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DJ Neptune & Spyro – Count Your Blessings



DJ Neptune, a Nigerian DJ and record producer, has just dropped a new single titled “Count Your Blessings“, featuring Spyro.

The song was produced by Colonel Tyemmy and marks DJ Neptune’s first single since “Bienvenue,” which was released with Ruger.

“Count Your Blessings” is a mid-tempo track that encourages listeners to focus on their blessings rather than their problems. DJ Neptune’s blending of Spyro’s vocals and Colonel Tyemmy’s production creates a catchy and upbeat sound that is sure to please fans of the DJ’s unique style.

The song’s release follows a string of successful collaborations for DJ Neptune, and it is likely to further solidify his position as one of Nigeria’s most talented and respected DJs.

Stream song below.



New Album: Chike Feat. Olamide, Ladipoe & Qing Madi – ‘Son of Chike’



Son of Chike album by Chike |

Chike has released a new album called ‘Son of Chike‘. This album has 12 songs. It explores Chike’s cultural background and celebrates his family name, Osebuka.

The title ‘Son of Chike’ has a special meaning. It shows that Chike is his father’s son. It also shows that he’s an artist building on his earlier work. The album talks about human experiences, relationships, and personal growth.

Chike wrote all the songs on this album himself. A producer named DeeYasso worked with Chike to make the music. DeeYasso has worked with artists like Oxlade, Dave, and Wande Coal. This new album comes out two years after Chike’s second album, ‘The Brother’s Keeper’.

Several well-known artists appear on ‘Son of Chike’.

These include Olamide, Qing Madi, Ladipoe, Amaeya, and the late Mohbad. Their appearances add variety and depth to the album.

The album covers many different topics. It talks about self-discovery, love, resilience, family heritage, and the beauty of life. Chike uses his storytelling skills and rich music to express these themes.

The first song released from the album is called ‘Egwu’. This song features the late Mohbad. It has been trendy, with over 250 million people listening to it worldwide. This song sets a strong tone for the rest of the album.

Different songs on the album focus on different themes. There’s a song called ‘Unto You’ that features Ladipoe. This song is about being true to yourself. Two other songs, ‘Lifetime Love’ and ‘Apple’, explore the complexities of love. Chike shows his cultural pride in a song called ‘Ego Oyibo’. He celebrates his heritage in another song called ‘Mma (Beauty)’.

In a song called ‘Someone’, Chike thinks about promises that weren’t kept. Another song, ‘Your Loss’, features Qing Madi and is about moving on. ‘Not Your Daddy’ is a song where Chike declares his independence. In ‘Balance Am’, he talks about finding harmony when life is challenging.

The last song on the album is called ‘Man Not God’. This is a powerful song that calls for people to be humble and grateful. It leaves a strong impression on the listener.

‘Son of Chike’ album was released on July 19, 2024. People can listen to it on all streaming platforms. This album shows off Chike’s skills as both a singer and a songwriter. It reminds listeners of how talented he is and how he can create music that touches people’s hearts and minds.

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Reekado Banks Pledges Unwavering Love In New Single “Visa”



Reekado Banks pledges unwavering love in 'Visa' |

Reekado Banks, a prominent Nigerian musician, has started the year with a new single, “Visa”. This marks his first musical offering for the year and sets a romantic tone for his audience.

The song goes deep into committed relationships, presenting Reekado in a new light. Through his lyrics, he portrays himself as a dedicated and passionate lover, ready to go to great lengths for the woman he adores. This theme resonates throughout the track, depicting unwavering devotion and affection.

In “Visa,” Reekado Banks uses vivid imagery and metaphors to express the depth of his feelings.

He makes grand promises to his love interest, vowing to fulfil her every wish and desire. These promises aren’t limited to simple, everyday gestures but extend to extravagant displays of affection that capture the imagination.

One of the most striking promises in the song is Reekado’s pledge to secure a visa for his beloved. This is a visa that would allow them to travel to any destination she dreams of visiting. The visa becomes a symbol of freedom, adventure, and the lengths he’s willing to go to make her happy.

Furthermore, Reekado pushes the boundaries of his declarations. He compared his dedication to the speed of Usain Bolt, the world-renowned sprinter. Claiming he would outpace even the Olympic champion to be by his lover’s side, he emphasized his readiness to overcome any obstacle for her.

Throughout the song, Reekado Banks continues to make these grand, sometimes hyperbolic statements of love. Each line seems to outdo the last in terms of the scale and intensity of his devotion. He presents himself as a man who would move mountains, cross oceans, and defy the laws of nature all in the name of love.

The lyrics of “Visa” are filled with extravagant promises and poetic declarations.

Reekado paints a picture of a love so powerful and all-encompassing that it knows no bounds. Also, his words create a fantasy world where anything is possible in the name of love, giving listeners romantic idealism.

This single not only showcases Reekado Banks’ musical talents but also highlights his ability to craft lyrics that resonate with the dreams and desires of his audience. By tapping into themes of love and devotion, he creates a song that many can relate to, even if the promises made seem larger than life.

Watch the video below.

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New Music: BoyPee, Hyce & Brown Joel Feat. Davido – Ogechi



Ogechi remix: BoyPee, Hyce & Brown Joel Feat. Davido |

Nigerian music fans are in for a special treat! Just days before his much-anticipated wedding, superstar Davido dropped a remix of the already trending song “Ogechi.” The original version, created by BoyPee, Hyce, and Brown Joel, has become a massive hit. It took both TikTok and Nigerian radio by storm. This new remix featuring Davido would be just as popular, if not more.

The timing of the “Ogechi” remix couldn’t be more perfect.

With its upbeat and celebratory vibe, “Ogechi” is the ideal soundtrack for joyous occasions. But beyond the rhythm and energy, the song holds a deeper significance for Davido. “Ogechi” is a love song, and according to reports, it carries a special connection to his wife.

While the exact nature of this connection hasn’t been revealed, it undoubtedly adds a layer of sentimental value to the song, making the remix even more meaningful for fans and especially for Davido’s new bride.

This isn’t Davido’s first foray into remix territory. The award-winning singer is known for his collaborations and his ability to breathe new life into existing tracks. His distinctive style and vocals consistently elevate songs, and there’s no doubt he’ll do the same with “Ogechi.” Davido’s trademark charm and musical prowess are on full display in the remix.

The original “Ogechi” already has a strong foundation for success.

The catchy melody, combined with the smooth vocals of BoyPee, Hyce, and Brown Joel, has captured the hearts of listeners across Nigeria. Davido’s addition to the mix is sure to further propel the song’s popularity. His massive fanbase, coupled with the existing popularity of “Ogechi,” creates a recipe for a guaranteed hit. Expect to hear the remix blasting from car speakers, filling dance floors, and dominating music charts in the coming weeks.

With a perfect blend of celebratory vibes, a sentimental connection for Davido, and his signature musical magic, the “Ogechi” remix is poised to become a summer anthem in Nigeria. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: a special gift for Davido’s wife, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for fans, and a further testament to Davido’s undeniable talent and star power.

Listen below.

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