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10 CEOs Under 40 To Look Up To In Nigeria



In Nigeria, the mentality of every graduate is to job hunt. But have we ever thought about being in the position like those creating jobs today? Today, we have about a thousand CEOs under age 40  in Nigeria. These CEOs are young, creative, innovative and most are billionaires. Let’s do a quick rundown of 10 Under 40 CEOs we look up to:


Linda Ikeji


Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. She is best known for her blog. Currently she runs a program for girls called “self-made”, where she speaks to every lady that wants to make something of themselves. She believes every lady can make it through hard work and perseverance. Her net worth is N3.2 billion.


Uche Pedro


She is the founder of Bellanaija, a Nigerian lifestyle, entertainment and a fashion website. It attracts more than 10million page views every month from readers across the world. She is also the CEO of Bainstone Limited, a new media company. Her networth is N2 billion.


Seun Osewa


Seun Osewa is the founder of It is the most visited indigenous website in Nigeria. The website was launched in 2005. According to Forbes, it is credited to be the biggest African forum. Seun was listed among T.I.N Magazines top10 most influential Nigerian online entrepreneur in 2015. He is worth over N1billion. This young billionaire was a first class student of Obafemi Awolowo University before he dropped out.


Ukinebo Dare


She is the CEO of Poise Graduate Finishing Academy. She is passionate about transforming young individuals through training, consulting, motivating, grooming and connecting them to start and grow excellent careers.


Adebola Williams


He is the co-founder of Red Media and The Future Project. The Future Project is a strategic social enterprise/change communication firm and hosts the annual Future Awards, which is Nigeria’s most important awards for outstanding young Nigerians. The Red media is a full service media content, communication and development company in Nigeria. He is also credited with the strategy for the youth market that guaranteed Muhammadu Buhari’s spot as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through his firm StateCraft.


Shade Ladipo


Shade is the CEO of Avienti Limited, which is a travel agency in Lagos. She is also an air personality on Smooth FM’s “Grapevines” and a freelance Media Personality.


Ladi Delano


He is the CEO of Bakrie Delano Africa, a 1billion dollars joint venture with 15billion dollars (market cap) group of Indonesia. Bakrie Delano Africa serves as the investment partner of Bakrie Group of Nigeria.


Toyosi Akerele


She is the founder of Rise Networks a private sector funded Youth Interest Social Enterprise in Nigeria. It focuses on National Development issues and their relationship to economic growth and democratic consolidation. She was described by Michelle Obama as one of her personal inspirations.


Tony Usidamen


He is the CEO of Uburu Nigeria. Uburu is a Nigeria based business communications consultancy providing services to companies and institutions in West Africa across key communication areas including Brand and corporate PR, Public Affairs, Digital Media Marketing, Design and Media Production.


Igho Sanomi


He emerged on the list of “The Choiseul 100 Africa Economic Leaders for Tomorrow”. He is an exceptional leader. In 2004, he established Televeras, a provider of strategic solutions in energy and power sector.


5 Tips To Start A Business



There are so many things that comes in mind when you want to start a business.

Here are 5 tips that would be helpful and might come in handy when you want to start your own business.

1. Do what You Love

290+ Black Woman Crochet Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

The driving power or force of an entrepreneur is the passion in them that drives them to do what they love. You must love what you’re doing since you will be spending your time and energy nurturing the business.

2. Make Plans

Ensure that you create a business plan when you want to start up yours, this brings about understanding and helps you strategize important ideas for your business. Having a solid business plan is very important.

3. Source Of Capital

Always be aware that when you start a business, you won’t become wealthy or rich overnight, you may not gain your profits immediately. However, it is advisable to have a source of capital in order to ensure of smooth-running system of your starting up process.

4. A Team

333,000+ Black People Working Together Stock Photos, Pictures &  Royalty-Free Images - iStock

In business, you cannot do it all alone, you’re not an island and you would require some level of support specifically a team that supports you and your ideas, you might require a mentor who can always guide and provide you with helpful advice. You might as well hire a consulting firm.

5. Network

Don’t wait until your business officially starts before you make contact with potential clients, start now to promote your business and network yourself. This will give you some form of assurance.

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3 P’s To Build A Long-Standing Business



When starting a business what comes to mind? Is it to gain profit or for it to last long?

Many would say profit, their main purpose of even building the business is to gain profit but however, won’t you want your business to last long? Even if you step down or pass down responsibility, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to see your business flourish even when you aren’t there.

Here are 3 Ps to build a business that will survive long after you’re gone.

1. People

Black Professionals Demands and Expectations in 2021

Having people with great talent to carry your value, vision and mission is a necessity. You need to build a people machine by recruiting new talents that will bring new and fresh ideas that will make your company grow and also replacing employees that require replacement. However, this people machine should run smoothly, it is even advisable to hire an outside recruiter to do this.

2. Process

Is corporate training right for my company? - FORDAX™

This is where matters concerning strategy and execution comes in, this is where you define the key goals you want your company to achieve and the mechanisms or methods involved in delivering them and holding people accountable for their various duties. This phase determines how you measure progress. Have your goals and projects set, while you distribute the various responsibilities to your employees ensure you hold them accountable.

3. Policy

This has to do with the rules governing your entire business, has to do with ethics, interpersonal relationships with co-workers, employees, customers and partners. You need to set policies to guide the everyday activities of your workers in order not to risk anyone crossing the lines. Be thoughtful and systematic about the policies you form, always keep in mind what’s best for your company.

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5 Soft Skills That Will Save Your Job




While you are busy acquiring all the skills in this world, it is also important to acquire soft skills because these days, a university degree and your long years of working experience is not enough and saying that the world is moving quickly is an understatement, Everything is happening so quickly that you might wake up and discover that robots have taken over your job. That is why it is important to improve your  soft skills too.

Here are 5 important soft skills that will save your job

Creative thinking

Being creative often means being able to solve problems and manage situations with limited resources.


Both written and verbal communication skills helps boost your performance because they help you to extract clear expectations from your manager so that you can deliver excellent work.

Emotional Intelligence

It is the capacity to be aware of control and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships with empathy. It is important to find time outside of the office to explore new experiences that allows you to explore new experience that helps you grow, and build empathy for others. One can get these skills by volunteering, reading, attending conferences and cultural events and more.

Team Work

A company’s success is not dependent on just one person. A company’s success is the result of many people working towards a common goal. When employees can contribute their talents, everybody wins.

Conflict Management

When people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives are together in  high-pressure environment, conflict naturally arises. Hence,  an employee with great conflict management skills is an asset to the organization as the individual ensures that their bosses don’t have to do the dirty works of settling conflicts among colleagues.

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