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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix Movie – ‘Maestro’



Maestro” is an American biographical drama film that focuses on the relationship between Leonard Bernstein, an American composer, and his wife Felicia Montealegre.

Directed by Bradley Cooper, the film was produced by Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Todd Phillips, along with Cooper. The screenplay was co-written by Cooper and Josh Singer.

The cast includes Carey Mulligan as Montealegre and Cooper as Bernstein, with Matt Bomer, Maya Hawke, and Sarah Silverman in supporting roles.

The mind-blowing movie is filled with romance and vigour, and has a runtime of two hours and nine minutes.

It is scheduled to be released on 2nd September, 2023.

Watch the teaser below.



Ngozi Nwosu Explains What It Means To Play Drug Addict’s Mother In Upcoming Film



Ngozi Nwosu on what it means to play drug addict's mother |

Ngozi Nwosu is a veteran Nigerian actress with a career spanning decades. A household name among Nollywood fans, she’s not just an actress but also a producer with a filmography boasting dozens of titles. Nwosu shot to fame with her role in the landmark 1992 movie, Living in Bondage, which is considered a pivotal film in the rise of Nollywood. Since then, she has continued to make waves in the industry.

Her latest project is a movie titled “Broken Portrait,” which tackles the sensitive and timely issue of drug addiction within a family. Nwosu takes on the role of Ezinne Idahosa, the mother grappling with her child’s addiction.

In a recent interview, she opened up about the film’s powerful and emotional impact, especially due to its subject matter. She also delved into the mental preparation she underwent to embody her character effectively.

“The story is so emotional. In fact, at some point during the shoot, I had to take a moment for myself. It’s a story that will have you fully immersed,” she said.

Ngozi Nwosu revealed it was the film’s unique portrayal of drug addiction that drew her to the project.

“First, it was the storyline, I loved it and I knew I could do it, I took it. Then it was the uniqueness of the story. It is told differently. There are so many stories on issues like this but this one stands out.”

Before her success in movies like “Living in Bondage,” Ngozi Nwosu became a household name playing the character Peaceful Peace in the popular 1990s soap opera “Fuji House of Commotion.” Looking back at her career, Nwosu acknowledges that Nollywood has gone through a lot of changes since those early days.

“Nollywood has improved tremendously. We do have some problems though. For example, a lot of people who are not supposed to be producers are now producers. Everybody is after the money. Once there’s money in their hands, they want to make a film.”

Nwosu also argued that prioritizing profit over artistic merit has led to a saturated industry with fewer talented actors. However, she believes “acting is a lovable career. Sometimes you’re emotionally linked to the characters you play but you have a job and must deliver.”

Ngozi Nwosu, promoting her upcoming film “Broken Portrait,” expressed empathy for those battling drug addiction and their families. She emphasized the importance of parental vigilance in spotting and addressing concerning behaviour in children. Nwosu, a veteran of family dramas, also mentioned her selective approach to choosing roles.

“The story has to work for me. The role I am required to play is another thing. Then, the money. Sometimes the money isn’t such a focus for me if the story is excellent. That is why I accepted to be in Broken Portrait,” she said.

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Deyemi Okanlawon Advises Skit Makers Hoping To Go Into Acting



Deyemi Okanlawon Advises Skit Makers Hoping To Act |

Deyemi Okanlawon is a Nollywood actor. He recently appeared on the Echoo Room podcast. During the podcast, he talked about social media skit makers. These are people who make short, funny videos for social media platforms.

Some of these skit makers want to become professional actors. Okanlawon had advice for them. He said they need to work very hard to achieve their goals.

The podcast host asked Okanlawon what he thought about skit makers using their videos to enter the acting industry. Okanlawon responded by stressing two important things. He said perseverance is crucial. He also said hard work is necessary.

Okanlawon believes that becoming a successful actor requires more than just making social media videos. He suggests that aspiring actors must put in extra effort to make their dreams come true.

He began, 

“If you’re ever trying to do anything different from the norm, if you’re known for something and you’re trying to do something different, it’s going to be difficult.”


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“Nobody is going to readily roll over and allow you; I’ve learned that the hard way. So if anyone finds themselves in that situation, what I would suggest is to just keep that vision alive and keep working towards it,” Deyemi added.

Thinking back on his career…

Deyemi Okanlawon remembered a period when he kept getting cast as the bad guy in movies. Instead of getting discouraged, he saw it as a chance to show everyone he could play all kinds of roles, not just villains.

He explained, 

“There was a time in my career when I was the bad boy of Nollywood; I was the villain and I saw it but I didn’t particularly like it. I wanted to play the loverboy, the good guy or the pastor, but they were giving me the villain.”

He also said that by doing this, directors finally realized he wasn’t limited to playing bad guys.

“I said to myself, ‘This is the opportunity that I have’ to maximise this opportunity and so I took every villain that was ever asked to play and I made them so different and still so believable. They tried to put me in a box but I made sure I painted the box differently and I worked with what I had until people started to realise that I could do more,” he narrated.

The actor advised others facing the same problem. He said to stay strong and keep working towards your dreams.

“I think that anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they feel like the path where they want to be is not readily available, I think they need to put in the extra work and it will happen,” Deyemi concluded.

Watch the full interview below:

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Timini Egbuson’s ‘Shina’ Is The Only Nollywood Film In Netflix’s Top 10 Chart In Nigeria



'Shina', the only Nollywood film in Netflix's top 10 in Nigeria |

A crime thriller film titled “Shina” has become a major hit on Netflix with Nigerian audiences. Since its debut in mid-June, “Shina” has consistently held a spot within the top 10 most-streamed movies in Nigeria. This achievement highlights the film’s strong appeal and is a major contributing factor to its success on the streaming platform.

Directed by the duo of Muyiwa Adesokun and Carmen Lilian-Ike-Okoro, “Shina” dives into the world of crime and suspense. The story follows a taxi driver in Lagos on a perilous mission. To save his ailing grandmother, he must deliver a mysterious package. As he embarks on this journey, unexpected twists and turns leave him facing a difficult moral dilemma.

Feyifunmi Oginni takes the producer’s seat for “Shina”. The cast boasts a lineup of talented Nigerian actors, including veterans Akin Lewis and Segun Arinze. Actor Timini Egbuson also plays a key role behind the camera this time.

“Shina” marks Egbuson’s debut as an executive producer.

He’s no stranger to the spotlight, though, having previously appeared in numerous films and television series. Notably, Egbuson has starred in Nollywood’s highest-grossing movie to date, “A Tribe Called Judah,” and even scored the 2020 AMVCA Award for Best Actor in a Drama for his role in “Elevator Baby.”

On producing the film, Egbuson said, “I’m incredibly excited to immerse myself deeper into the creative world and bring to life the films I’m truly passionate about.”

Besides “Shina” reigning at the top, Netflix’s Nigerian top 10 this week offered a diverse range of movies for various tastes.

For those in the mood for romance, “Anyone But You” was a perfect pick. If you preferred a classic comedy, then “Beverly Hills Cop” offered a hilarious trip down memory lane.

Craving something suspenseful? “Mvera” delivered a thrilling drama that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Fantasy fans could dive into the epic adventures of the “Percy Jackson” series, with both “The Lightning Thief” and “Sea of Monsters” available.

Viewers seeking a cultural experience could explore the world of Indian drama with “Maharaja.” Families looking for a movie to enjoy together could cuddle up for “A Family Affair.”

For those who enjoy a good mystery, “Vanished into the Night” presents an intriguing puzzle to solve. Finally, “Srikanth” remained a title shrouded in mystery, piquing viewers’ curiosity without revealing its genre – it could be anything from a drama to a comedy, or something entirely different!

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Ngozi Nwosu Explains What It Means To Play Drug Addict’s Mother In Upcoming Film

Ngozi Nwosu is a veteran Nigerian actress with a career spanning decades. A household name among Nollywood fans, she’s not...