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This Is Why People Wear Jewelry



People choose what makes them look fashionable when it comes to style, but it doesn’t end there. They have reasons for their choice.

Read below to find different reasons people wear jewelries.

1. Cultural and Traditional Significance:

Couple Traditional Wedding Beads His and Hers Original Coral - Etsy Hong Kong

People wear jewelry as a way to connect with their roots, honor traditions, and showcase their cultural identity. It can represent cultural heritage, social status, and ceremonial significance.

2. Enhancement of Beauty:

Jewelries can complement and accentuate outfits, hairstyles, and facial features. Well-chosen jewelry pieces can add sparkle, color, and elegance, making the wearer feel more confident and attractive.

3. Fashion and Style:

How to Clean Costume Jewelry So It Lasts - Connoisseurs

Jewelry is a key component of fashion and style. It can be used to accessorize and complete an outfit, adding flair and sophistication. Different types of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, can be mixed and matched to create unique and fashionable looks.

4. Social Signaling:

Kate Middleton's New Jewelry 2018 | POPSUGAR Fashion

It can be a form of social signaling, conveying messages about one’s social status, wealth, and taste. Certain pieces of jewelry are associated with luxury and prestige, and wearing them can communicate success and affluence.

5. Spiritual and Metaphysical Beliefs:

In some cultures and belief systems, jewelry holds spiritual and metaphysical significance. It can be worn as a symbol of faith, protection, or connection to higher powers. Examples include religious symbols, healing crystals, or amulets believed to bring luck or ward off negative energies.


5 Hausa Proverbs For The Week



5 Hausa Proverbs For The Week |

Hausa proverbs are amongst the cultural strengths of the Hausa tribe in Nigeria. These proverbs are an integral part of their culture which serves as a repository of wisdom and generational heritage.

Hausa proverbs, just like other cultural proverbs, provide insights into the Hausa people’s beliefs, values, and worldview, often conveying profound meanings in concise statements.

As we go further in this read, we will delve into the world of Hausa proverbs, exploring their meanings and the hidden words of truth and wisdom in them.

5 Hausa Proverbs For The Week |

We will examine 5 of these Hausa proverbs below:

1. “Dan iskan baya iko ba shi ido.”

(A child who has experienced the cold knows the feeling of warmth).

This proverb talks about the importance of experiencing contrasting situations to appreciate the positive aspects of life.

It suggests that one who has endured challenging circumstances can better appreciate and value the comfort and blessings that come their way.

It also reminds you to remain resilient and hopeful during difficult times, knowing that they will eventually encounter moments of solace and joy.

2. “Sai gobe ya zama sharhi baki.”

(Tomorrow will become today’s morning).

This proverb highlights the concept of time and the inevitability of change.

It conveys the idea that every new day holds the potential for transformation and new opportunities.

It encourages patience, reminding you that present challenges or circumstances will change with time, and better days will dawn.

3. “Idan hanayen na sa karfi, ya sa kemar ji.”

(If the elephant’s tusks get too long, they become a burden).

This serves as a reminder that excessive possessions or qualities can become burdensome. There should be balance and moderation in life, avoiding excesses that may hinder progress or bring unnecessary complications.

And it conveys the importance of knowing your limits and striving for a balanced existence.

5 Hausa Proverbs For The Week |

4. “Yau yana cin kifi ya zuba, jiya yana ba cin abu.”

(Today’s seed becomes tomorrow’s fruit, yesterday’s seed becomes today’s tree).

Actions and efforts made today will yield positive outcomes in the future.

You should invest in your present endeavours, understanding that your efforts will bear fruit over time.

The proverb underscores the importance of long-term vision and delayed gratification.

5. “Girma da manya idan kuke yi lafiya, ka kuyi yazo da ita.”

(If you find something valuable, take it and come along with it).

Recognizing and seizing opportunities when they present themselves is a good thing.

This proverb encourages you to be proactive in identifying favourable situations, talents, or resources and utilizing them wisely.

The value of taking advantage of beneficial circumstances and appreciating their potential for personal growth and success cannot be overemphasized here.

Hausa proverbs hold a wealth of cultural wisdom, offering glimpses into the Hausa way of life, values, and beliefs.

Through their succinct yet profound expressions, they provide guidance and insights applicable to various aspects of human existence.

The five Hausa proverbs explored in this article showcase the depth of wisdom captured within this culture which offers lessons on resilience, time, balance, patience, and seizing opportunities.

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Here Is The Future Awards Africa Nominees For 2023



Here Is The Future Awards Africa Nominees For 2023 |

Actor Tayo Faniran and actress Idia Aisien came on stage together on Sunday, September 24, 2023, to announce the names of the nominees for the 17th edition of the Future Awards Africa.


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The theme for this year’s event is “Defying Odds, Inspiring Greatness“, which perfectly represents what the awards aim to celebrate.

The list of nominees is truly impressive. It showcases individuals who have achieved great success and overcome obstacles in their respective fields. Some well-known names on the list include Enioluwa Adeoluwa, who is a content creator, Hilda Baci, a chef with a Guinness World Record, Jumoke Dada, an acclaimed entrepreneur, Tobi Amusan, a track and field sensation from Nigeria, Asake, a singer-songwriter, Broda Shaggi, a popular comedian, Omonhinmin ‘Ilo’ Ilooise, a star from MTV’s VJ search, and many more.

The organizers have put together a list that truly represents the spirit of defying norms and making a lasting impact on youth culture throughout Africa.

In total, there were 128 individuals nominated across 25 different categories, and their selection process involved three rigorous judging stages.

See the complete list of nominees below:

Young Person of the Year

  • Hilda Baci — Guinness World Record Holder
  • Oluwaseyi Moejoh — Climate Change and Youth Development Activist
  • Victor Osimhen — Professional Footballer
  • Rena Wakama — Coach of D’Tigress
  • Precious Eniayeka — Founder at Stellar Initiative
  • Enioluwa Adeoluwa — Content Creator


  • Aliu Toluwani Victor — CEO of Royal foundation Africa
  • Sultan Akintunde — CO founder and CTO AltSchool Africa
  • Demilade Adelaja — SDG Youth Advocate
  • Adaora Nwodo — Tech Content Creator
  • Uchechi Rochas — Director General of Rochas Foundation

Professional service

  • Oghenerukevwe Toka — Social Media Manager, Consultant, and Coach
  • Phoebe Dami-Asolo — Marketing and Commercial Professional
  • Olubukayo Ewuoso — Digital Marketing Officer
  • Muhumuza Brian — Intercontinental Publicist
  • Fatima Jimanate Umar — Development Group Impact Analyst


  • Bioku Benjamin — Legal Manager at Sahara
  • Chidi Odoemenam — Senior Associate at Rendeavour Nigeria
  • Damilola Wright — Lawyer
  • Toyin Aiyepola — Lawyer


  • Nathan Nwachukwu — CEO of Klas
  • Lukman Shobowale — Real Estate Expert
  • Jumoke Dada — Award-winning Entrepreneur
  • Victor Ehindero — A Visionary Tech entrepreneur
  • Miracle Nwachukwu — Interior Designer
  • Victor Adegbile — CEO at Land Republic Limited
  • Bella Victor — Chairman of Lander Estate
  • Bright Sekoni — CEO of Audacia Properties
  • Sandra Chukwudozie — Founder & CEO – Salpha Energy
  • Noah Ibrahim — Co-Founder –


  • Emmanuel Negedu — CEO of AgriLife youth
  • Joshua Ifezue — Founder of Jofez Agro
  • Joshua Okpata — Exxon Mobil Undergraduate Scholar


  • Weevil Company — Hansel Okeke and Germaine Okeke, Founders of Weevil Company
  • Victor Fatanmi — CEO of Fullgapco
  • David Onilude — Tech Enthusiast
  • Yanmo Omoregbe — Co-founder and COO of Bamboo
  • Goodness Kayode — CEO of Sendchamp
  • Shodipo Ayomide — Engineering and Developer Relations Leader
  • Iyinoluwa Deborah Raj


  • Chika Onuu — Photographer and Videographer
  • Opeyemi Femi Oke — Photographer
  • Deji Oluokun
  • Ngozieme — Photographer
  • Akindele Ibukun — Lead director for VISUALCHEF.HO
  • Bolarinwa (Horlaof Lagos) — Owner of HOL Academy

Advocacy and Activism

  • Muhammad Kolo Muhammad — Play Metro
  • Odanye Kehinde — Youth Advocate
  • Osariemen Grace Omoruyi — Founder of Restorative Justice for Africa
  • Tobiloba Osogbiye — Public Affairs Officer


  • Victor Osimhen — Footballer
  • Tobi Amusan — Nigerian track and Field Athlete
  • Asisat Oshoala — Footballer
  • Michelle Alozie — Footballer
  • Mary Busayo Olatunji — Squash Player
  • Ese Brume — Athlete

ON-Air Personality

  • Emmanuel Onwuka — Journalist
  • Ilowitdflo — TV Presenter
  • Karen Dimkpa — Queen of Pop Radio
  • Laila Johnson Salami — Co-Anchor on Arise TV
  • Anita Akuffo — Host and a Presenter
  • Adesola Balikis —Radio Presenter


  • Deborah Tolu Kayode — Communications Specialist
  • Akinlade Abiodun — Writer
  • Pelumi Salako — Freelance Journalist
  • Ore Ogunbiyi — Economist


  • Tutu Adetunmbi — Content Marketing Consultant
  • Solomon O. Ayodele — Head of Innovation at WEMA Bank
  • Ernesto O. Dibia — Medical Laboratory scientist
  • Victor Okpala — Manager of Spotify
  • Precious Akpan — Businesswoman

Health and Wellness

  • Mmekidmfon Umanah — Business Executive
  • Dr. Princess Ike — Public Health Optometrist
  • Emmanuel Oni — Businessman
  • Victor Amusan — Health Tracker


  • Uyiosa Omoregbe — Owner of NASO Clothing Brand
  • Rhoda Aguonigho — Fashion Consultant
  • Thebetsile Thebe Magugu — Fashion Designer
  • Veekee James — Fashion Designer
  • Gbemisola Okunlola — Founder of ALONUKO


  • Abdulazeez Greene — Cinematographer
  • TG Omori — Music Video Director
  • Ovi Odiete — Nollywood Actor
  • Nora Awolowo — Producer, Cinematographer, and Filmmaker
  • Steven Ndukwu — Travel and Real Estate Content Curator
  • Ife Olujuyigbe — Filmmaker
  • Niyi Fagbemi — Filmmaker
  • Ifan Michael — Filmmaker


  • Mike Afolarin — Actor
  • Rahama Sadau — Actress
  • Moshood Fattah — Actor
  • Emeka Nwagbaraocha — Actor
  • Ama Qamata — Actress
  • Olumide Oworu — Actor
  • Tobi Bakre — Actor
  • Genovevah Umeh — Actress
  • Scarlet Gomez — Actress

Content Creation

  • Layi Wasabi — Content Creator
  • Fisayo Fosudo — Visual Storyteller
  • Eniola Korty Olanrewaju — Filmmaker
  • Salem King — Content Creator
  • The Wisdom Man — Content Creator
  • Maryam Apaokagi — Comedienne
  • Samuel. A Perry ( Broda Shaggi) — Comedian


  • Ayra Starr — Singer
  • Asake — Artist
  • Libianca — Cameroonian Singer
  • Aya Nakamura — French Singer
  • Tay C — French Singer and Songwriter


  • Hakeem Onasanya — Head of Startups
  • Igunbor Sarah — Senior Assistant to Edo State Governor
  • Mustapha Isa Ozo — Managing Director of A Public Relations and Digital Communication Company
  • Seun Olufemi White — Lawyer
  • Rukayatt Shittu — Journalist
  • Khalil — Halilu

Community Action

  • GodsFavour Ahimisi — Game Changer in Community Action
  • Ndasadu lau Idris Bilyaminu — Founder of YapDfAfrica
  • Chioma Ukpabi — Founder of SUWK
  • Salawu Azeez — Climate Activist
  • Iresalewa Muhammed Bello — Founder of Nimah Andreh

Arts and Literature

  • Haneefah Abdulraman — Writer
  • Michael Dubby — Entrepreneur
  • Morenike Olusanya — Book Cover Artist


  • Izzy Odigie — Choreographer
  • Regina Eigbe — Choreographer
  • Sherrie Silver — Philanthropist
  • Dream Catchers — Dance Group

Creativity and Innovation

  • Victoria Adesanmi — Interior Designer
  • Hauwa Lawal — Screenwriter
  • Babatunde Sanni of Ikorodu Bois
  • Intissar Bashir Kurfi — Environmentalist

Service to the Young

  • Melody Fidel — Entrepreneur
  • Bosun Tijani — Minister of Communications

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AFRIMMA Mourns Mohbad And Calls For Regulation



AFRIMMA (African Muzik Magazine Awards) has expressed deep sadness over the untimely loss of the Nigerian Street Hop sensation, Mohbad. The organization has emphasized the significance of regulating and institutionalizing the music entertainment industry in light of Mohbad’s tragic demise.

Mohbad, a 27-year-old musician also known as “Imole” (Light), had shown immense promise in his career, captivating fans worldwide with his creativity and captivating lyrics. His unexpected demise on September 12, 2023, has sent shockwaves through the music industry and left millions of fans in grief.

President and Executive Producer of AFRIMMA Mike Dada sent his sympathies to Mohbad’s family, the Nigerian music industry, and his fans. He lamented the passing of potential talent and urged further institutionalisation of the music and entertainment industry in Africa.

AFRIMMA Mourns Mohbad And Calls For Legislation |

Dada emphasised that institutionalisation is essential to achieve the goal of curbing the unprofessional practices within the industry.

AFRIMMA is actively trying to organise stakeholders in the creative industry, especially in Nigeria, in order to establish regulated operations and guarantee the industry’s professional development.

He highlighted the necessity of music industry regulation to prevent it from degenerating into an unregulated free-for-all, citing the low entry requirements that currently allow anyone to establish a music record label without proper oversight. To address this issue, African countries should establish Music Institutes to regularly certify industry practitioners.

AFRIMMA has urged various stakeholders, including government officials, artists, record labels, producers, promoters, and other professionals in the entertainment industry, to actively participate in this crucial process by submitting proposed legislation for review and discussion.

Furthermore, given that there have been accusations of foul play, AFRIMMA’s worries are consistent with the Nigerian Police’s current investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

The music industry, both in Nigeria and internationally, have paid tribute to the late Street Hop sensation, whose music is currently seeing a rebirth in popularity.

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Actor Tayo Faniran and actress Idia Aisien came on stage together on Sunday, September 24, 2023, to announce the names...


AFRIMMA Mourns Mohbad And Calls For Regulation

AFRIMMA (African Muzik Magazine Awards) has expressed deep sadness over the untimely loss of the Nigerian Street Hop sensation, Mohbad....

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