a scented lotion right after towelling off to lock in that fresh, clean feeling and your favourite scent. Lotions come in a wide variety of scents, so you can find one that complements your perfume or cologne.

Think about your perfume or cologne as the star of the show, and other scented products like lotion as supporting actors. Choosing a lotion or cream from the same brand as your perfume or cologne creates a layered effect. This layering reinforces your overall scent and makes it more complex and interesting than a single overpowering note.

While smelling good is important, it’s easy to go overboard. Too many competing scents can be overwhelming and unpleasant for both you and those around you. Consider using mostly unscented products for things like deodorant, hairspray, and lip balm.

This allows you to focus on one or two main scents—your lotion and perfume—which will create a more balanced and pleasant overall fragrance. Think of it like building an outfit—you wouldn’t wear clashing prints or colours from head to toe, and the same goes for scents!

3. Make your perfume or cologne last

To make your fragrance last all day, target your pulse points and torso. These areas naturally generate more body heat, which helps activate and release the scent throughout the day. Here’s how to apply:

  • Skip the rubbing: After applying lotion, gently dab your perfume or cologne on your wrists, neck, and even behind your ears. Rubbing these areas can break down the fragrance molecules, making the scent weaker.

  • Move down to your torso: For a more subtle but long-lasting effect, lightly spray a small amount of perfume or cologne on your chest and back.

  • Extend the fragrance to your hair: Spritz your hairbrush with your favourite perfume before brushing your dry hair. This will gently distribute the scent without weighing down your locks.

  • Less is more: Remember, a little perfume goes a long way. Avoid overdoing it; too much fragrance can be overwhelming. By applying strategically and in moderation, you’ll ensure you smell pleasant all day without being overpowering.

4. Use a deodorant or antiperspirant

Body Odour: How To Smell Good All The Time |

After showering, apply deodorant to your armpits to combat odour and minimise sweat, especially since armpits tend to develop odour faster due to numerous sweat glands. Antiperspirant deodorants work effectively to mask unpleasant smells and regulate sweat production. If you engage in physical activities that induce sweating, reapply deodorant as necessary to maintain freshness.

Deodorants are available in various forms, such as solid sticks, gel sticks, or sprays. Additionally, you have the option to opt for natural alternatives like rock deodorant or create your own using baking soda and coconut oil.

Consider using unscented deodorant if you intend to use perfumes or scented lotions to avoid overwhelming your senses with too many fragrances.

5. Put on clean clothes every day

Always wear fresh clothes each day, including a clean shirt, pants, underwear, bra, and socks, to ensure you maintain a pleasant scent throughout the day.

Changing into clean clothes helps prevent any lingering odours and keeps you feeling comfortable. If you tend to have sweaty or smelly feet, consider changing your socks multiple times throughout the day to maintain freshness and avoid discomfort.

6. Stay hydrated during the day

Staying hydrated is a double win for freshness. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps your body flush out toxins and sweat, which can contribute to body odour. Water also keeps your mouth moist, preventing bad breath caused by dryness or lingering food particles.

If you’re worried about strong food smells like coffee or garlic, drinking water helps dilute them in your mouth, leaving you feeling minty and fresh.

Make a habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. This keeps you hydrated, promotes overall health, and helps you stay fresh from head to toe.

7. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients that help your body function at its best, and that includes keeping you smelling good. They also promote healthy digestion, which can further contribute to freshness.

Be mindful of strong-smelling foods. While garlic, onions, and spices are delicious and healthy, they can leave behind lingering odours on your breath and even slightly alter your body scent. If you’re worried about staying fresh throughout the day, it might be wise to limit these foods on those specific occasions.

Fruits and vegetables that are high in water content, like watermelon, cucumber, and celery, can help flush out toxins that contribute to body odour. So fill your plate with these cleansing options to support your freshness goals!

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What Happens When You Don’t Deworm Your Intestines Often?



See What Happens When You Don’t Deworm Often |

When you neglect to deworm regularly, you leave yourself vulnerable to a variety of health problems caused by intestinal worms. These parasitic creatures take up residence in your gut, feeding off the nutrients you consume. This can lead to a cascade of negative effects on your body, especially if left untreated.

1. Malnutrition

Intestinal worms are essentially thieves. They steal vital nutrients from the food you eat, making it difficult for your body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. This can lead to malnutrition, particularly in children. Malnourished children are more susceptible to illness, have lower energy levels, and may experience stunted growth and development.

2. Anaemia

Certain types of worms, like hookworms, are notorious for feeding on your blood. This can lead to iron deficiency anaemia, a condition where your red blood cells don’t have enough iron to carry oxygen effectively throughout your body. Symptoms of anaemia include fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, and pale skin.

3. Digestive Issues

The presence of worms in your intestines can irritate the lining, causing a range of uncomfortable digestive problems. You might experience abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhoea, and even nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, heavy worm infestations can even lead to blockages in the intestines, requiring medical intervention.

4. Weakened Immune System

Chronic worm infections can take a toll on your body’s natural defences. When your immune system is busy fighting off worms, it has less capacity to fight off other illnesses and infections. This can make you more susceptible to other diseases and slow down your recovery time from illnesses you do contract.

5. Long-Term Health Risks

Left untreated, worm infections can lead to more serious health complications down the line. In children, chronic worm infections can hinder their physical and cognitive development. In adults, long-term worm burdens can increase the risk of malnutrition, organ damage, and even death in extreme cases.

If you suspect you or someone you know might have a worm infection, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment with medication prescribed by a healthcare professional can help prevent serious complications and ensure a full recovery. Remember, deworming is a preventative measure that can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

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See 4 Reasons Men Prefer To Suffer In Silence



See Reasons Men Prefer To Suffer In Silence |

Society often sends mixed messages about masculinity. On the one hand, emotions are a fundamental part of the human experience, something everyone shares. Yet, there’s a strange rule book for men when it comes to expressing their feelings. Phrases like “man up” and “don’t cry” become ingrained from a young age, creating a pressure cooker situation. This makes men suffer in silence.

Men are expected to be these emotionless superheroes, bottling things up to avoid being seen as weak. But this bottled-up approach can have serious consequences for men’s mental and emotional well-being.

Here’s a deeper dive into why men might feel pressure to suppress their emotions and suffer in silence:

1. The Myth of Mr. Invincible

Society has constructed a myth of masculinity that revolves around stoicism and emotional detachment. Showing vulnerability or admitting to struggles is seen as a sign of weakness.

This narrative creates a double bind for men. They’re expected to be these invincible protectors and providers, yet they’re expected to do it all without a single crack in the armour.

This emotional repression can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness, as men may feel unable to connect with others on a deeper level.

2. The Lone Wolf blues

Traditionally, men have been expected to be self-sufficient problem-solvers. The “lone wolf” image is often glorified, portraying men who handle everything on their own as the epitome of strength.

Asking for help is seen as a weakness, pushing men further into isolation when they might really need support. This can prevent men from seeking help for mental health issues, which are just as common in men as they are in women.

3. Macho Misconceptions

Our narrow view of masculinity only allows for a limited range of emotions. It’s okay to be aggressive and competitive, but showing compassion or vulnerability? Not so much. This skewed perception not only limits men’s emotional vocabulary but can also lead to feelings of shame or confusion.

Men might experience a range of emotions but feel pressured to suppress anything that doesn’t fit the narrow definition of “manly.” This can be incredibly damaging to their emotional well-being.

4. The Cycle of Silence

The less men talk about their struggles, the more alone they feel. It’s a vicious cycle where men enforce these impossible standards on each other while also suffering under them.

Seeing other men bottle up their emotions reinforces the idea that this is the only acceptable way to behave. This silence makes it difficult for men to seek help or connect with others on a deeper level.

Breaking free from this silence requires a big cultural shift. We need to redefine strength to include the courage to be vulnerable and seek help when you need it. It’s about changing the conversation, one at a time, and creating a space where men feel comfortable opening up without fear.

True strength lies not in silence but in the courage to be honest about your feelings and connect with others. It won’t happen overnight, but acknowledging the problem is the first step. By understanding and challenging these ideas, we can build a healthier society where men are encouraged to express their full range of emotions.

This not only benefits men but strengthens the social fabric as a whole, fostering stronger connections and a more supportive environment for everyone.

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