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How To Achieve Colour Balance In Outfits



How To Achieve Colour Balance In Outfits |

Like all other forms of art, fashion relies on harmony and balance to succeed. In the context of clothing, colour balance refers to how visual weight is distributed throughout an outfit to ensure that no single component dominates the overall appearance. To produce visually appealing and artistically pleasing ensembles, balance in fashion is crucial.

How To Achieve Colour Balance In Outfits |

Understanding Colour Balance In Fashion

1. Symmetrical Balance:

This is when an outfit is balanced by mirroring one side of the body with the other. For example, wearing a classic tailored suit with a jacket and pants of equal visual weight creates symmetrical balance.

2. Asymmetrical Balance:

Asymmetrical balance involves distributing visual weight unevenly, creating a sense of intrigue and dynamism. An example is pairing a fitted top with wide-legged pants, which balance the upper and lower body.

3. Radial Balance:

Radial balance radiates from a central point. A circular skirt or dress with a defined waist can achieve this effect, drawing attention to the centre.

How to Achieve Balance in an Outfit

1. Proportion:

Select attire that complements the proportions of your physique. For instance, high-waisted trousers help balance your proportions if you have a shorter torso and longer legs.

2. Scale:

Consider the size of the accessories and pattern. To avoid overpowering the entire outfit, mix and match complex prints with simpler pieces and vice versa.

How To Achieve Colour Balance In Outfits |

3. Layering:

Utilising layers, you can add or take away components to achieve equilibrium. For instance, wearing a chunky sweater over a slim-fitting dress can create balance.

4. Colour:

Utilise colour wisely to establish harmony. Dark colours typically stand out more visually than light ones. Pair a light-coloured shirt with dark trousers to balance your look, or the other way around.

Why is Balance Important in Fashion?

1. Enhances Aesthetics:

Balance makes an outfit appear well-put-together and aesthetically appealing, which improves your entire appearance.

2. Comfort and Confidence:

A balanced attire frequently makes you feel more at ease and gives you more self-assurance because you aren’t always fiddling with it or worrying about how you look.

How To Achieve Colour Balance In Outfits |

3. Expresses Style:

Balance helps you to show your individual flair while still maintaining a uniform and well-coordinated appearance.

Balancing Colours

1. Colour Wheel:

Learn how colours connect to one another by familiarising yourself with the colour wheel. Contrasting colours that are complementary to one another can successfully balance one another.

2. Dominant Colour:

Select a dominating colour for your ensemble, then utilise accent colours to bring it to life. This establishes a focus point and avoids colour saturation.

3. Neutral Colours:

Colours that are neutral, such as black, white, grey, and beige, can balance and subdue brighter or more vivid hues.

How To Achieve Colour Balance In Outfits |

4. Colour Proportion:

Consider how the proportions of each colour in your ensemble fit together. For instance, adding a tiny blue belt to a dress that is primarily red can create balance.

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Balance is a fundamental concept in fashion that contributes to the overall success of an outfit. Whether you aim for symmetry or want to experiment with asymmetry, achieving balance ensures that your style is harmonious, visually appealing, and expressive of your unique personality. Balancing colours is equally important, allowing you to create captivating and well-composed looks that turn heads for all the right reasons.


Miss Universe R’Bonney’s Final Walk In South African Couture




At the 2023 Miss Universe competition in El Salvador, 71st Miss Universe R’Bonney Nola Gabriel made a breathtaking farewell appearance wearing a captivating creation designed by renowned South African designer Gert-Joan Coetzee. The dress, designed by the gifted Werner Wessels, had an off-the-shoulder silhouette and a plunging neckline. Fin and scale-like decorations were used to accentuate the look. Notably, the waist was shaped to resemble armour, giving the whole look a hint of regal refinement.

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A post shared by Miss Universe (@missuniverse)

This magnificent gown honours the tenacious spirit of women everywhere while simultaneously symbolising the pinnacle of fashion. R’Bonney wears this amazing creation—a monument to the strength and empowerment symbolised by women in our planet and beyond—as she makes her farewell walk as Miss Universe. The reflects not just a fashion statement but a celebration of the indomitable spirit that defines women’s presence in the universe.

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A post shared by Miss Universe (@missuniverse)

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About R’Bonney Nola Gabriel

American beauty pageant winner R’Bonney Gabriel won the esteemed title of Miss Universe 2022. She became the oldest competitor to be rewarded with this honour after her victory made her the ninth American representative to win this prestigious championship. She competed in beauty pageants and won the title of Miss USA 2022, highlighting her remarkable path and success before winning Miss Universe.

R'Bonney Nola Makes Final Appearance As Miss Universe|

The 28-year-old Houston, Texas, beauty R’Bonney Gabriel was victorious in the 71st Miss Universe pageant. A glamorous touch was added to the lively event on January 14, 2023, in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the crowning moment. In a thrilling finale, R’Bonney and Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela 2022, held the audience spellbound.

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6 Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans



6 Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans |

Styling boyfriend jeans have numerous styles, especially with their loose and baggy fit, making them suitable for casual outings or date nights. However, you have to be mindful, as the transition from stylish to sloppy is possible if not paired thoughtfully.

To achieve a fashionable look, consider cuffing your jeans a few inches above the ankle and pairing them with a more fitted tank top or blouse. This strategic pairing not only complements the relaxed nature of boyfriend jeans but also creates an opportunity for a celebrity-inspired ensemble.

While the term “boyfriend jeans” typically denotes blue denim, you can elevate the style by opting for faded-black boyfriend jeans paired with a white tee shirt layered under a chic leather jacket.

Below are 6 ways to style your boyfriend jeans:

1. Boyfriend Jeans With Flats

Embrace a laid-back summer beach vibe with flats, and discovering the perfect pair is a breeze. Experiment by pairing your beloved jeans with a charming graphic tee and slip-on sandals.

The combination of flat sandals and boyfriend jeans exudes a particularly cool and casual vibe, making it an ideal choice for spring and summer. Enhance the look by adding your favourite anklet as a stylish accessory.

Opt for a relaxed aesthetic by choosing slouchy jeans paired with flat sandals for a toned-down yet chic appearance.

2. With Heels

Boyfriend jeans typically hit right at or slightly above the ankle. To visually lengthen the body, consider adding some height with heels. Create an elongated silhouette by pairing your jeans with an oversized white jacket and white high heels.

6 Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans |

Alternatively, achieve a relaxed yet stylish look by styling low-heeled sandals with a comfy T-shirt and draping a jacket across your shoulder. Another chic option is to wear boyfriend jeans with a tucked-in floral blouse, complemented by block heels and a bold, vibrant purse.

3. With Ankle Boots

Stay stylish while keeping your ankles warm by teaming your boyfriend jeans with a T-shirt featuring a playful message, ankle boots, and a scarf. Opt for slouchy knee-high boots to achieve a casual yet chic look.

6 Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans |

These boots not only add a touch of semi-professional flair but are also versatile enough for various occasions. Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a bold statement, go for a patterned top, loose-fitting boyfriend jeans, and Chelsea boots.

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4. If You Are Petite

Opt for boyfriend jeans with a slightly high-waisted cut that isn’t overly baggy. Create narrow cuffs at the bottoms and pair them with stylish heels, sandals, or boots.

While you can choose boyfriend jeans without cuffs, avoid options with wide, length-shortening cuffs. Additionally, steer clear of excessively slouchy, super baggy, or tapered styles for a more flattering look.

5. For The Plus Size

For a curvy figure, opt for a cardigan or shorter shirt when styling boyfriend jeans. Pair them with a black tee or a loose white tee with rolled sleeves for a casual vibe.

To add a touch of formality, consider incorporating a blazer into your outfit. For an edgy look, style your boyfriend jeans with a white T-shirt, a light cream jacket, and block heels.

6. For Over 50

Choose boyfriend jeans in faded to medium vintage-blue washes. Roll the hems of your jeans above the ankles and add a belt while half-tucking the top.

Create the illusion of a slimmer body by pairing the jeans with an unzipped moto jacket and keeping the under-piece simple. To elevate the look, add a ladylike pump for a fun and dressed-up appearance.

While pulling off boyfriend jeans might seem tricky initially, switching from your usual skinny cut can bring a casual and chic style. If you’re concerned that the loose-fitting boyfriend style may not suit you or might look too baggy, keep the following tips in mind.

Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Boyfriend Jeans


  • Roll the hem of your jeans a few inches above your ankle for a cool, laid-back look.
  • Maintain a neat appearance by loosely rolling them to a cropped length, and positioning them a few inches above your ankle. However, this isn’t a rigid rule, and you can choose a length appropriate for your height and shoe choice. If uncertain, seek a second opinion from a friend.
  • Pair your jeans with a dressy or sexy top, balancing the entire outfit with a tube top or a glitter off-shoulder top.
  • Elevate the edgy factor with eye-catching garments like a leather jacket, a statement shirt, and ankle boots. For an elegant aura, try your jeans with a tucked-in denim shirt.
  • Create a casual look by throwing on white sneakers with your boyfriend jeans, and pairing them with a cute crop top. Alternatively, opt for pumps or classy stilettos to create the illusion of longer legs.
  • Match your jeans with black or loose white tees, keeping the sleeves rolled to echo your rolled hems.
  • Boost your style with a sloppy joe top or a sailor-striped boat-neck top. For cooler evenings, oversized jackets and flat shoes make a great cover-up without deviating from the overall theme.
  • Choose an off-shoulder floral top with gipsy ruffles or a body-hugging halter-neck crop top to accentuate your feminine curves.


  • Ensure your shirt is not left untucked; if you’re not comfortable with a full tuck, opt for a half-tuck, leaving the back hanging out for a chic, street-style look.
  • Don’t forget to add a belt; without it, your jeans may appear sagging. Instead, pair your jeans with a classy belt for the perfect fit.
  • Steer clear of the ‘flattening’ effect by being mindful of accessories and other pieces in your ensemble.
  • Opt for tighter blouses and high-heeled shoes to balance the overall look and maintain a flattering silhouette.
  • Avoid teaming your boyfriend jeans with loose and oversized tops, as they may compromise the intended slouchy silhouette.
  • Refrain from purchasing jeans that are too tight; this style is meant to be slouchy and relaxed.
  • Resist wearing boyfriend jeans with flannel and exposing too much skin; excessively ripped jeans paired with tight, small tops may not create an attractive look.

What Not To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

  • Oversized sweater or sweatshirt.
  • A blouse that doesn’t have structure or skim your body.
  • Shackets should not be worn with boyfriend jeans.
  • You want to be careful to show some sign of your waistline and continue to create that hourglass feminine shape.

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Africa’s Fashion Renaissance Takes Global Stage At London Fashion Week With Vanity Hub Africa




Vanity Hub Africa Portrays Africa Fashion At London FW |

Vanity Hub Africa has emerged at London Fashion Week, signalling a significant turning point in the continent’s fashion comeback and a watershed moment for African design. A significant change occurred in 2023 with the establishment of Vanity Hub Africa, which positioned itself as the centre of African high fashion and luxury on the international scene. Its strategic connection with London Fashion Week has allowed it to become the premier event for African fashion, showcasing the best high-end and luxury designers on the continent.

Vanity Hub Africa Portrays Africa Fashion At London FW|

Leading a bold reshaping of African fashion, Vanity Hub Africa is exhibiting with major players in the industry such as Burberry, Valentino, and JW Anderson on the official programme. This extraordinary achievement is fostering a new paradigm and providing a significant platform for African designers to showcase their ingenuity.

Unmistakable flair was brought to London Fashion Week by the African designers on display, including Ifeoma Umenyiora of Piillz n Poizn, Wisdom Franklin of “Weiz Dhurm Franklyn”, Mimi Linda Yina of “Medlin Couture” and others. Industry insiders and fashion fans were captivated by their appearance, which created a lively atmosphere in the esteemed Chelsea Town Hall in London, which is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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Lady Ayobami, also known as Ayobami Animashaun, is a British-Nigerian entrepreneur leading this innovative project. Her diverse responsibilities as Vanity Hub Africa’s founder, CEO, and head curator have revolutionised the continent’s premium fashion industry. Due to this shift in perspectives, even in the most prestigious fashion capitals, Africa’s qualities have been recognised and showcased globally.

Vanity Hub Africa Portrays Africa Fashion At London FW|

Vanity Hub Africa is a shining example, supporting African designers and raising the bar for African fashion. Vanity Hub Africa’s platform enables African designers to showcase their talents and connect with worldwide markets, thereby changing the global perception of African fashion via their unwavering passion.

Lady Ayobami Animashaun fervently stresses that this is a narrative shift and a call for the world to embrace and celebrate the skill and craftsmanship that characterise African fashion, rather than just changing clothes. Not only is the platform changing fashion, but it’s also revolutionising views and bringing Africa’s fashion brilliance to the global fore, something that has long been overdue.

See more pictures below:

Vanity Hub Africa Portrays Africa Fashion At London FW|

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